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When a gang of thieves commit crimes across Europe, the British Prime Minister calls on French Inspector Jacques Clouseau to arrest them. When the gang puts on a series of masks for the inspector, they commit new crimes in his name and the head of the French police is arrested.

Inspector of the film Clouseau Summary

Below is an overview of the spoilers.

The film opens with Scotland Yard Inspector Sir Charles Braithwaite (Patrick Cargill) being intimidated about an ongoing flight he cannot solve. The British Prime Minister is asking for help from a foreigner today, which the press is considering a slap in the face.

It is raining heavily at London Heathrow Airport, where French inspector Jacques Clouseau (Alan Arkin) arrives. British agents picked him up inside to take him to headquarters, but he insisted on going through customs to avoid attracting attention. In doing so, he draws attention to himself.

Later, at headquarters, Sir Charles meets Clouseau, who gives him the few details they have about the gang. They had three men, but two of them – Frenchy Lebeck (Tutte Lemkow) and Stephen Frey (Michael Ripper) – escaped. The other con man is named Addison Steele (Barry Foster). Clouseau says he may have to question Mr. Steele, and before he can leave, Sir Charles warns Clouseau that he trusts no one in the investigation; not even those in Scotland Yard. It seems there is a mole in their ranks.

In prison, Steele works as a barber. Steele asks him to wait until he’s finished with the current inmate. However, this prisoner is actually the son of a guard named Clyde Hargreaves (Clive Francis), who reveals to Steele who Clouseau really is. After he leaves, Steele offers the inspector a shave. Clouseau agrees and asks Steele to leave the barber chair. Steele claims he doesn’t know who the leader of the gang is, but he only knows him as Johnny Rainbow. He places a warm towel over the inspector’s face and sprinkles it with chloroform. After Clouseau’s release, Steele escapes from prison through a hidden passage in the barber shop.

Back at Scotland Yard, Superintendent Weaver (Frank Finlay) gives Clouseau a few James Bond gadgets to help him with his investigation: a lighter that lights a powerful laser, a cigarette case that is a reader/recorder, a belt buckle that fires three deadly missiles at once, and long underwear that inflates like a life jacket when thrown into the sea. Clouzot’s awkward manner irritates Weaver greatly, but when he unwittingly mentions that Clouzot is like his wife and that they should meet, Clouzot invites himself to dinner later that evening.

When Clouseau arrives at Weaver’s that evening, Frenchy Lebeck and Stephen Frey are seen spying on him from a car. At the door, Weaver’s pretty girl, Lisa Morell (Delia Boccardo), opens. She seems intrigued by the inspector and wants to see him alone later tonight.

Weaver arrives at the door to interrupt their strange encounter. He’s playing inspector with Mrs. Weaver (Beryl Reid), a Scottish woman whose charms repel the two men. Instead of a quiet evening, Mrs. Weave joined them at the opening of the Edinburgh International Festival. Frenchy wants to kill Clouseau over there. However, Clouseau was very drunk and after winning the cream pie, he accidentally fired a rocket belt, killing the Frenchman and thus Clouseau. Frenchy has a tattoo on his right wrist that identifies gang member Johnny Rainbow: a snake wrapped around his sword in front of his heart, with a mother tattoo on a snake.

Back at the Weavers, Mrs. Tisserand to seduce Clouseau, who clings to his freshly earned cream pie, of which he is very proud. Before she can tell him what she wants to tell him, Lisa has to walk away; she leaves the detective alone with Mrs. Weaver while her husband’s away. However, the officer arrives to take Clouseau to a gentlemen’s club to meet Sir Charles.

Sir Charles is upset that Clouseau killed Frenchy without getting any information from him, and that he revealed his true identity to the public. After one of Clouseau’s gadgets escapes him, he rushes out of the club before Sir Charles throws him out and leaves his cream pie behind.

The next day, over lunch with British investigators Shockley (Richard Pearson) and Carmichael (Susan Engel), Clouseau uses amazing logic to eliminate burglars who try to kill him with something he loves. Because he loves food more than anything, he claims that the gang is poisoning his food, which can only mean one thing: that someone did something to his cream pie.

Clouseau immediately rushed to Sir Charles’ Gentlemen’s Club with a small team of men from Scotland Yard, along with Shockley, Weaver and Sir Charles to hand him over. After determining that it is not a bomb, he discovers that there is a cyanide capsule in the cake. He’s getting a clue: Weaver discovers that a matchbook from a nearby inn called the Tudor Arms has been removed from Frenchy’s body. Clouseau rushes to the hotel looking for clues.

