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In this entertaining comedy that brings together several generations of actors in the same film, newly convicted Smiler Grogan tells a group of motorists about the $350,000 he stole in a car accident years before his death. The drivers then begin a race to a California park to find the money for someone else. Along the way, they experience all kinds of setbacks and unintentionally meet other people who are short of money. Without anyone noticing, Inspector Culpepper follows them around all the time, waiting to run into them and collect money for himself.

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The film opens with newly convicted Smiler Grogan (Jimmy Durante) driving at high speed down a windy mountain road. Suddenly, he goes off the road and crashes into the hill. Grogan was ejected from the car. Several motorists stop to help. Dentist Melville Crump (Sid Caesar) and his Monica (Edie Adams), furniture maker Lenny Pike (Jonathan Winters), hipsters headed to Vegas Ding Bell (Mickey Rooney) and Benji Benjamin (Buddy Hackett), and business owner J.J. Hackett. Grogan told the group he had $350,000 in cash buried under a large W in Santa Rosita State Park. The motorists are skeptical of this information, but do not tell the first officer in charge (Norman Fell) what Grogan has told them.

The group decides to organise a traffic information meeting. They try to agree on a division of the money, but they argue about a division. They decide every money race knowing that whoever comes first gets the money. Little does he know that Captain T.G. Culpepper (Spencer Tracy), a Santa Rosita detective, has been tracking Grogan for years and trying to figure out where he hid the stolen money. Culpepper is looking to solve the case and resign. He suspects Grogan told motorists where the money was, so he sent several patrolmen in pursuit.

Groups take different routes to get to Santa Rosita. Crump and his wife Monica have chartered a biplane that makes them fear for their lives. After landing they went to the hardware store to buy a pick and shovel, and during their lunch break they accidentally locked themselves in the store. They have to use dynamite to blow up the door and get out of the store. Bell and Benjamin follow Crump’s example and rent a state-of-the-art plane. But their pilot, wealthy alcoholic Tyler Fitzgerald (Jim Backus), loses consciousness during the flight. Bell and Benjamin are forced to land the plane themselves. They circle around the airport tower several times before reaching the ground.

Finch’s car was involved in an accident with Pike’s truck. Pike pulls the girl’s bike out of the back of the van and goes to get help. Finch’s group waited by the cars, but they were soon approached by British Army Lieutenant Colonel J.R.F. Baker. Algernon Hawthorne (Terry-Thomas), who offered to take him to Santa Rosita for 10% of the amount. On the way, they pass Pike, who suddenly realizes he has been betrayed. Pike discovers motorist Otto Meyer (Phil Silvers) and tells him about the hidden money. Meyer drops Pike off on the side of the road and drives to Santa Rosita to get the money for himself. Pike steals a tow truck from a gas station and runs off with the money. Hawthorne and Finch became Mrs. Marcus sat and decided to leave them by the side of the road. Emmeline decides to stay with her mother rather than move on with her husband. Eventually Pike comes with a tow truck and picks them up. Mrs. Marcus calls her son Sylvester (Dick Sean), who lives near Santa Rosita, to get the money.

The astonished Sylvester, however, thinks his mother is in trouble and instead goes to her and leaves Santa Rosita. Meanwhile, Meyer has his own setbacks and drowns his car in the Kern River. He steals another car and continues to make money. Meanwhile, Culpeper followed them through several motorcycle chase assistants. Culpepper becomes dissatisfied with his job due to the lack of wage increases and low pensions. His wife and daughter constantly chide him on the phone for personal problems. Culpepper comes up with a plan to get money.

Near Santa Rosita Park, two taxi drivers (Peter Falk and Eddie Rochester Anderson) take part in a chase, picking up several carless motorists. Eventually everyone arrives at the park at about the same time. Culpepper enters the park, but orders all other officers to stand down until he gives the order to go in. Emmeline discovers a large W made up of four palms in the shape of a letter. Emmeline, however, wants nothing to do with the money and tells it only to Culpepper, whom she meets while walking in the park. Pike finally sees W and informs the others, who eventually agree to share the money. They dig up the money, and Culpepper finally shows up and takes it. He suggests that all motorists go to the police, and that they both take a taxi. Culpepper takes the money and goes to Mexico.

The group finds out what is happening when Meyer notices that Culpepper is not returning to the police station. They’re chasing Culpepper in two cabs. Eventually the chase turns into a foot chase, and everyone heads to an abandoned building. The police discovered that Culpepper had taken the money, and his boss, Chief Aloysius (William Demarest), ordered other officers to intervene and arrest the detective.

After a long chase, all eleven end up on an emergency ladder that begins to collapse. A suitcase full of money opens and the money falls into the street below. The big crowd on the ground is taking all the money. A fire truck stops and climbs its ladder to save people. However, the eleven people all jump on the ladder, causing it to fall over. She starts swinging wildly, throwing men in different directions. Each of the men is injured in a different way.

The film ends with the recovery of all involved in the hospital. Motorists accuse Culpeper of being greedy and neglecting his duty. Culpepper tells them that because of his position he will probably get the longest sentence from the judge, so it will probably be a long time before he can laugh again. Mrs. Marcus enters the hospital room to scold the men and slips on a banana peel, which lands on her buttocks. All the men, including Culpepper, start laughing uncontrollably.

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How long is the World of Madness movie?

It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy world ….

Was there a remake of Mad World?

As they say, The end of madness?

The case is dismissed and the money explodes. The locals are happy to raise money. The men are thrown off the fire escape when it breaks and end up in hospital with various injuries. At the very end, the domineering mother enters the hospital room and screams.

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