Now that the dust has settled, the Joker was good, but overrated, while he is just the fusion of a taxi driver, the king of comedy and a fighting club with a very good cinematography.

What worries me is that, apart from a few references to Batman myths, this is just a drama that Todd Phillips wanted to do and had to link to popular intellectual property to make it green. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with a real cartoon character, while I think he could have made it on his own without support, because it is a solid and well worked out drama.

But you already knew that.

It’s funny to think of the controversy of the time.

I remember when the first news came in: The scum of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) loved it because they thought it was nonsense about a character insulting a white hetero with mental problems.

But then, after the preview, shit hit the fan because he portrayed the character in a really fun way and at the same time didn’t justify his actions, just gave them a context.

These damn bastards have therefore tried to destroy him by trying to link him to the massacre of the Black Knights in 2012 and have claimed that the Joker is a manifesto that will provoke mass executions and violence across the country by threatening Angel.

COPY13⋆--FACT-COPY13⋆.jpg All this was initiated by a resistance fighter from the Austin Sheriff’s Department.

No matter what kind of people are stupid, and forget that the stupid man who killed those people only chose this movie because he wanted to aspire to a full house, and decided to do it this weekend, otherwise it could have happened a few weeks before the premiere of The Avengers.

But he had orange hair, and a stupid fucking cop started the rumor that the killer was based on the Joker, even though the character wasn’t in the movie, while his lawyer was quick to call the objection insane and draw attention to the case to make him self-portrait.—-FACT-⋆.jpg “Joker? I don’t know, I don’t play cards.

Anyway, you could practically see those pesky SJWs shaking hands and spitting on their jubilant keyboards as they dragged the media into a frenzy, hoping some damn fool would kill a bunch of people and bleed them to death like angry white men attacking the Second Amendment.

The irony is that shortly afterwards we had protests all over the world that resulted, who knows how many people were injured and/or killed with damage to property in the tens of millions of dollars because a damn pig killed a black man who caused a barrel of gunpowder with anti-authoritarian civil unrest all over the damn planet.⋆.jpg Но спасите корпорации!

The dissatisfaction fuelled by the government’s existing draconian measures to curb the global epidemic of the Crown virus, when in reality they saw it as an opportunity to seize power and oppress the people.

It is also interesting to note Hollywood’s reaction to the Joker and his vile hypocrisy in response to protests and calls from some celebrities to defuse the police.

At this year’s Oscars, the Joker would probably have won Best Picture and Best Director, but for some reason he decided to leave both to the Korean drama Parasite.

The film The Vermin is a very good film, but it has already won the award for Best Strange Language Film, so why push The Vermin to make the best film?—-FACT-⋆.jpg It’s vexing. I’m terribly upset.

I’ll tell you why

Both the joker and the parasite have to deal with class problems and imbalances between rich and poor. Today’s Oscars are about politics. Therefore, when a prize is awarded to the best film, it should be a political statement and not based on merit or quality.

Moonlight won because we were talking about a black gay.

The shape of the water won, because the 1950s film is about a degenerate who fucks a fish and whose two friends are a middle-aged white homosexual and a fat black woman.

Of course, the bad guy is a heterosexual white male, married with two children, a symbol of stability and upward mobility that foams the SJWs, because it is an insult like their debauchery and their desire to live like wild animals and their inability to build and maintain a civilization that works, like the hedonistic hippie bastards who live in a commune and are on the verge of starvation in Easy Rider.

The Parasite got the best film and the best director because his message was that the rich are not bad, just distant, cold and indifferent because they have their own problems to deal with, while the poor are bad because they intend to fuck the rich and each other.

COPY6⋆--FACT-COPY6⋆.jpg Mould completely useless.

The joker’s message is that the rich are bad and deserve to be killed because they are responsible for the collapse of society by defeating the poor. A symbol of this is the shooting of Arthur Fleck and the murder of three assholes who attack him, while Thomas Wayne is put in a negative light compared to the usual idea that he is a philanthropic saint.

But Hollywood didn’t want to cut its own throat, so it didn’t want to reward the Joker with the best picture, because all the Academy members are rich and didn’t want to paint targets on their backs in case, for example, a global pandemic spread around the world, resulting in massive unemployment and a global recession that would lead to civil unrest.


That’s why, right from the start of George Floyd’s riots, sham celebrities are justifiably hard to report, because they don’t want these people coming after them. At the same time, they have shown their disgusting hypocrisy and their distance from reality and supported calls for a police strike as a false sign of solidarity from the comfort of their multi-million dollar villas, which are surrounded 24 hours a day by armed security forces.

Anyway, Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar for Best Male Role in The Joker (and rightly so) because he was brilliant, but we must not forget his achievements, not that his character is or was more represented than the idea that Anthony Hopkins’ victory for The Silence of the Lambs was a way for the Academy to show its support for cannibals and serial killers … …was it?


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