That night, before he arrived, he meets a pretty brunette named Meg (Katya Wyatt) on the side of the road. She has to use the phone to call for help, and it turns out that the nearest phone is in the Tudor arms. It is kismet, and Clouseau takes it. It also turns out that his uncle (Arthur Lovegrove) runs the hotel. The uncle does what any father would do in this situation; he gives Meg and this man she just met a room for the night. Once there, Meg seduces Clouseau and then forces him to let her photograph him for posterity.

A few minutes later, Clouseau is in the bathroom after taking a shower. But when he comes back into the room, Meg is gone! In her place is a beautiful blonde named Julie (Tracy Crisp). She seduces him too. When he is properly relaxed, she places a cloth over Clouseau’s face and then sprinkles chloroform on him. Once Clouseau has cooled down, Meg and her uncle return and pour rubber on his face to make a mold. It dries quickly, and they now have everything they need to pretend to be a detective.

But Clouseau suddenly wakes up when the fungus is removed from his face. Uncle quickly hides under the bed, and Clouseau wakes to find the two women in the bed. They seduce him together, but when he jumps on the bed, she collapses; she kills her uncle underneath. His arm sticks out to reveal a tattoo of Johnny Rainbow.

The next morning in Sir Charles’ office, he, Weaver and Shockley discuss the inspector and his methods. Sir Charles calls him a fool. Weaver suggests sending Clouseau to Frenchy’s funeral in France to find clues. They agree.

At the funeral, Clouseau only draws attention to himself, and Johnny Rainbow’s gang sees him and goes after him. Luckily for him, Weaver’s housekeeper Lisa shows up and saves him. She reveals that she is actually a member of Interpol to help him. Clouseau doesn’t believe her and arrests her. At the station, Police Commissioner Geffrion (David Bauer), who turns out to be one of Clouseau’s superiors, confirms that she is who she says she is and orders him to let her go.

Then they go where Lisa thinks Johnny Rainbow’s men are hiding to spy on her. He gives Clouseau a listening device at the end of the tree. He climbs the mast and shoots an arrow at the upper man’s hideout. An unknown Clouseau shooter hits on one window, and another on a neighbor’s television. In the West, we talk about robbing a bank. Assuming it to be true, Clouseau mistakenly informs Lisa of the theft.

Meanwhile, Johnny Rainbow appears at the hideout to finally show himself to the men. He’s none other than the director’s son, Clyde Hargreaves. He has a set of rubber masks that look like Clouseau’s and a clever plan to rob 13 Swiss banks at once with his masked thugs. He says that Mr Clouseau will be responsible for the thefts, but how can one person really be in 13 different places at the same time? This plan is weak!

Clouseau and Lisa return to the French police station to report their findings, but Geffrion doesn’t believe Clouseau’s delusions for a second. His men threw the detective out of the precinct while Lisa waited outside. They go back undercover so Clouseau can look for more clues. But two of Rainbow’s men, Bomber Lebec (Anthony Ainley) and Stockton (Robert Russell), are following them. Clouseau parks the car and gets out. Two thugs follow him on foot through the alleys of the city.

Clouseau accidentally knocks down the bomber when he tries to attack the inspector from behind. Then Stockton shows up and does karate with Clouseau. Weaver shows up with a gun and takes down Stockton. He renders Clouseau unconscious and activates the rocket belt; he kills two bad guys. He puts a train ticket from Le Havre (France) to Zürich (Switzerland) in Clouseau’s pocket and leaves.

The next day, Clouseau takes the train to Zurich. To her surprise, Weaver is on board. In Clouseau’s carriage, he and Weaver play a few games with Jax. As the train passes through the tunnel, Weaver tries to shoot Clouseau, but misses him in the dark as he reaches down to pick up Jack’s ball from the ground. Enraged, Weaver grabs the detective and throws him off the train to kill him. Fortunately for Clouseau, he landed on the rod like a French fishing bag. Weaver then puts on one of Clouseau’s rubber masks and turns out to be a mole for Scotland Yard and a member of Johnny Rainbow’s gang.

When Weaver (as an inspector) arrives in Zurich, he is met at the station by a director of national security, Heffler (Wallace Eaton). Lisa is there and warns Clouseau that Weaver could be part of the gang, not knowing it’s a fake Clouseau. Weaver hired one of his heavies at the station to kidnap her. Mr. Heffler takes the fake Clouseau to a waiting car before getting into his, and they both go to the bank. Clouseau’s fake driver is actually Johnny Rainbow, and on the way to this bank the two men exchange clothes so that Johnny Rainbow is now a fake Clouseau.

