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Mary Tucker is a poor peasant girl who is with Timothy Osborne just at the beginning of World War I. Tim joins the army, and on the European battlefield the wagon breaks his legs. Once back home, Maria comes to visit and, although they have fallen in love, Tim’s handicap prevents him from talking to her about his true feelings. It gets complicated when old Tim’s Sergeant Martin Renn loves Mary too.

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Lucky Star (1929) Lucky Star tells the sweet and simple story of a couple after the First World War. Mary’s a dirty, dirty older daughter in a dirty, dirty family. Tim is an American benefactor defending Mary’s honour in a fight with his lazy and angry colleague Renee. Mary claims that Renn didn’t pay for the milk she gave her – she’s both a filthy and a dirty liar. Suddenly, the news… The war has been declared! Tim and Wrenn join the army, but not before Tim finds the quarters for which Wrenn paid Mary: buried and then exposed in the mud under Mary’s shoe. Tim licks Mary well, Mary bites Tim on the thigh, and two parties lose their respective wounds.

Mary writes to Tim and Renn, hoping they won’t be affected too much and promising to knit their socks. At the front, Rennes continues his dirty tricks. In his desire to go to town with French whores, Wrenn forces Tim to deliver food to the men in the trenches, giving him the useless cart and taking the cart for himself. