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I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I first heard the name Lia Nelson, but my doubts faded away as soon as I saw her short film “Flash”. She’s amazing. She has a very unique style in filmmaking and the finished product was a masterpiece. All that work on the storyboarding, the choreography, the editing…Yeah, she’s one of the best directors I’ve ever seen. The film is truly amazing, but I hope that she will continue to take inspiration from her short film and develop a full-length feature film.

Since 2004, Lia Nelson (Flash) has been working on the independent film and television production team Cinematicshadows in LA. With Cinematicshadows, Lia worked on over 20 projects including the short film “Back To The Future” (which won the Best Short Film award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival), the feature film “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (which won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography in 2012), and the television series “True Blood” (which won the Television Academy Award for Outstanding Casting for its 2011 season).

There’s one more major character I’ve missed in the past few episodes, and it’s a character we should see in season five of The Flash. In the episode Godspeed, we are introduced to Leah Nelson, Nora West-Allen’s best friend, who is a medical examiner with the Central City Police Department. As Catherine Gallagher, Leah joins Nora in an attempt to arrest the criminal Godspide, but she is tragically killed by the villain. Whether she will appear again remains to be seen, as that possible future has been erased from existence, but it would be great, because Leah Nelson is not just another CSI in the comics, but a full-fledged superheroine, and not just any superheroine: She’s the Flash. Let’s see.

Leah Nelson was a celebrity from birth, and rightfully so: Born on Earth-9, also known as the Tangent Universe, she was the daughter of Terrance Kelly, Agent Nightwing, who wasn’t quite able to keep up with superhuman wannabes like he was supposed to, and Celeste Nelson, a minor superhero. The two were chosen as the first astronauts for the mission to Jupiter, and Leah became the first human to be conceived and born in space: When Terrence unknowingly exposed the pregnant Celeste to a strange irradiated mineral, the child was radically mutated in the womb and became a being that was essentially solidified light. Since she was a child, she possessed incredible powers that she had not yet learned to control outside the earth’s atmosphere: She didn’t make her glorious debut on her planet until she was in complete control of herself, and by then she had already decided what she wanted to be: a superhero, the Flash of Earth-9. Known worldwide since her birth on the space station, Leah was one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, the most famous person on Earth, second only to Superman (who ruled the planet on Earth-9) and perhaps Atom, the world’s greatest superhero. Leah, growing up, survived her parents’ divorce well and took her mother’s last name; she took advantage of her celebrity and became an elite model, then even an actress, becoming more and more famous over time: Whatever she did, she was just brilliant (pun intended). In all the glitz and glamour, Leah also tried to do well as the Flash, but she kept wondering if she was more of a star or a heroine ….. Until she and Atom met on the beach and both examined the appearance of the washed up monkfish.

The presence of the mutants was a harbinger of something more ominous, the beginning of Doctor Aquadus’ plan to create a living ocean and destroy the moon in order to control the tides. To stop such an impossible threat, Flash teamed up with Atom, then Gunther Plastic Man Gantz, Taylor Spectre Pike, Manhunter and the anarchic Joker (whose identity was shared by Mary Marvel, Laurie Lemaris and Christy Xanadu). Together, the heroes stopped Aquadus and his many henchmen, including Eclipso, Damage, and Warlord: By the end of their adventure, Atom was so impressed that he offered to work together more regularly, and so in they formed the Secret Six, the world’s largest superhero team. This new alliance has its advantages: When Nightwing, her father’s organization, tried to capture Flash because they thought she was too dangerous, Plastic Man locked her in the wrong cage meant for various superpowers; not only did she break out easily, but she took down the entire base, saving Plastic Man. Everything changes dramatically when Superman unilaterally introduces the World Peace Decree, making him not only the president of the United States of America, but also the de facto dictator of the entire planet : The Secret Six gathered to fight him, but were defeated and forced to disband. For the next ten years, Flash managed to escape capture and hide for as long as he could, until the remaining members of the Secret Six decided they needed more firepower to fight Superman: With the survivors of the Night Force, Flash and the others have formed the Outsiders, ready to fight the regime again ….. But Flash and Atom encounter a dimensional rift on their first outing. Flash is on the New Earth, a parallel dimension with its own Flash…..

The weight of the world on her shoulders doesn’t take away from Leah Nelson, who is still the laid back, happy girl she’s always been. As the Flash, she is an incredibly powerful being, made of pure light, and her unique state gives her many gifts: She can fly at incredible speeds, even comparable to the speed of light; she can create solid energy structures or fire powerful energy blasts; she can create holograms or even change her appearance as she pleases; she is virtually invincible and immune to any kind of psychic attack. As one of the world’s greatest heroes, Flash uses his fame and influence to try and do good while having fun at the same time.


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The Flash is a superhero in the DC Universe, who is famous for his super fast speed. He was created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Joe Kubert in 1956, in a story titled “The Flash of Two Worlds”. The character was originally named Jay Garrick (a reference to the Jay Gatsby story “The Great Gatsby”) and debuted in All Star Comics #123. He is an alternate version of the third Flash, a character who debuted in 1940. In the Flash’s first story, Jay Garrick is referred to as “The original Flash”. Jay Garrick is introduced to readers as a college student who spends his time lecturing his peers on the history of the 21st century. He is dating a fellow. Read more about ramsey the flash and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lia die in the flash?


Who is Lia on the flash?

Lia is the daughter of the woman who was killed in the flash.

Who played Lia in the Flash Season 5?

Lia is played by actress Elizabeth Henstridge.

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