Welcome to our modern nightmare of.

Are you tired of Kovid already?

Otherwise, the Hollywood Reporter offers an awkward lecture in his latest issue on alcohol consumption, hits and raffles by our favorite Caribbean Disney pirate, Johnny Depp, who is worth $1.5 billion.

The journalist, who, let’s be clear about the jump here, is really progressive, held his breath and reported that the libel case between the all too depressing retard and the no less depressing Alon Musk Goubler, Amber Herd, violated his judge’s finding in Herd’s favor.

And some evidence is dynamic in this case.

Directly from the writings of a certain Johannes Christopher Depp II:

I hear he’s demanding total global humiliation. She’ll get it. I need your messages about your brother San Francisco… In fact, I’m sorry I even had to ask you… But she sucked a fucking dick, and he gave her some fucking lawyers…

I have no pity, no fear, no emotion, or what I once thought was love for this gold digger, a low level, a dozen coins, a crushed, meaningless and overly tense flesh-fish market.

I’m so glad she wants to fight! !! She’s gonna hit the wall hard! !! And I can’t wait to get this waste of goose sperm out of my life!

I’ve met a bloody exalted Russian here… That’s when I realized that when I sucked off a stripper 50%… I wouldn’t touch her with a fucking glove.


That’s our man, Johnny.

Celebrity After Death, Volume 2

Many moons ago, when this site was still a vibrant community of posters, posers and demonstrators, it was thought that the long-filled, fertile soil that today’s celebrities produced and cherished could have problems giving birth to anything other than an infected Captain Tripp, slowly mutating plots, boredom, celebrity minus the constant, unstoppable, attentive injections that COWID-19 could undoubtedly destroy.

After all, in the end everyone is tired of broadcasting, posting, watching and hanging around on the internet for about ten minutes in these government-ordered blockades in March.

Johnny Depp is a slow mutant. You can trust us.

There’s nothing wrong with being wrong.

Johnny Depp proved that even in the post-COVID world, where everyone is bored and nobody pays attention, fame cannot survive by drinking, hitting and a few ungrateful, sneaky, gold-digging women, and now the last silver strings blowing on lawyers.

It’s the number one in the world after COVID-19, we’re all spitting together here. And his financial courage, his commitment and his determination to set the earth on fire so that someone in the world we now live in can write something about him in general is admirable.

Johnny’s /ourguy/.

I’m sure of it.

His next stop is 4Chan /pol/, raving about Biden, conspiring for a coronavirus vaccine, publicly threatening voters before they confirm the election, and we are all REALLY embarking on this new and improved socialism which, according to people like Herd and Okasio-Cortes, will stop any of us dying of anything.

What do we do with all this?

We can get a few things from a brilliant article by a Hollywood journalist:

Johnny Oh. Hi, Alon. By the way, thank you for telling us more about this woman…

First, the progressive left has largely cemented its ironic and syrupy influence on American culture, media and life, so that even the tentacles can reach the world with this article.

Secondly, the Fight Club’s pogrom project has become the focus of attention: Everyone, everywhere, must do everything possible to blow up all the financial structures of our lives, our society and our culture, so that in the end everyone will be at zero.

But not everyone will have their own private jet.

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