After a long hiatus, the drama returns with a bang. The cast and crew have been busy preparing for the release of episode 62, which will be airing on October 15th.

The best kdrama of all time is a popular South Korean drama that has been on the air for over 10 years. It is about an aspiring actress, who wants to become a star and then falls in love with her best friend’s husband.

This Korean drama series is fantastic. Although the program has only been on the air for a short period, it has already established its mission. It had an elaborately sculpted narrative that wowed the audience. The audience is not need to be of a certain age to see this program. It’s one of those programs that appeals to people of all ages because it always leaves them wanting more.

What Do We Know So Far About the Series?

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Kim is a little girl who stars in this program. She was saddled with obligations placed upon her by her mother’s behavior from a young age. Her mother abandoned her father, Kim, and brother in order to pursue the prosperity and lavish lifestyle she had desired all along.

And she didn’t give a damn about what would happen to her children or how easy it would be for them to survive. Her mother had been in love long before she met Kim’s father, and now, with the birth of these two children, she recognizes the need of working on her past in order to create a prosperous future.

Kim’s father is approaching death, and she is left to manage everything on her own. But she needs to know why her mother acted the way she did. So she’s prepared to go deep to find the source of the problem. She wants to know everything that can be used to prove why her mother made such a drastic action and left two children behind. Will she be able to complete the goal she has set for herself?

The ambiguous title “Red Shoes”?

The show’s heroine is urged to leave her husband’s home and move someplace else. However, he had given her a pair of red shoes when she was living with him. She returns home wearing the same shoes as before. Her homecoming has prompted her to put it back on in order to impress the guy.

She left some accessories for her daughter, and among the items left behind are those unique and gorgeous pair of shoes, the well-known red shoe. This red shoe was something the mother desired, and now that she has given it to her daughter, it has become a curse.

Season 62, Episode 62

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This lovely couple, Kim and Yoon, have broken up, and the sight is heartbreaking. Now we need to know whether there is a possibility for the two to live together despite all of the events. Will Kim be so unhappy as a result of the previous events that she becomes a homicidal woman?

This episode may provide some information on Kim’s father’s killer. Will the law enable them to flee or will justice be served to the deceased soul? The program has already taken several twists and turns, but with each one, Kim’s ideas, goals, and abilities have improved.

This episode’s premiere date has been set.

Every Friday marks the publication of a new episode, and this Friday, October 15, marks the release of all 62 episodes of the program, and we’re far too eager to see where it goes.

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