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Jack Frost is the lead singer of a band that spends most of the year touring the country. That’s why Jack spends less time with his wife Gabby and his son Charlie. Jack loves his family very much, and at the last minute he leaves the show at Christmas. But he died in a car accident. A year later, the love and loneliness of his son Jack is reborn in the form of a snowman, which his son makes just before Christmas. Now Jack has a second chance to be a father to his son and put his family on the road to recovery.

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Jack Frost (1998) Jack Frost (Michael Keaton) is the singer of the Jack Frost Band. Although the band is based in Medford, Colorado, Jack and the band spend many months of the year playing blues covers and a few original songs hoping to sign a record deal. Jack returns home to discover that his 11-year-old son, Charlie (Joseph Cross), has just had a snowball fight with local bully Rory Buck (Taylor Handley). Jack and Charlie are building a snowman on the farm together. As soon as they’re done, Jack will give Charlie his best harmonica, which Jack got for Charlie’s birthday. Jack tells his son that the harmonica is magical and that he can hear it wherever he is.

The absence from home has affected Jack’s marriage to his wife Gabby (Kelly Preston). Jack promises Gabby that later in the day he will attend his son’s hockey game, but that he will eventually miss the game to record Don’t Lose Your Faith. Jack tries to make up for the missed hockey game by promising to take his family on a trip to the mountains for Christmas. Yet Jack was called up for a concert that could boost his career and decided to go to the mountains while his family went without him. On the way to the concert, Jack realizes his mistake and takes his friend’s car to the mountains to find his family. Unfortunately there is a big storm coming and Jack has trouble looking through the windshield. He gets in a car accident and dies.

A year later, Charlie’s still trying to recover from his father’s death. He got inside himself and away from his friends. One night, just before Christmas, Charlie builds another snowman in the shape of his father. He plays Jack’s harmonica before he goes to bed. As Jack told his son, the harmonica is magical and brings Jack back to life as Charlie the Snowman. Jack is happy to be alive again and tries to greet his son, but in the end he frightens Charlie.

The next day Charlie finds Jack in his backyard and runs away. But Charlie runs to the snowball field where Rory throws snowballs at him. Jack jumps in on Charlie’s behalf and hits Rory and the other kids with snowballs. Then Jack and Charlie ran off in a sled. As soon as they’re safe, Charlie realizes the snowman is his father, after Jack uses his nickname for Charlie. Jack finds Charlie and teaches him values he never learned in his life.

Jack’s giving his son some hockey lessons. Jack tells Charlie to go back to the hockey team instead of mourning his death. Charlie’s about to become the best player on the team. At the same time, MacArthur (Mark Addy), who was Jack’s keyboard player and best friend, remains a family friend and becomes Charlie’s father figure.

Soon winter will begin to end. Jack starts melting and fighting to get into Charlie’s hockey games. Charlie decides to take his father to the mountains, where it’s much colder. He’s having a hard time convincing Gabby to take it. Charlie’s going out with Rory again, insulting both Charlie and Jack. Jack talks and corrects Rory’s grammar for a tyrant in the shape of a snowman. Rory’s behavior changes after he finds out the snowman is still alive, and he feels sorry for Charlie because he doesn’t have a father. Rory’s helping Jack in a truck going into the mountains.

When they arrive in the mountains, Jack and Charlie reach the hut where the family would stay before Jack’s death. Jack calls Gabby and asks her to pick Charlie up at the cabin. Gabby is stunned by the sound of her late husband’s voice, but she recognizes Jack’s voice and follows his instructions. As soon as Gabby arrives at the hut, the snowman’s shell dissolves and reveals Jack in his ethereal form. Jack tells Charlie that he will be with him everywhere, and when he says goodbye to Charlie and Gabby, he goes back to the afterlife.

The film ends with Charlie playing hockey with his friends, of which Rory is now a part. Gabby sees her son playing enthusiastically while Mac plays music on the organ. The last streetscape shows that there are snowmen on all the lawns in front of the house.

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