Tom Clancy is a man with a reputation for being able to craft an unputdownable thriller. He’s created some of the most epic action scenes in recent cinematic history. Yet, many of his works are hard to get through, especially when you factor in his use of realistic, albeit overly dramatic, locations and his tendency to kill off characters in rooms full of people.

[In movies that are in order by release date and chronologically, this is the order that they are in order in. In movies that are in order by release date and chronologically, this is the order that they are in order in. In movies that are in order by release date and chronologically, this is the order that they are in order in. In movies that are in order by release date and chronologically, this is the order that they are in order in. In movies that are in order by release date and chronologically, this is the order that they are in order in. In movies that are in order by release date and chronologically, this is the order that they are in order in. In movies that are in

Looking for a list of movies that take place before or after a movie you’ve seen a lot? We’ve got a great resource that will help you keep track of your favorite Tom Clancy movies in order by release date and chronologically. Inside you’ll find a list of all the movies in the Tom Clancy franchise, listed by their release date so you can easily place them in the correct order.

With Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse now available on Amazon Prime Video, it’s important to catch up on the Ryan Series by seeing the prior Tom Clancy flicks. Tom Clancy invented Jack Ryan, a fictitious US marine and CIA agent. He made his breakthrough with the novel The Hunt for Red October, published in 1984. He has appeared in a number of novels set in the Ryanverse, as well as a television show and a number of feature films.

So far, Paramount Pictures has produced six films based on Jack Ryan’s persona, as well as a spin-off set in the Ryanverse. Continue reading as I go through each film and suggest different viewing sequences depending on their release dates and chronological order.

At a glance, see Jack Ryan and other Tom Clancy films in order of release date.

Tom Clancy invented Jack Ryan, a well-known fictional investigator. Six films are based on Tom Clancy’s books, and the following is a chronological list of all Jack Ryan films:

  • The Hunt for Red October is a story about a man named Red October who (1990)
  • Patriotic Sports (1992)
  • Danger that is both clear and present (1994)
  • The Totality of All Fears (2002)
  • Shadow Recruit: Jack Ryan (2014)
  • Without Regrets (2021)

At a Glance: Jack Ryan and Other Tom Clancy Films in Chronological Order

The prequel film Shadow Recruit: Jack Ryan (2014) tells the story of Jack Ryan’s early years. The chronology and release sequence of the series are almost same. If you wish to see the movies in chronological sequence, here’s a list of all Jack Ryan movies.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

The Hunt for Red October is a story about a man named Red October who (1990)

Patriotic Sports (1992)

Danger that is both clear and present (1994)

The Totality of All Fears (2002)

Without Regrets (2021)

In chronological order, what are the connections between Jack Ryan and other Tom Clancy films?

The first three films are adaptations of Tom Clancy’s books, whereas the fourth picture is a reboot, and the fifth book is a standalone story. As a result, the first three films are connected by Jack Ryan’s character and story, whereas the final three films are standalone. As a result, examining in chronological sequence will provide the following results:

1. Shadow Recruit (Jack Ryan) (2014)


Jack Ryan (Pine) joins a US Marine soldier in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, where his spine is severely injured after his helicopter is shot down. During his lengthy recovery in the United States, Cathy Muller (Knightley), a medical student who helps him in relearning to walk, and Thomas Harper (Costner), a CIA officer who recruits him, come to his attention.

Ryan is working undercover for the CIA on Wall Street ten years later, looking for odd financial transactions that may indicate terrorist activity. Ryan discovers that Russian organizations have lost control of billions of dollars when Russia loses a crucial vote at the United Nations and the markets do not respond as expected. The bulk of these funds are owned by Russian billionaire Viktor Cherevin (Branagh).

Because Ryan’s firm conducts business with Cherevin, he feels compelled to go to Moscow to investigate when he finds that some of the accounts he audits are closed to him. After narrowly surviving a murder attempt by an assassin (Anozie) posing as his bodyguard, Ryan sends an SOS. He’s taken aback when he learns that his backup is Harper. During their debriefing in Staraya Square, Ryan explains how Cherevin’s shadow investments might expose the US to complete financial collapse in the event of a staged terrorist attack.

The following day, during his meeting with Cherevin, he learns that the problem company and all of its assets have been sold, thus putting an end to Ryan’s audit. Meanwhile, Muller, now Ryan’s fiancée, goes to Moscow in secret to meet him and accuses him of having an affair. Ryan defies the unmarried couple’s convention by disclosing his CIA work, much to her relief. 

