The Bondurant brothers are two of America’s most prolific serial killers. They have killed over 100 people between them, but they still manage to elude capture due to their methodical planning and meticulous cover ups.

Pete Bondurant is the younger brother of Pat Bondurant, who was convicted of killing their parents. The two are known as “Big Boy Killers” because they killed their parents in a murder-for-hire plot. Pete has never been found and is still on the run.

Investigation Discovery’s Evil Twins: Big Boy Killers- Who Are Pete and Pat Bondurant?

Hugh Bondurant and Kenneth Patterson Bondurant, sometimes known as Pete and Par, are known as the Evil Twins. Nobody knows if they are engaged in murder cases consciously or inadvertently. At an early age, this biological twin’s look-alike biological twin had a criminal mentality.

Nobody knows where they went when they finished their sentence and were released from jail. According to reports, their psyche had deteriorated to the point that they were plotting their third murder after being let free.

The Brothers’ Physical Appearances 

The Bondurant brothers, Pete and Pat, used to live in Pulaski. They had a penchant of dressing in big shirts. However, Pat is distinguished from Peer by the fact that he used to wear sunglasses.

The Case of Gwen Dugger’s Murder 

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The twin brothers were arrested in 1990 after being suspected of murdering Dugger. Despite the fact that the detectives were unable to locate Dugger’s corpse, Pat’s wife revealed the truth. Both brothers were caught and sentenced to 25 years in jail based on her confession and other evidence.

Pat’s wife said she saw the two of them rapping and abusing the 24-year-old mother. However, her corpse was subsequently burned and the ashes were deposited at the Shady Lawn Truck Stop in Elkton, which is close to the penthouse.

Terry Lynn Clark and Ronnie Gaines Murder Case 

Pete’s coworker Ronnie Gaines was murdered by the Bondurant brothers in 1986. They buried him in their parents’ Giles County house after murdering him. To be more explicit, they buried the corpse in the front yard of the home. Pat has admitted to killing him throughout the trials, and he and Pete have been cooperating in concealing up the corpse. Pete was also sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of Terry Lynn Clark.

What is the most recent news about Pete and Pat Bondurant? 

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Pete or someone may have made a Facebook page a few years ago, in 2016, after being released from jail, when some recent images of them were also updated. It seems to be his most recent picture. However, it is still unknown who or why that social media page was formed. Pete and Pat Bondurant’s actions clearly distinguish them as Evil Twins.

Nobody knows what motivated them to conduct such good things. Is it possible that the Bondurant brothers are mentally ill? How could they devise such a smart and intelligent murder scheme if they are mentally ill? Despite the fact that both of them admitted to their crimes throughout the trials. Neither their relatives nor any inquiry report can give an adequate and acceptable response to these inquiries.

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The “gwen dugger son” is the daughter of serial killer Peter Sutcliffe. She was born in 1978, and she was arrested for murder at the age of 17. The “Big Boy Killers- Who Are Pete and Pat Bondurant?” is a TV Show that follows the story of two sons who are accused of being serial killers.

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