Louise Jepperd is an American model-turned-actress who started her career in modeling, before making her film debut in Steven Spielberg’s The Sugarland Express in 1989. Since then, she has gone on to act in over 30 feature films and television shows, including the cult classic horror films Fright Night and Urban Legend. Her most recent role is in the upcoming film Top Five, which also stars Chris Rock and Gabrielle Union.

Louise Jepperd (1917 – 1986) was an American actress best known for playing the lead role in the movie, A Summer Place. She was an accomplished stage actress as well as a Broadway musical performer and even toured with the Broadway musical, 42nd Street. In the movies, she played supporting roles in films like The Rainmaker and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Louise Jepperd’s last screen role was a small recurring role as the wife of fellow actor, Barry Sullivan in the television series The Trouble with Girls.

Louise Jepperd (born February 18, 1980) is an American actress and model, known for her role as the voice of the young Princess Leia in the Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983) and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) film trilogies.

Go to the final episode of Sweet Tooth to meet the last two characters of the comic. In Big Man, a long flashback takes us back to the beginning of Sick, and we see Tommy Japperd rushing to the hospital to help his pregnant wife Louise bring their baby into the world. The wife, played by Lucian Buchanan, disappears while Jepperd finds the courage to accept her new hybrid child, and her husband thinks she’s dead, but the way the series is going, it’s more than likely that she’ll appear alive and well next season. In the comics, Louise (not Louise) hasn’t even had the chance to give birth in a normal hospital, let alone experience it. Let’s take a look together.

Little is known about Louise’s young life, not even her maiden name. She was born in New York and worked in the arts, but how she ended up marrying Tommy Japperd, a left tackle for the Minnesota Wildcats, remains a mystery. An artistic city girl like her and a tough hockey player like him shouldn’t have much in common, yet they were a good pair, always loving, always together. But one night, everything changed forever: Tommy plays a game and Louise watches television, but for her there are only images of death and illness. A deadly new virus is starting to spread across the country, and everything she hears on the news makes her more and more afraid. When her husband returned, he tried to comfort her, but it turned out that she was tragically right about being scared: Within weeks, the so-called disease had wiped out thousands, and those who remained were alone, ignorant, confused. Louise wanted to stay in her isolated home, but Japperd urged them to move because it would be easier to learn the cure or find help if they were surrounded by people. Louise agreed to follow his example, and they joined a larger group….. but it turned out not to be the best idea, starting with the people who were starting to get sick. To avoid the risk, Louise and Tommy separated from the large group and started to travel around on their own: It was a difficult and dangerous life… and soon it would be even more difficult. Louise was pregnant.

From the night Louise confided in her husband that she was expecting a child, he became obsessed with protecting her, and did so in a rather ferocious manner, constantly deflecting any threat….. until one day the threat won out. On the way they were stopped by a group of cultists: They were religious fanatics who believed that eating hybrids would make them immune to the plague, and they were certain that the child Louise carried in her womb would be a hybrid like all the others born after the plague. Japperd intervened to protect his wife , and was able to kill some of the cultists, but there were too many of them ….. and Captain Abbott and his militia arrived just in time to save the day. Abbot shot the cultists and offered the couple shelter in his base, the sanctuary, assuring them that they even had medical equipment so Louise could give birth safely. Tommy doesn’t trust her and wants to turn down the offer, but Louise is tired and wants to protect her unborn child: She convinced her husband to accept the offer. When they arrived at the reservation, it was clear that Japperd’s instincts were correct: The militia was similar to the cultists, with the only exception that they wanted to experiment on the hybrids to find a cure for the sick. While Tommy was locked up in a prison of sorts, Louise was taken to a medical facility and chained to a hospital bed, where she was cared for in the last days of her pregnancy by Dr. Singh who, however, showed no interest in the mothers in his ward, but only wanted new specimens for his experiments. Louise gave birth to a son alone, and it is indeed Hybrid who will be known as Buddy : She died before she could mention him. His body was then taken by Abbott, who made a deal with Japperd: He would give her his wife’s remains in exchange for a hybrid child for Singh’s experiments. Not exactly the legacy Louise would have wanted.

Louise Japperd is a kind and loving woman who is suddenly thrown into a life of fear, uncertainty and violence, a nightmare to which she cannot belong. The only thing that gives Louise hope against hope is her husband, the only man she feels safe with even in the middle of the apocalypse, the one she trusts when he promises them and their unborn child a future.


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