John and the Hole is a 2021 psychological thriller about a boy who locks his family in a hole in the ground.

Directed by Pasquale Sisto to a screenplay by Nicholas Giacobone, the film Mutritza stars Charlie Shotwell, Michael S. Hall, Jennifer Ele and Taissa Farmiga.

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Don’t expect a clear connection between the two stories, other than a black vignette with two people talking more about the messy cruelty of growing up than trying to grow up in the other 100 minutes. In the end, everything points to the viewer having to put in more effort than the script requires, which is a huge disappointment for such a terribly intriguing concept. AwardsWatch

It’s a dark side of a thriller, based on its high concept, that frankly isn’t satisfying when the viewer is focused solely on John. However, the key to discovering John and the hole lies in the viewer’s ability to truly identify with John’s family and his daily life with a family member like John. Escape to the movies

John and Sisto’s Hole is an intriguing, slow and mind-blowing thriller with the insane concept of a child throwing his family into a hole. A masterful and disturbing staging turns this film into something deeper than what we can see. It’s one of those movies that constantly contradicts each other because it’s so ambiguous and scary. First broadcast

The story never really offers much depth beyond the main character, essentially using its 103 minute duration to validate the absence of a supporting character. You end up with a movie that doesn’t teach its characters anything, basically leaving you with no recourse but to not drink the lemonade offered by the snarling teenager. The buzzing terror

The screenplay, written by Oscar-winner Nicholas Jacobon, fully explores the themes of isolation, excessive bourgeoisism and the toxic effects of individualism. Money, in particular, is constantly presented as a central theme in adult relationships. Featuring one of my favorite actresses, Georgia Lyman, the plot is intentionally confusing, but important nonetheless. Irish film review

It’s a strange story of shifting power dynamics and unexpected connections, so when the movie is good, it’s great. It’s hard not to feel like you’re being kept at a distance, like you want to accept what’s going on, but can’t. The small moments, almost missed, are the most disheartening. Jason McFiggins.

John and the Hole doesn’t always work, and a more focused band would have worked better, but Shotwell shows an intriguing side of his John and his need to share the trauma…There’s a lot to dig into and a lot of questions, but Sisto skillfully plays with the boundaries of ambiguity to deliver something worth digging into. The only critic

…understands the unnecessary failure of the subplot about the mother telling her granddaughter’s version of John’s story, and it’s an ineffective distraction that robs the power of the theme. Despite this major flaw, John and the Hole has great ideas that are both intriguing and terrifying, yet I found the film disappointing rather than stimulating. Screen Drivers

The film, directed by Pasquale Sisto, is meant more for reflection than for quick decisions about how people think about him and his characters. It usually works in my favor. And then the end comes and it feels like the bottom falls out, but that doesn’t derail the finished film, it gives you more time to think. Soundtrack

There is much to be said about the technical and operational aspects of John and the Hole. But the choices and narrative structure fill in the exciting gaps with a narrative groove into which the film’s potential slowly sinks. Take one.

The actors and characters:

Pamela Jane Morgan… Professor Charlie Shotwell… JohnMichael C. Hall… BradJennifer Garlic… Anna-Tyssa Farmiga… LoriLucien Spelman… Charles-Georgia Lyman… GloriaSamantha LeBretton… LilyTamara Hickey… PaulaBen O’Brien… PeterElajah Ungwari… Tennis teacher

Technical details :

98 minutes
aspect ratio : 4:3


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