Danganronpa is an anime series that was adapted into a game franchise. The series follows sixteen high school students who are trapped in a “school” for adults and forced to kill each other in order to survive.

Danganronpa is an anime series that has been removed from Crunchyroll. The show is now available on Netflix, Prime, HBO, Hulu, and Funimation.

Danganronpa’s anime adaptation debuted in 2013 and has since been watched by millions of people, receiving rave reviews from both fans and critics. This video game-turned-anime series has always had a unique place in anime fans’ hearts, and its renowned twists and epic characters continue to have an impact on both the video game and anime worlds.

Given the popularity of the animation and the fact that it is aired on a variety of websites, it is only fair that you be aware of the many streaming sites for this fantastic anime. Here’s where you can watch every episode of Danganronpa with their price options, whether you’ve been a long-time fan or are new to this fascinating story.

Where Can I Find All Seasons of Danganronpa?

Danganronpa has three seasons and 36 episodes available on: 

  • Amazon Video (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Hulu+
  • Funimation

Is there a Netflix version of Danganronpa?


Danganronpa: The Animation is currently unavailable on Netflix. Despite the show’s almost eight-year existence and huge die-hard fan following, there is no apparent reason why the streaming network has yet to acquire it. When we find out when or if the anime will be accessible on Netflix, we’ll let you know.

You can’t go wrong with Danganronpa on Netflix, which has some of the most affordable prices in the business. The Basic Plan costs $8.99 a month, which is great for people on a budget, but you won’t be able to view anime in HD (HD). Furthermore, since you may only watch from one device at a time, this is a one-person subscription.

For $13.99 per month, the Standard plan is the way to go if you want HD and intend to share your account with a roommate or significant other.

The Premium Plan, which costs $17.99 a month, might suffice if your whole family wishes to watch their own Netflix movie or show on their device.

Your Netflix account also enables you to create up to five different profiles. As a consequence, you won’t have to worry about your child’s Surf’s Up or iCarly suggestions interfering with your browsing.

If you haven’t already signed up for Netflix, you may watch Danganronpa: The Animation with any of these subscriptions, regardless of plan.

Is Danganronpa available on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime now has Danganronpa: The Animation accessible. Amazon Prime Video is the place to go if you want to see the full season of the program.

In the United States, Amazon Prime costs $12.99 a month and $7.99 worldwide. The majority of titles are accessible in high HD, and membership allows you to stream to three devices at once – but only two viewers may watch the same movie. There are a few hundred, though, that are available in 4K UHD and HDR quality.

Remember that new customers (and ex-members who have been a subscriber for at least 12 months) are still eligible for a massive 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Video. It’s one of the platform’s main draws, along with the platform’s buzz-worthy Amazon Original content.

An Amazon Prime Video subscription includes a full Amazon Prime membership, even if the price is more (which includes film and music streaming in addition to a half-dozen other advantages like free shipping).

It provides great value for money even when bought individually (which is only available in a few countries), making it one of the best platforms for viewing Danganronpa: The Animation.

Is there a Danganronpa episode on HBO Max?


Danganronpa: The Animation is now unavailable on HBO Max. However, seventeen anime films will be added to HBO Max that are currently available on Crunchyroll, a popular anime streaming site owned by AT&T, including the whole Danganronpa: The Animation series.

If made available, HBO Max provides hundreds of fascinating films from studios such as New Line Cinema, Turner Classic Movies, Crunchy Roll, and Studio Ghibli – all in HD resolution and allowing for three concurrent streams per account – for only a dollar more than Netflix’s entry-level subscription.

With a few small changes from the top-tier plan, the $9.99 ‘With Ads’ plan provides great value. A few minutes of advertising time each hour (on chosen content only) is a little inconvenience, and image quality is restricted to 1080p (HD). There is no option to download titles, therefore they cannot be watched offline.

You can avoid irritating ads and concentrate on all that quality TV with the $14.99 ‘Ad-Free’ plan. Select films are available in stunning 4K HDR, and each profile may save up to 30 movies to watch offline (but downloads expire after 30 days or 48 hours after you begin watching).

Both of these choices are great ways to watch Danganronpa: The Animation, and they will offer a similar experience with minor differences, depending on your budget.

Is Danganronpa available to watch on Crunchyroll?

Despite its prior availability on Crunchyroll, Danganronpa: The Animation is now inaccessible. As the Danganronpa animes are licensed by Funimation, this happened as a consequence of their cooperation with Funimation ending.

Crunchyroll subscribers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa, as well as Premium members in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, had access to Dangaropa. However, as soon as they return, we will update this page.

Crunchyroll offers one of the best Danganronpa streaming methods. There are three plans available, one of which is totally free:

Free membership: For casual watchers and those new to Japanese anime, a free membership is usually the best choice. It allows you to see the most accessible material in 480p or high definition. This subscription is ad-supported, which means you will see advertisements when viewing anime or reading manga.

Crunchyroll Fan membership costs $7.99 per month and comes with a 14-day free trial. Crunchyroll Fan not only removes ads, but it also gives you access to the whole library of anime, comics, and dramas. Simulcasts, for example, allow you to view or read freshly published content just after it is released. Furthermore, the watching experience has been improved: you can now watch your favorite episodes in 720p or 1080p quality with Fan.

