This docu-series tells the story of a real life ice cold killer who is now on death row. The show questions whether we are to blame for making murder seem like an easy way out.

Investigation Discovery’s “Ice Cold Killers” is a documentary that follows the case of a child who was killed in Alaska. The show has been renewed for season 2.

Investigation Discovery’s Ice Cold Killers: Frozen Innocence

“Ice Cold Killers: Frozen Innocence,” which premiered on Investigation Discovery on January 5, 2017, is based on the terrible tale of Elissa Self, an eleven-year-old girl who was abducted on a beautiful winter morning in St. Louis. Her corpse was discovered on the side of an ice river a few days later. She was sexually assaulted and strangled.

The documentary depicts how detectives utilize DNA as a lead to track down the offender. Fearing that the murderer might attack them again, the police raced against the clock.

Who was responsible for Elissa Self’s death?

Investigation-Discoverys-Ice-Cold-Killers-Frozen-InnocenceThe Cinemaholic is the source of this information.

Martin Link’s criminal history was discovered by the investigators via the sex crimes department. He’d just finished serving a six-year prison term for raping and murdering a woman. Martin’s residence was near to where the eleven-year-old was kidnapped, and he was also acquainted with the location where her corpse was discovered.

Martin became the primary suspect in the eyes of the authorities as a consequence of the string of coincidences. Authorities were certain that Martin Link was the person who raped and murdered Elissa Self after a lengthy investigation.

The authorities began looking for Martin Link after receiving a referral from the Sex Crimes Section. Martin was summoned by a police officer on January 26, 1991, for driving a car with a defective headlight. He, on the other hand, was not in the mood to resolve the matter, leading to a high-speed pursuit that ended with his car colliding with a pole.

When Martin was pursued down and apprehended by the officer, investigators discovered that he had committed sex offenses in the vicinity. He had attempted to rape a lady at a nearby Laundromat, kidnap an eight-year-old daughter, loot a shop, and try to rape a woman at knifepoint.

Using forensic tests, police were able to prove that the vaginal swabs retrieved from Elissa’s dead corpse included Martin’s DNA. Martin’s automobile also contained a container of Vaseline, which was taken to forensics for testing. The DNA of the bloodstain within the jar matched Elissa’s, and the container carried Martin’s fingerprints, according to the forensic analysis. The findings, on the other hand, did not surprise the investigators.

Everything There Is To Know About Elissa Self

1639630028_518_Investigation-Discoverys-Ice-Cold-Killers-Frozen-InnocenceThe Cinemaholic is the source of this information.

Elissa was born in June 1979 in St. Louis and was a bright and brilliant student at the Enright Classical Junior Academy. The 11-year-old left home at 6:30 a.m., just like any other day, to catch her school bus.

Her family’s day was very routine until they received a call from the school at 8:20 a.m., informing them that their daughter had not arrived at school. Elissa’s parents grew concerned and began searching their area for her, but to no avail.

Finally, they contacted the authorities, who began their hunt. Authorities attempted to contact Elissa via their neighbors but were unable. Elissa’s corpse was discovered four days later beneath a bridge on the bank of the St Francis River in Wayne County, Missouri.

In 1995, Martin Luther King was condemned to death in exchange for his crimes. On February 9, 2011, he was given a lethal injection to carry out the sentence.

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Elissa self-Braun is the main character of Investigation Discovery’s “Ice Cold Killers: Frozen Innocence”. Her story begins with a tragic event that leaves her in an emotional state. Elissa struggles to cope with what happened, but eventually finds herself drawn into a world of murder and mystery. Reference: elissa self-braun.

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