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It’s not every day that we get to write about the same movie twice in one day, but a recent news story has us doing just that. The folks over at Screen Junkies were kind enough to send us an exclusive look at the posters that they’re planning on using for the Avengers 4 movie. As you can see, the posters are very much in the vein of the posters that they used for the Avengers 3 movie: bold and edgy without being too flashy. The only thing missing is the Avengers logo.

An action movie is a movie genre characterized by fast-paced, “high-octane” action sequences, which often include explosions, gunfights, chases, and a hero who is a “man of action” going in to save the day. (And, of course, the damsel in distress.) But while action movies have been around since the silent era, they really exploded in popularity during the 1980s and 90s. This was thanks to the rise of action movie superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, who became famous for being able to effortlessly do what most of us could only dream of. Playboy Advisor Blog  –  Playmates  –

A self-help guide on how to get out of an action movie you made yourself.

When you spend a lot of time watching and discussing action movies (well, you know how it is when you blog about action movies), the thought inevitably comes to mind: What would I do if I were in an action movie?

You know, what if I was a retired John Matrix trying to live peacefully in a cabin in the woods, and my daughter was kidnapped by mercenaries with chains? What if I show up at my wife’s Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza and German radicals take everyone hostage?

What would you really do? Fortunately, I haven’t encountered any of these horrible, but often hilarious, points in real life (yet), but I recently came across a movie that addresses this issue. The story is called In Action and tells the tale of two bumbling screenwriters who get caught up in their own plot while working on another action film.

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CMAU journals in action (2021)

In Action was written by writer, director and lead actors Eric Silvera and Sean Keneally as (I assume) near-versions of themselves. Aspiring screenwriters in their thirties who have been absorbed by ordinary life but still want to tell the great story of cinema. In Action follows the duo during their creative process. Their love of action movies of the past drives a story that gets wilder with each idea.

It’s also clear that both men know their way around an action film, as references to action films from the ’80s and ’90s come up quickly and often as the two men tirelessly rehearse scene after scene. There are many references to Arnold, Bruce, Chuck and Seagal in the film, as well as many references to action movies and the T-shirts that go with them.

Interview with the CMAU: The creator of the Kickstarter Command Ninja.

What we talk about when we talk about action

But what makes In Action really interesting is the way it handles its own actions. As for the plot, it’s well put together. However, this is not a $100 million blockbuster with Arnold Schwarzenegger, or even a less than $1 million DTV action movie with Scott Adkins. It’s a truly independent film, apparently shot entirely with clever gadgets in a single room of a New York apartment.

But Eric and Sean (both directors and actors) find creative ways each time to tell a story full of action, intrigue and jokes, but without the typical genre elements of fights, car chases or explosions. In many ways, this is a very self-aware film that allows viewers to imagine all their favorite stunts and starring roles – but hardly behind the scenes – as our heroes share their fanboy reactions.

Traxx (1988): Shado Stevens is an action movie star who is fully aware of

But how marginal is it?

From a standpoint where it’s all about viewability and all the great things you can cheer on screen with friends and a beer, the film may lack pyrotechnics, but it’s full of action ethics. You feel like you’re supporting for our stars who are now action filmmakers like you would for Chuck Norris or Van Damme.

And even without much action, they manage to create scenes that look very real and very cinematic, surprisingly within their capabilities. (For example, there’s a chase scene where it looks like the duo are sitting in folding chairs, as if they’re on a makeshift stage – but it’s shot with so much movement and fantastic sound design that it kind of, well, really works).

In the end, I would absolutely recommend In Action to my filmmaker friends and also to the most die-hard Die Hard fans. It’s done with sincerity and heart, with a genuine respect for the action genre, and shows a masterful understanding of the plots, characters, and stylistic devices that make action so entertaining. Honestly, if they ever do a remake of this movie with a bigger budget and a competent stunt team, it could be a great franchise!

In Action is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and will be released on the 11th. May 2021 published. Give it a try!

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