At the bank, the Finance Minister summoned 13 Swiss bank directors to a meeting with Inspector Clouseau. The fake Clouseau tells the men about a robbery that will take place tomorrow (Saturday). He says he does not know which bank will be robbed, but he says he will go to the unfortunate bank and personally follow the money transfer so the bank cannot be robbed. He puts it at the disposal of Mr. Weaver of Scotland Yard, who tells them to follow only his instructions and those of the inspector.

We go to a small town outside of Zurich, where the real Clouseau is stuck, but he has no money to ask London for help (apparently the police don’t want him to call back the money). Meanwhile, Johnny Rainbow has 13 fake armored cars in his hideout in Zurich, and they start going after their banks. Each fake Clouseau orders the bank presidents to put all their money into the armored cars waiting outside.

Meanwhile, the real Clouseau goes to one of the banks to cash a check so he can make a phone call (he’s still not allowed to call London). The bank president notices that something is wrong, and his guards arrest the real Clouseau.

In the hideout, fake carriers exchange the stolen money for fake Lindt & Sprüngli carriers. They take the money to one of the Lindt chocolate shops and package the stolen money as chocolate bars. A Lindt messenger named Gatch (Jeffrey Baildon) steals one of the silver bars before being shot. The rest of Rainbow’s men pack the rods into transport crates and take them to a waiting barge on the Limmat.

Meanwhile, all the newspapers are reporting that the real Clouseau was the only thief in 13 simultaneous burglaries – although they’re still not sure of their logic. For some reason, Gatch is now in Heffler’s office in Zurich, demanding that Gatch empty his pockets. The real Clouseau enters the office (arrested) and Gutsch says he knows Clouseau. Heffler chides Clouseau for being a bad cop. Clouseau now has a chocolate bar of Gatch’s money (without knowing what it really is), and she shakes it as Weaver enters the room. Now an agitated Clouseau tries to tell Hoffler that Weaver threw him off the train. Weaver grabs the fake bar from Clouseau’s hands, knowing there’s money in it.

Clouseau continues his tirade, and Weaver is on edge. He starts to leave the room as Clouseau tries to stop him. Gutch takes a chocolate bar to reveal the money inside. Weaver escapes and Heffler goes after some of his men, but they can’t find him. That’s because Weaver has already put on his fake Clouseau mask and gone back to Hoeffler’s office, where Gatch and the real Clouseau are still present. A fight between the two detectives begins, and Gatch hits the wrong man in the head and kills him. Heffler and his men return to the room, where they remove the mask to reveal that Weaver has been impersonating Clouseau. Tighten up!

At this point Rainbow Johnny, his barge and the other men are happily on the river, with Lisa as a hostage in a room under the bridge. The real Clouseau tells the press that the money is hidden in Lindt’s chocolate bars, creating a Willy Wonka-like craze in the country.

Then Clouseau appears in town at Addison Steele’s house, and begins a chase through Zurich. However, Steele’s car is also a boat, and when Clouseau drives it into the river, his car immediately sinks. Luckily for him, he’s wearing the inflatable underwear from Weaver’s office at the beginning of the film. Steele throws Clouseau off his line and starts dragging him into the river. Eventually they reach the barge, where Rainbow’s men catch him.

They throw him in the room and hold him with Lisa. Without an escape plan, a depressed Clouseau prepares for death. But Lisa urges him not to give up, and he has an idea. That night, as Rainbow’s men commandeered them on deck, Clouseau lit his laser lighter and pointed it at the ship’s hull as he left. It burns a large hole in the side of the barge and begins to sink. Once the Rainbow people realize the ship is doomed, they will jump off the ship like rats. Rainbow escapes in Steele’s boat/car, leaving Clouseau and Lisa alone on one of the remaining crates. Clouseau’s cigarette/recorder holder plays in his pocket and attacks the ship to save them.

The next day, Clouseau says goodbye to a grateful but annoyed Sir Charles and Lisa, who is in love with him. He flies home and finds the widowed Mrs. Weaver in the chair next to him. Instead of being seduced by the young Scottish girl in flight, he jumps his parachute and has a happy ending…. no word on the fact that the police never caught Johnny Rainbow and his gang.

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