Improvising the situation, Harper persuades Muller to join a plan to get access to Cherevin’s headquarters. At an upscale restaurant across the street from Cherevin’s office, Ryan and Muller meet Cherevin. By deliberately criticizing Muller during dinner, Ryan causes a ruckus. Through an excused leave, he gains access to Cherevin’s office and downloads critical corrupted files.

Cherevin has been secretly assisting Chinese and Japanese businesses for years, putting the US economy at risk, as well as utilizing a fake death certificate to place his son, Aleksandr (Utgoff), in the US as a sleeper agent, according to Ryan and the CIA. Ryan uses his pattern recognition skills to locate Aleksandr’s hideout and intended target, Wall Street. He hunts down and pursues Aleksandr’s fake police response vehicle when he returns to New York City. 

Ryan discovers a bomb in the vehicle’s rear compartment after catching up with Aleksandr and engaging in a physical fight with him. He can’t defuse the device, so he hijacks the vehicle and drives it into the East River, jumping out just before the bomb goes off, killing Aleksandr. For his failure, Cherevin is killed in Russia by his co-conspirators. Ryan and Harper are then called to the White House to brief President Obama.

The Hunt for Red October is the sequel of The Hunt for Red October (1990)


The Soviet Union’s “Red October” submarine has a unique design. When photos of it are presented to Americans, they are fascinated by the fact that it is so unusual. C.I.A. analyst Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) confers with a colleague, who deduces that it is equipped with a new engine capable of operating virtually quietly, allowing them to position themselves on the outskirts of any coastal city and launch their missiles without arousing suspicion. 

When they open their orders, which simply demand them to do routine exercises, Captain Marko Ramius (Sir Sean Connery) assassinates their political commander. He assassinates him before destroying and altering their instructions. He then tells the crew that they would be performing missile drills off the coast of New York City in order to test their new engine. Admiral James Greer, Ryan’s superior, summons him to a briefing on the Red October (James Earl Jones). 

During this briefing, they discover that Ramius sent a letter to a high-ranking Soviet official, who promptly met with the Soviet Premier after receiving it, and that the Soviet Navy was dispatched to find and destroy the Red October shortly after that meeting. Everyone except Ryan, who did a research on Ramius and believes he is trying to defect, believes he has gone rogue. 

While everyone dismisses him, National Security Adviser Jeffrey Pelt (Richard Jordan) tells Ryan to go out and see for himself whether he is right, since they must kill Ramius once he is able to fire his missiles. Ryan reluctantly goes since he is accustomed to working outside and is having trouble adapting to the water. Simultaneously, someone in the Red October team is aware that Ramius has deviated from his objective and is doing all they can to prevent him from continuing.

3. Patriotic Sports (1992)


Jack Ryan (Ford) is on a “working vacation” in London with his family. He left the CIA and now works as a professor at the United States Naval Academy. Before leaving to visit his wife Cathy and daughter Sally, Jack gives a speech at the Royal Naval Academy.

He witnesses an explosion near Buckingham Palace while on vacation in England with his family. A plan to abduct a member of the Royal Family is discovered, but Jack intervenes, killing one and arresting the other, putting a stop to the plot. Later, he learns that they are Irish rebels and that the two men are brothers. At Jack’s court appearance, the one who is still alive vows to revenge him, but is punished, and that seems to be the end of it. During the trip, though, the man is set free. 

When Jack learns about it, he is indifferent, but someone tries to kill him when he is at the Naval Academy. He learns that they are also looking for his family and rushes to find out where they are: safe but the victims of a botched assassination. This is when Jack re-joins the CIA, and they try to capture the assailant before he tries again.

According to Ryan’s thorough research, Miller has taken refuge at one of Libya’s many training camps. He also deduces that a recent newcomer to the camp might be Dennis Cooley, who escaped London cops after learning they were eavesdropping on his bookstore. Ryan also confirms that the lady with long red hair he saw in London and at the Annapolis Naval Academy is the same woman who works for O’Donnell and is currently imprisoned in one of the Libyan camps, thanks to an IRA spokesman, Paddy O’Neil (Richard Harris).

Ryan makes recommendations to his CIA bosses. Greer lets Jack see a live feed of an SAS attack force storming the camp. Everyone in the camp is murdered, but Miller and his companions have already left the camp and are on their way to the United States in preparation for their next attack on Lord Holmes, unbeknownst to the CIA and Ryan.

