Law and Order : Spoilers for Organized Crime reveal that once again production of a TV series has been halted due to Covid’s positive test, this time filming a new Law & Order series: Organized crime.

Law and Order: Organized crime spoilers – it is not known how many episodes have been recorded

It is unknown how many episodes have been recorded and how this interruption to the production schedule will affect the series. The showrunners have not released any information about who specifically tested positive for Covid-19, and no information has been released other than that anyone from the cast or crew tested positive for Covid. In accordance with industry protocols, national and regional safety guidelines and the NBCU Production Playbook, which are essentially NBC-Universal’s rules for safe production and filming, filming was suspended.

Those who have been in close contact with the positive test subject have been asked to isolate and quarantine themselves, and contact tracing has begun, NBC sources said. It is not known how long the shutdown will last, although the series is not subject to California regulations because it is shot in New York. The show also briefly suspended production after another positive Covid 19 test in February, so it could be a short one.

Temporary interruptions to production were a necessary part of film operations during the pandemic. In the past year, all Hollywood studios have adopted strict protocols and procedures that have proven effective, and New York production facilities have likely aligned their policies with theirs. The cancellations will not affect the premiere of the new spin-off, which will still air on January 1. April at 10:00 p.m. As is common during a pandemic, the first season may be short due to production losses.

Law and Order: Organized Crime Spoiler – The Show Will Go On

According to IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, thirteen episodes are planned for the new series so far, but it is unknown if thirteen episodes have already been filmed. The first two are titled What Happens in Puglia, which will premiere and air on April 1, and the second is titled Not Your Father’s Organized Crime and will air on April 8. April has been released.

Organized Crime Spoiler: Elliot Stabler’s new team is open

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 24. March 2021

The remaining episodes and their summaries or descriptions are not yet complete. Dates for the remaining episodes have also not yet been set, so they may be missed, as the show is known for sports on primetime, holiday programs, etc. On the contrary: Law and Order: SVU also shows thirteen episodes in 2021, one of which was shot in 2022 for the next new season, with twenty-three seasons starting in January 2022, so both series may be shorter than the regular seasons, but that was normal for a series filmed from 2020. However, the 22nd season of The IED will end at the same time as Law and Order: Since the OC season will be the first, we can assume that production losses will not have a major impact on either program.

Stay tuned to Law & Order: Organized crime and the control of public order : OC spoilers often include the latest news, updates and events.

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