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London Town is a British teen movie from 2016. It also contains a subplot about Joe Strummer’s Clash.

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After all, the City of London is only a pedestrian zone if it seems professional without energy and urgency in the area. Those who have seen more than a handful of films will find this one boring, unless they are looking for something completely safe and familiar. Cleveland movie blog.

London City is not a Clash movie. The aim is to study the impact of the revolutionary group on people’s lives. It’s a good hypothesis, but Brown and Borte are just taking action. Strummer’s role in Shay’s story is to end well – any fictional musician could have done it, but not an immortal who bites sarcastic lines as biting as himself. And after all that, you don’t want to laugh at me? The Hollywood reporter

Led by Derrick Borth (The Joneses), London Town features clever camera angles and shots that reinforce the impression of claustrophobia and nervousness, as well as monotonous colours that embody the aesthetics of the late 1970s. The scene in which punk rock fans and political activists take control of the club is filmed by hand and effectively reflects the chaotic and busy atmosphere. Huffington Post.

More guardian angel than punk idol, this Strummer (the real one died in 2002) is a great fratricidal fantasy. Mr. Rhys Myers sings himself and convincingly imitates the intense stage presence of the legend. Yet the skinhead riots and striking workers of the time – and Strummer’s biting, pro-immigrant lyrics – are never more than window dressing in a film that sprinkles fairy dust instead of gravel. The New York Times

If the riot scenes become less urgent than getting the girl, you know the message is lost. Jonathan Rhys Meyers makes a good impression as Joe Strummer, but he lacks the charisma that made the front man such a legend. Without the urgency or the stabbing that the Clash itself embodies, London City has its charms, but it is undeniably a mainstream for a film about punk icons. Radio times

The City of London tries to do too much with its incredible premise, destroying any realism created by strong production design elements. Clearly the filmmakers are fans of punk music, but London Town’s screenplay sounds like the fantasy of a devotee who never grew up. News from the real cinema

The film is by Huttlestone, who bounces back and forth between a responsible young man, a tyrannised teenager and an anti-establishment rebel. Mrs. Williams is charming in her role, and JRM brings the necessary stamina to Strummer. Director Borte has a very good eye for the sets, but he was probably too stingy with the Clash tunes. The timing of the film is a bit unfortunate, as it comes out in the same year as the similar but excellent Sing Street. Car accident on the red carpet

Although the story follows an all too familiar path and the filmmakers make a few cartoon mistakes (including a moment of silence about Shay’s inspiration for the title London Calling), London City is ultimately a winning and sensitively articulated reminder of a time when music served as an important bulwark against an increasingly reactionary culture. Fags

Some people are burning and the City of London wants it to be brighter than it should be. By investigating the problems of London and seeing how The Clash fits into this context, the film wraps everything in an orderly arc. Yet the city of London is rich in fantastic and well-intentioned sets, a light cast anchored by a magnetic image of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, supported by Joe Strummer. The culture of the spectrum

Unnecessary – or at least minimize – is the presence of Joe Strummer, singer of The Clash. He was played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who makes a noisy and angry impression; the real Strummer would have been shocked by this polished version, which is about as mainstream as it gets. He meets Shay after a taxidrama, and in this fantasy they become very unlikely friends, leading to a shocking and unconvincing ending. Coming soon

…One cannot help but notice the contagious rhythms, from the fleeting darkness of drugs to the absence of tangible danger, as bands of Front National skinheads begin to undermine the scene. The story of The Clash is fascinating, and treating a child inspired by the punk scene, but no part of it has great potential. But the city of London never burns hot enough. Variety

The film London City, now entering the scene, contains a rollercoaster of emotions between urban filth (punks rebelling against skins and rubbish in the streets) and bizarre comedy (Daniel Huttlestone’s young character drives his father’s taxi, disguised as a woman to hide his age). But despite all the flaws, the softness underlying the film makes it unpleasant. What’s on TV?

The actors and characters:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers… Joe Strummer
Daniel Huttlestone… Shay Baker
Dougray Scott… Nick Baker
Natasha McElhone… Sandrine
Tom Hughes… Johnny
Nell Williams… Vivian Daniels
Anya McKenna…Bruce… Alice Baker
Kerry Howard… Penelope
Yasmin Akram… Nurse
Jack Morris… White boy
Samuel Robertson… Tommy Gun
Jeff Leach… Ronnie
Ifean Hugh Dafydd… Al
Samuel Fava… Jack
Alex Marks… Dr.
Dallas Campbell… Mr. Daniels
Meredith Ostrom… Rebecca
Alex Gold… Topper Haydon
Ray Gunge… Rowdy (Ray Gange starred in the 1980 film Rude Boy, which Clash rejected).

Technical details :

Ninety-two minutes.

Nice facts:

Although the Buzzcocks would support The Clash at a concert in 1978, they didn’t do so until 1976. In May 1978, The Buzzcocks were a well-known band in their own right, with more hit singles than The Clash. Their song Something Goes Wrong Again, which appears in the film, is the B-side of Harmony in My Head, released on the 13th. July 1979 was published, much later than a year later.

The Damned didn’t play at the 1978 Rock Against Racism festival in Victoria Park, which is featured in the film, although their name was checked out.



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