Mega Fan Subscription Monthly memberships start at $9.99 per month, with a 14-day free trial included. This bundle includes everything in the Fan tier plus the ability to broadcast four times in a row per account. This subscription also grants you access to offline anime watching. A total of four devices may be streamed at the same time.

Crunchyroll offers a wide range of pricing options. If all you want to do is watch Danganronpa: The Animation, you may choose for the free, ad-supported plan. If you’re a lover of anime, you may want to look at their premium options.

Is there a Funimation release of Danganronpa?


Danganronpa: The Animation is available for streaming on Funimation or for free with ads on Funimation Now. Danganronpa: The Animation debuted on Funimation on December 31st, 2014, and has since been available.

Funimation also offers a number of cost-effective subscription options. Subscribers in the United States and Canada have the option of choosing from three different plans:

  • $5.99 per month / $59.99 per year for a premium membership
  • Premium Plus: $7.99 per month / $79.99 per year
  • A one-year membership to Premium Plus Ultra costs $99.99.

Each subscription provides unlimited, ad-free access to over 15,000 hours of anime content – the bulk of which is dubbed, but many titles are also available with subtitles – all streamed in high definition (1080p).

There are a few key differences between Premium and Premium Plus. The prior subscription only allowed you to stream to two devices at once, while Plus enables you to broadcast to five devices at once. It also includes download capabilities, allowing you to watch titles offline on your mobile device via the Funimation app.

Subscribers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Brazil, as well as Columbia, Chile, and Peru, may now enjoy Funimation. The following table shows how much Funimation costs in different countries:

  • Subscriptions are £4.99 / AU per month. New Zealand $7.95 $7.95 / €5.99
  • £49.99 / AU$79.50 / NZ$99.50 for an annual subscription $79,50 €59.99 / $79.50 $79,50 $79,50 $79,50 $79,50 $

There’s a lot to appreciate in the world of anime. If you want to spend money on a yearly subscription, there’s no need to feel bad: paying in one lump amount annually saves you a whooping 16 percent on Funimation. Even better, you can take advantage of a Funimation free trial from anywhere in the world, which may be the best choice if you’re just interested in viewing Danganronpa: The Animation.

Is Danganronpa available on Hulu?

The three seasons of Danganronpa are now available to watch on Hulu+ on a computer.

Hulu’s price is perhaps the best, with Hulu Basic costing just $5.99 per month, making it one of the most cost-effective streaming services accessible. This subscription gives you access to Hulu’s full on-demand collection, which is ad-supported. Hulu Premium costs $11.99 a month and provides you access to the majority of Hulu’s on-demand content without ads.

Hulu Basic + Live TV is $54.99 a month and includes over 65 live TV channels, including Food Network, Discovery (don’t miss Shark Week! ), Disney Channel, ESPN, CBS, NBC, and Fox, in addition to the basic on-demand service. Hulu Premium with Live TV is also available for $60.99 a month.

Hulu’s on-demand streaming entertainment, including Hulu Originals, is available in all four subscription levels. Finally, Hulu bundles its ad-supported service with Disney Plus and ESPN+ for $12.99 each month. If you do the math, combining your services instead of paying for each one individually will save you $6 each month.

Upgrade to the bundle for an extra $18.99 or $61.99 per month if you already have a Hulu Premium or Hulu + Live TV subscription. You may choose from several of these choices depending on your interests, and you’ll be able to watch Danganronpa: The Animation whenever you want.

Is Danganronpa available on Tubi?


Tubi does not support Danganronpa: The Animation. Tubi is mostly interested in movies and television shows. While there is some current material available, many may find the catalog to be out of date, which means Danganronpa may not be featured here for a long time, not to mention the lack of anime series.

However, if it does, it may be the best method to watch the anime. Tubi may be accessed via a normal web browser, making it compatible with the vast majority of internet-connected devices. Native apps for smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, and smart TVs are available, which may enhance your viewing experience.

Tubi, unlike some of its competitors, does not need users to establish an account in order to view their content. If you want to view the program, go to TubiTV.com and choose any video. It’s simply as simple as that. Tubi, on the other hand, offers a free registration process that may enhance your user experience.

You can build a queue of material to view by making an account with the services, and you can resume watching content from where you left off if you turn the service off in the midst of watching. This is especially helpful if you’ve started watching something on your phone and want to continue watching it on your television.

Where can I get Danganronpa Dub?

Funimation, Hulu, and Wakanim.tv all have Danganronpa: The Animation (Dub) available. For all console games and anime adaptations, Danganronpa features a complete Japanese cast of voice actors, and several of the franchise’s entries have also been dubbed into English. Funimation provided an English-language version of Danganronpa: The Animation and Danganronpa 3, while FilmConfect produced a German-language dub of Danganronpa: The Animation and Danganronpa 3.

Where Can I Get Free Danganronpa Anime?

Funimation’s Funimation Now is the greatest place to watch Danganronpa for free. A Funimation free trial is available, which may be the best option if you just want to watch Danganronpa: The Animation.

Danganronpa 2 is available on Netflix, Prime, HBO, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. Reference: is danganronpa 2 on crunchyroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch Danganronpa on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Danganronpa on Netflix.

Does Hulu have more anime than Netflix?

Yes, Hulu has more anime than Netflix.

Is Hulu better than Funimation?

Hulu is the better streaming service for anime. Funimation does not offer as much content, and their website is often difficult to navigate.

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