4. Danger that is both clear and present (1994)


After the assassination of a close friend by people linked to Ernesto Escobedo, the Cali Cartel’s leader, an angry first-term President launches a clandestine military incursion into Columbia. Inadvertently enmeshed in the plan is Jack Ryan, who was briefly promoted to Deputy Director of Intelligence at the CIA after Jim Greer’s cancer diagnosis. He was tasked with securing funding for the expedition from Congress, specifically claiming that no troops would be sent, despite the fact that this was the mission’s whole objective (unbeknownst to Ryan).

The military operation is initially successful, destroying drug refineries and shooting down drug trafficking aircraft. After the President orders the seizure of a large sum of laundered drug money, Felix Cortez, a former Castro official who now works for Escobedo as an intelligence officer, retaliates by assassinating a Presidential aide who was sent to Columbia to discuss the seized funds with the Columbian government (from which Ryan narrowly escapes). The operation is then escalated, with US troops being ordered to begin assassinating cartel leaders who had congregated to assuage their own concerns that each other was responsible for the US military assaults and prevent a gang war.

Cortez reacts by tracking down American troops in Columbia and arranging their defection with the President’s National Security Advisor (Cutter), who orchestrated the unlawful operation.

Meanwhile, Ryan detects a problem and deduces the operation’s core by hacking into a colleague’s CIA office computer. He comes too late to prevent the betrayal of US soldiers in Columbia, who are apprehended when Cortez is informed of their exact location and all air support and contacts with them are shut off. Ryan personally travels to Columbia to organize a rescue attempt, which he puts together with the help of a vengeful CIA operative who was involved in the military operation.

Despite the President’s personal attempts to pay him to remain quiet with future favors, Ryan travels to Washington, DC, to tell Congress about every detail of the operation.

5. The Totality of Fears (2002)


The story starts in 1973, during the Yom Kippur War. The armies of Egypt and Syria are ready to defeat Israel. As a last-ditch preventive measure, a nuclear-armed A-4 Skyhawk is launched to ensure that Israeli ground forces are not completely overrun. A Syrian surface-to-air missile battery engages the fighter jet and shoots it down. A nuclear bomb that has burrowed deep into the crater formed by the falling debris is among the widely scattered wreckage that litters the barren desert below.

Fast-forward From 1982 to 2002, a total of 29 years have passed. In Mt. Weather, Virginia, US President J. Robert Fowler (James Cromwell) and his national security team are conducting a nuclear war drill. Following the drill, the President appoints CIA Director William Cabot (Morgan Freeman) to undertake a START arms treaty-mandated inspection visit to Russian nuclear sites.

Young analyst Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) is part of a group viewing current video of Russian President Zorkin and making sarcastic comments about his recent weight gain at the CIA’s Langley, Virginia headquarters. A secret Neo-Nazi group gathers in Vienna at the same time. Richard Dressler (Alan Bates), the group’s head, laments modern Europe’s helplessness in the face of US and Russian global dominance. 

An Arab scrap metal dealer is excavating the site of an Israeli plane crash in the Golan Heights in 1973. He discovers a hard object a few feet under the surface that he instantly identifies as a bomb. He and his helper finish gently uncovering the weapon and put it onto their truck using a crane, since they consider it valuable.

While lazing in bed with girlfriend Dr. Cathy Muller (Bridget Moynihan) the following morning, Jack Ryan receives an emergency phone call summoning him to Langley. President Zorkin died of a heart attack suddenly and was quickly succeeded by Alexander Nemerov (Ciaran Hinds). 

While Ryan hurries to get dressed, his girlfriend thinks aloud about what a “emergency” for a “historian” entails. When Ryan arrives at the CIA’s headquarters, Director Cabot seizes him and drags him into a meeting. As part of his analytic job, Ryan had previously prepared an intelligence evaluation on Nemerov. Cabot unexpectedly invites Ryan to join him in Russia.

An international weapons dealer named Olson (Colm Feore) meets an Arab scrap metal merchant in the desert and instantly recognizes the kind of bomb in front of him. He tells the Arab that the bomb is worthless, but he agrees to sell it for $400 since the man’s son was killed in the fight. After gaining possession of the weapon, Olson contacts Dressler and offers to sell it to him for $50 million.

