The seventh season of Smallville sees the return of a former main character who returns for individual appearances: In Hero, Sam Jones III resumes his role as Pete Ross, but with a touch of fantasy. In a terrible episode that is essentially a long advertisement for Stride chewing gum, Pete chews Meteorgum and gains an elastic body and an aggressive personality that deteriorates. He tries to be a hero, but the effect is only temporary. In the comics, it’s another old friend of Superman’s, the one who becomes Elastic Guy, the one who is actually known as Superman’s sidekick: Jimmy Olsen. Well, let’s see.

On Earth One, Jimmy Olsen was known as Superman’s sidekick, best friend to the world’s greatest hero. He also had a special gift for trouble, and over the years he even acquired a number of super powers, mostly by accident, with a corresponding super identity. One day Superman returned from a space trip with a box full of strange memories, and looking inside Jimmy found a bottle of shiny green liquid. Fearing that the liquid contained green kryptonite, Jimmy tried to get rid of it before his friend returned, but ended up spilling it on himself. - Whos-Who.jpg The alien virus in the liquid had a remarkable effect on Jimmy’s body, changing it on a molecular level and giving it an unnatural elasticity. Fearing the effect would be permanent and seeing himself as a monster, Jimmy walked away without a word and joined the traveling carnival under the stage name Elastic Guy. Fortunately, this disease didn’t last long, and after using his powers for good by saving a group of people in danger in a carnival with his super-extended limbs, he learned that exposure to kryptonite had destroyed the virus and he had returned to normal. But what should normally have been a unique adventure was repeated thanks to the intervention of Professor Potter, Lana Lang’s scientist. Potter’s latest creation was Formula Elasti, which had the same effects as the alien virus Jimmy had encountered earlier. Apparently Jimmy accidentally drank the Elastic Formula and regained his identity as an Elastic Guy, this time relieved by the limited effects of the transformation. Wearing an extremely stretchy costume, Jimmy became a full-fledged superhero, helping Superman or working solo.

In the role of Elastic Lad, Jimmy entered the underground wrestling scene and was confronted by an ugly, brutal thug dressed as Superman who even stole his formula and used it during the match. He even formed his own superteam, the Elongated Four, and teamed up with Plastic Man, Elongated Man and Supple Man, who have similar powers. But he hit the jackpot on his trip to the 20th century, where he came into contact with a giant superteam known as the Legion of Superheroes. Jimmy had a dose of Elastic Formula, so he changed to Elastic Guy just in time to Which.... his powers are out ….. In the process, he impresses his new friends more than his springy qualities. Anyway, he got what he wanted, and although he never joined the legionnaires in battle, he became an honorary member, and returned to his time knowing that somewhere in the future there was a group of mighty heroes who considered him their equal…. Well, more or less. Anyway, this Jimmy Olsen has resurfaced on Earth 423, where he returned to the Elastic Man as soon as he saw the Legion of Supervillains attack the Fortress of Solitude. With Lana Lang changing back into Super Lana, they stepped in to protect their friend Superman, but Lana was killed by the bad guys. Elastic Guy tried to avenge them, but Brainiac, who controlled the body of the late Lex Luthor, killed him too. Jimmy Olsen also became the elastic man on the New Earth, a reality that arose from the chaos of the crisis of the Infinite Lands, but this time the transformation was less positive than in previous realities: The extreme elasticity of his body was actually caused by an Eradicator attack, and after an initial moment of excitement it turned out to be an uncontrollable and painful transformation, an effect of genetic instability that needed to be cured as quickly as possible before it became permanent and fatal.

Jimmy Olsen has always been in love with adventure, and becoming a superhero himself has always been his dream: Endowed with true super powers, he therefore tends to be a little too reckless, but his enthusiasm and resourcefulness compensate for his recklessness and inexperience. As an elastic man, his body is extremely elastic, allowing him to stretch his limbs with no apparent limitations; therefore, he is also invulnerable to physical harm and can alter his appearance slightly. Either the result of a foreign virus, the Elastic Formula, or a genetic attack. Elastic Lad is always ready to get on the scene on his own terms and finally emerge from the shadow of his best friend, Superman.


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