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After spending the last Christmas alone, Kevin McCallister was separated from his family shortly before Christmas. This time Kevin gets on the wrong plane and ends up in New York while the rest of his family flies to Miami for Christmas. Kevin enjoys the sights and sounds of the Big Apple festivities. But when wet crooks escape from prison and try to rob a local toy store in New York City, Kevin realizes it’s going to be another Christmas in the trenches. Don’t be afraid!

House 1 2 : Lost in New York Film Letter

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Lost in New York (1992) Christmas again, and the McCallister family is preparing for another family vacation outside of town This time they go to Miami. Before leaving, the family members meet again at Peter (John Heard) and Kate (Katherine O’Hara)’s home. Kevin (Macaulay Calkin) complains that Florida is in total conflict with Christmas because of the lack of time and Christmas trees. The day before the trip, McCallister’s children take part in a school competition and Kevin’s older brother Buzz (Devin Ratray) fools him and embarrasses the audience. Kevin reacts by pressing Buzz and destroys the whole scene. When Buzz comes home, he pretends to apologize, but Kevin refuses to apologize. Peter and Kate are taking Kevin back to the attic. Kevin told everyone he wants to go on vacation without his family.

The next morning the whole family fell asleep again and had to hurry to O’Hare airport. At the airport Kevin loses sight of his family when they all run to the gate. He accidentally follows another man in a coat that resembles Peter’s and gets on a plane to New York. Once in New York, Kevin decides to explore the city and visit the many sights around the Big Apple. He meets a homeless woman (Brenda Freeker) who is surrounded by pigeons that frighten him. Kevin goes to the Plaza Hotel with his father’s tape recorder and credit card to pick up his beautiful suit.

Meanwhile Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) escape from prison and go to New York. These two clumsy thieves make plans to increase their wealth and turn to a busy toy store called Duncan’s Toy Chest. They plan to hide in the store before they close on Christmas Eve and then they rob the store with all the money before they can drop it off on Boxing Day. Besides, Kevin goes through the same store on Christmas Day. Kevin himself meets Mr. Duncan (Eddie Bracken), who tells him that on Christmas Eve he will donate the sale of the shop to the children’s hospital. Kevin donates to the store, and Mr. Duncan gives Kevin ceramic turtles. Mr. Duncan tells Kevin to give one of the pigeons to another as a symbol of eternal friendship.

Harry saw Kevin coming out of the store and ran into him on the street. Kevin escapes the clutches of the thieves and runs back to the Plaza Hotel. There Kevin meets the caretaker (Tim Curry) and the bell (Rob Schneider), who tell him that his father’s credit card has been stolen. Kevin manages to outsmart the hotel staff and escape through the back door. Once there, he is captured by Harry and Marva, who are waiting for him. Two thieves bragging about their plan to kill Kevin and rob a toy store. Kevin manages to escape again and goes to his uncle’s mansion in New York City without knowing that his uncle has left the city and that the building is being renovated.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s family learns that Kevin is not with them, again when they come to Miami where it rains all the time. They traced Peter’s credit card to New York before they canceled him. The family flies immediately to New York to find Kevin.

Back in New York, Kevin sets his usual pitfalls in his uncle’s empty mansion and then befriends Pigeon Lady in the park. The Pigeon Lady takes Kevin to Carnegie Hall to listen to Christmas music, and she explains how his life fell apart after he was abandoned by his lover. Kevin urges her to trust people again and promises to be her friend no matter what. Then Kevin carries out his plan to stop Harry and Marv from robbing the shop. He goes back to the front of the shop, throws a stone in the window and raises the alarm when Harry and Marv break into the cash register.

Harry and Marv are going after Kevin on the streets of New York. Kevin takes her back to her uncle’s mansion, where he torments her again with his bobby traps. Kevin calls the police and brings the crooks back to Central Park. Yet Kevin slipped on the ice and fell and hit his head. Harry and Marv will catch him and prepare to torture him as soon as the Pigeon Lady appears and saves Kevin and all his birds. Kevin lights fireworks to warn the police and then goes to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree.

Back at the toy store, Mr Duncan receives a note from Kevin explaining the theft and apologizing for breaking the window. Meanwhile, Kate wanders the streets of New York City in search of her son when he realizes that Kevin loves Christmas trees and goes to Rockefeller Center. Once there, he and Kevin were reunited and forgave each other for their transgressions. Kate takes Kevin to the Plaza Hotel where the rest of the family is waiting for him.

The next day, Christmas Day, the McCallister family wakes up and finds a hotel room full of gifts, all thanks to Mr. Duncan. Kevin reconciles with the rest of the family and then escapes to the Pigeon Lady in Central Park. Kevin gives her a half-turtle as a gift, strengthening their eternal friendship.

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