Following a brief discussion with Nemerov in Moscow, Ryan and Talbot visit a Russian nuclear plant. Three of the facility’s top nuclear specialists are absent, Ryan notes astutely. When Ryan pushes the Russian host, he gives a cliched and unsatisfactory response. Cabot speculates that if someone wanted to build a clandestine nuclear bomb, the three missing specialists would be ideal.

6. I’m not remorseful (2021)


In Aleppo, a team of US Navy SEALs headed by Senior Chief John Kelly rescues a CIA operative who was being held captive by a suspected pro-Assad paramilitary group. The scenario worsens when the SEALs discover that their captors are really Russian troops. Three members of the crew are murdered in secret by Russian FSB operatives three months later, ostensibly in retaliation for their involvement in the mission. The Russians murder Pam, Kelly’s pregnant wife, as they rush into their house. Before being transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, Kelly dispatches all but one of the attackers.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Kelly’s SEAL squad leader and buddy Lt. Commander Karen Greer meets with CIA officer Robert Ritter and Secretary of Defense Thomas Clay to discuss how the FSB discovered the SEALs’ identities and to assess their response choices. The disclosure of evidence regarding Russia’s unprecedented attack on American soil has strained the already strained relationship between the two nations, raising the risk of a new Cold War. When the CIA refuses to start an investigation into the murders, Greer is compelled to provide critical information to Kelly.

Kelly tracks down the Russian ambassador who gave the FSB agents the passports and forces him to reveal the name of the last assassin before killing him. Kelly, who has been sentenced to prison for murder, is able to negotiate his freedom by revealing that the fugitive is Victor Rykov, a former Spetznaz officer hiding in Murmansk, Russia. Greer warns Clay against letting Kelly to help in the capture of Rykov, but Clay agrees on the condition that Kelly serve his sentence after the operation.

Kelly, Greer, and a CIA black operations team go to Murmansk, Russia, with the goal of conducting a Halo leap into Russia. A Russian fighter shoots down their plane, which falls into the Barents Sea. Kelly sifts through the wreckage in search of life-saving equipment, including a zodiac boat. When the team arrives at Murmansk, they come upon Ritter, whom Kelly accuses of leaking the information. Ritter declares his innocence and orders the team to follow him to Rykov. Kelly abandons his mission to confront Rykov, who wears a suicide vest and claims to be a deep secret CIA operative. When the group is pinned down by sniper fire, Rykov blows himself up with the vest. As the cops arrive, the squad discovers that the operation was planned in order to assassinate American soldiers on Russian soil in order to incite a war.

Kelly volunteers to cover the team’s escape; but, as a convicted murderer, his death might be overturned. Kelly buys the team time to go to safety, but in the process, he sustains severe injuries. He then takes a police uniform and attempts to escape by hijacking an ambulance. Kelly and the rest of the team take to the water to escape the country. Ritter proclaims Kelly dead officially, allowing him to pursue the traitor.

In D.C., Kelly approaches Clay and shoves him into his car. After endangering Clay’s family, Kelly confesses to being behind the information leaks and orchestrating the US-Russian conflict. Clay wants to start a war with Russia to boost the economy and bring the American people together against a common adversary.

Is it necessary to see all of Tom Clancy’s films in order?

While it is not essential to see all of Tom Clancy’s films in order, it is helpful to get to know the character and his story. There are three ways to watch the Jack Ryan movies: chronologically, in release order, or by seeing the first three films in order and the latter three as stand-alones. You will not go wrong if you pick one of the three choices I have suggested since Tom Clancy’s films are not as complex as others, such as the Fast and Furious flicks.

The 1980s and early 1990s were a golden age of action movies, and the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were at the top of their game. The 1980s and early 1990s were a golden age of action movies, and the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were at the top of their game. But more than two decades later, the action movie genre has evolved and become more subtle, allowing for more realistic storylines, and more nuanced characters. Here are the very best of the action movies of the 1980s and early 1990s, ranked by release date and by chronological order.. Read more about tom clancy movies on netflix and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What order are the Jack Ryan movies?

The Jack Ryan movies are as follows: 1. The Hunt for Red October 2. Patriot Games 3. Clear and Present Danger 4. The Sum of All Fears 5. Rainbow Six 6. The Kite Runner

Is Jack Ryan Season 1 and 2 connected?

Jack Ryan Season 1 and 2 are not connected.

How many Jack Ryan movies did they make?

There have been six Jack Ryan movies.

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