Love the one you’re with ….

Lead actor: Inbar Lavi, Rob Heaps.

Creator: Adam Brooks, Paul Adelstein.

I didn’t know Bravo Network offered scripted series, but they do! And if Imposters is any indication of their quality, I’ll be looking for more. This drama series offers an excellent combination of mystery, dark comedy and action.

The scammers are talking about a woman (Inbar Lavi) who marries for money. Literally. She falls in love, gets married and steals as much money as she can from her husband. When we entered her world, she had just stopped being Ava, married to Ezra (Rob Heaps). She left him distraught, and it is soon discovered that he is not her first infidelity.

If I said too much, I would give away the twists and turns that occur from time to time as Ezra searches for a reunion with his wife, regains his money and dignity, and perhaps finds a way out of this painful episode. Meanwhile, Ava had moved on, become someone else, and started her next job. This is not a happy reunion waiting to happen.

There are many things that make cheaters. The former is an excellent balance of genre elements. The comedic chemistry between some of the dumped spouses keeps the story from becoming sentimental, the action and mystery keep the pace high, and the drama gives the right weight to the implications of a particularly violent group of cheaters.

Inbar Lavi creates a real cryptogram called Ava (also known by many other names). She creates a character who is alternately ruthless and remorseful, trapped by her own choices in a miserable cycle of inflicting pain. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll feel a little sorry for her, but if you do, it will be insidiously and surprisingly poignant.

Rob Heaps is fantastic as Ezra. She is the most complex character, contributing to every element of the show, from emotional desperation to comedy to action. It’s almost impossible not to like Ezra, even if he does something you know will only hurt him later.

Supporting roles include Parker Young and Marianne Rendon as the other spurned husbands and Stephen Bishop as the enigmatic new husband who may or may not be tomorrow. Young and Rendon, along with Heaps, provide the comedic touch, and the trio is quite charming once you get to know them.

Nice extras include Uma Thurman as the enforcer and creator Paul Adelstein as her ex-husband. They are reckless and careless, and utterly cold.

The burglars and robberies in Imposters are not so heartbreaking. If you like the complexity and absurdity of a good heist movie, there’s a lot to enjoy in Imposters, especially in season 2.

Overall, I enjoyed both seasons of Imposters. It was cancelled after the second, but it stands alone, as it should. Original Bravo, you can watch both seasons on Netflix.

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frequently asked questions

With whom does Ezra’s bloom end?

Season 1 (2017) No. Prod. Ezra Bloom has just married Ava and is successfully running the family business, until his life is turned upside down when Ava disappears with all his savings and becomes a con artist.

will impose a 3. Squadron?

The series premiered on Bravo in 2017, and the second season aired a year later in 2018. Unfortunately, Bravo decided to cancel the series after that, which means Imposters Season 3 is not coming, at least not yet.

Does Maddie end up with Patrick among the cheaters?

In the finale, Maddie of Saffron (Inbar Lavi) married her fiancé and new FBI agent Patrick (Stephen Bishop). … The combination of a finale and cliffhangers has meant that Bravo has not yet renewed the series for a second season.

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