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Howard Langston is a workaholic mattress salesman who has promised his nine-year-old son Jamie everything he wants for Christmas. Unfortunately for Howard, Jamie wants to be a very popular Turbo Man action figure. The confused Howard fails to buy a toy and hurries to the shops on Christmas Eve to find it. But it’s sold everywhere. Knowing that he’s abandoned Jamie in the past, Howard goes looking for a turbo man and stops at nothing to give Jamie the gift he wants.

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Jingle All the Way (1996) Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) sells mattresses for the big city Minneapolis Howard is a workaholic and often struggles to find time for his wife Liz (Rita Wilson) and his nine-year-old son Jamie (Jake Lloyd). Howard loves his family, but he has difficulty distinguishing between work and home. Worse, Howard finds himself competing with his neighbor and local divorced Ted Maltin (Phil Hartman) for Liz’s attention. Ted has irresponsible feelings for Liz and never misses an opportunity to put Howard in a bad light.

After missing Jamie’s karate class, Howard decides to rehabilitate himself by fulfilling Jamie’s Christmas wish – a Turbo Man figurine, a toy Liz Howard had told Howard a few weeks earlier to pick up for her son. On Christmas Eve, Howard goes to the shops to buy a favourite toy, but he finds that all the shops have sold the most popular toy of the Christmas season. One thing Howard buys is a rivalry with Myron Laraby (Sinbad), the father of a mailman, who is also looking for a Turbo Man toy for his son.

Desperately, Howard turns to the black market to try to buy a heroic figure. However, Howard’s attempt to buy a statue of a fake toy brand leads to a massive quarrel in the warehouse, which is eventually stopped by the police. Howard avoids arrest by impersonating a secret agent. Ready to give up, Howard goes to the restaurant and calls home to tell his wife about his failure. Instead, Jamie picks up the phone and reminds Howard of his promise to be home for the annual Winterfest parade. Howard loses patience and yells at his son, but immediately feels guilty after Jamie tells his father that he never keeps his promises.

Howard meets Myron in the restaurant, and they share their experiences about their failures as fathers. Myron tells Howard about his displeasure with his own father because he could not get AOM Johnny Seven as a child for Christmas. While they are in the restaurant, some men hear a radio station announce a match for the Turbo Man doll. The opportunity to buy the doll again puts Howard and Myron on a dead end, causing the phone in the restaurant to collapse. The two men run out of the restaurant and walk to the radio station. When they arrived at the venue, they were told by a DJ (Martin Mull) that the contest was actually about a gift certificate from Turbo Man. Because of the men’s fight, the police were called to the radio station. The police try to arrest Howard and Myron, but both run away when Myron threatens the cops with a bomb that accidentally detonates a cop.

Howard goes back to his car to go home, but he discovers that it was smashed to pieces by car thieves and sprayed on the windscreen with Fun X-Mas. He comes home with a tow truck and sees Ted planting a star on his Christmas tree. Furious, Howard tries to steal the Turbo Man fighter that Ted bought for his son Johnny (E.J. De La Pena). However, Ted and Liz caught Howard red-handed, and Liz had Ted take her and Jamie to the Christmas parade without Howard.

One day at the parade Jamie and Johnny get out of the car and try to seduce Ted Liz. She reacts by hitting him with an egg thermosphere. Back home Howard remembers his promise to Jamie to go to the parade and decides to go too. However, he meets one of the policemen from the radio station, agent Hummel (Robert Conrad), who starts chasing him through the parade. Howard hides in the pantry to escape the officer, and is confused with an actor who plays the turbo at the parade. Howard dresses in an elaborate suit to hide his identity.

As Turbo-Man, Howard Jamie presents the limited edition of Turbo-Man, but the statue is stolen by Myron, who is disguised as Turbo-Man, Dementor’s sworn enemy. Howard, like Turbo Man, follows Myron with his jetpack. Myron is captured by the police, and Howard saves his son. He reveals himself to his family and apologizes for his failure as a father. The police returned Jamie’s toys when Myron was arrested. Instead of leaving Turbo Man, Jamie gives the toy to Myron for his son and claims that his father is his real hero.

In the scene that follows the credits, Howard decorates the tree on Christmas Eve. Just as he puts a star on top of a tree, Liz asks Howard what he’s brought her. Howard’s face screams in horror when he realizes he forgot to buy a present for his wife.

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