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In this sequel to the classic Terminator cult, two warriors are once again sent from the future with opposite missions: one to destroy, the other to protect. Almost eleven years have passed since the events of the first film. John Connor is a young boy who is separated from his mother, Sarah Connor, because she is obsessed with the fact that at 29. August 1997, doomsday, threatens a future war on machines. However, when a new Terminator shows up to kill the future leader of the human resistance, John must find his mother and protector to not only save John, but also prevent Judgment Day from happening.

Terminator 2: Summary of the Day of Judgment Film

Below is an overview of the spoilers.

In 1995, a Terminator Model 101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is published on a time portal in Los Angeles. The 101 immediately heads to a nearby bike bar, where he meets some hard-looking characters and takes their clothes, weapons, motorcycle and sunglasses. Elsewhere in Los Angeles, another man (Robert Patrick) emerges from a time portal. He attacked a uniformed police officer who was investigating and appeared to take his uniform, his gun and his patrol car. A mysterious silent man uses the onboard computer in the patrol car to find John Connor (Edward Furlong) and get his address from his adoptive parents (Janette Goldstein and Xander Berkley).

Then we see John Connor living his life with his adoptive parents. His mother, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), was admitted to a mental institution after trying to blow up a technology company. Sarah instilled in John the belief that he would lead the future resistance to machine warfare. However, John now believes his mother is crazy, full of illusions about the Terminator. Meanwhile at the mental hospital, Sarah tries to convince Dr. Silberman (Earl Bohen) to transfer her to a less secure hospital so she can see John. Dr. Silberman doesn’t fall for Sarah’s cunning, however, and knows that she firmly believes that Judgment Day, the day when the machines will start a war against the humans, is always the 29th. August 1997 will take place.

A mysterious man contacts John’s adoptive parents and eventually finds him in a nearby mall. The 101 also follows John to the mall. John sees that a mysterious man in police uniform is looking for him and tries to escape through the alleys behind the shops. John meets the 101, pulls a gun. John then walks away and returns to the mysterious man. The mysterious man draws his gun and points it at John. The 101 tells John to go down and shoot the mysterious man with the gun.

The mystery man and the 101 begin to collide, the mystery man taking on the great Terminator. John seizes the opportunity and tries to escape on his motorcycle. He is pursued by a mysterious man in a trailer and eventually by the 101 on a motorcycle. A mysterious man tries to take John down in the Los Angeles drainageways. 101 saves John and blows up a semi, presumably killing the mystery man. But almost immediately after 101st and John leave, a figure of liquid metal emerges from the burning wreckage of the semi.

101 and John go through Los Angeles. 101 explains that the mysterious man is a T-1000, an advanced liquid metal Terminator prototype sent back to kill John. The T-1000 can take the shape of anything it tries, as long as it is of similar size. The 101st informs John that he has been sent back with his future self to protect John and that he must follow John’s orders. John orders the 101 to help him save his mother in a mental institution, as the 101 predicts that she will be the next likely target of the T-1000.

At the psychiatric hospital, Sarah is about to be released when she tries to escape by force. She meets the 101st and John, who came to her rescue, and runs away in a panic. John explains that the 101 is there to help, and the trio escaped from the hospital in a police car, chased by the T-1000. They escape the forward terminator and head south to Mexico. During this trip, 101 informs John and Sarah about the history of Skynet, including the man directly responsible for creating Skynet, Miles Bennett Dyson (Joe Morton). For ten years, Dyson has been investigating the remains of the former Terminator, who crushed Sarah in the mechanical press of the first film. Mr. Dyson’s research led to plans for a new microprocessor that would become the basis of Skynet in the future.

In the desert, Sarah collects weapons from her friend Enrique (Castulo Guerra) and plans to flee to Mexico with John. However, she has nightmares about Doomsday and decides to go on a solo mission to kill Dyson and prevent the future. She left John and the 101 behind. John is concerned that his mother has evolved into what she fears most, the Terminator. You follow her all the way to Los Angeles to stop her.

In Los Angeles, Sarah shoots Dyson in his home with his family, but fails to kill him and regains his humanity at the last minute. John and the 101 arrive and explain to Dyson the role he will play in the future. Dyson is convinced by 101st and agrees to help the trio fight for the future. Dyson, Sarah, John and the 101 head to the Cyberdyne research building to destroy Dyson’s research, the 101’s old arm and the damaged microchip. They planted explosives to destroy the lab. However, the police were alerted and surrounded the building. The police accidentally injured Dyson, who sacrificed himself to allow Sarah, John and the 101 to escape. The T-1000 arrives just as Dyson is detonating the explosives.

Sarah, John and the 101 fled in a police car. You’re being chased by a T-1000 in a police helicopter. Finally, the T-1000 takes the turn at the steel mill. The T-1000 and 101 attack, but the more advanced model inflicts heavy damage and eliminates the 101. The T-1000 is looking for Sarah and John at the mill. The T-1000 finds Sarah and stabs her in the shoulder with one of his knives, telling her to call John. 101 recovers with an alternative power source and saves Sarah from death. Once again, the T-1000 beats the old model. John hides in the mill and emerges when he hears his mother calling for help. He finds her, but is shocked to see another picture of his mother right behind her.

Sarah fires a gun at the car, which she mimics several times, and Shoot 101 hits an explosive grenade, driving the car into molten metal. The T-1000 has been destroyed. When John and Sarah express their relief that it’s over, 101 says it’s not over until it’s also destroyed. In 101, Sarah also lowered it into the molten metal, despite John’s instructions that 101 is not self-destructing. With 101 destroyed, Sarah and John now seem to have avoided an uncertain future with Judgment Day.

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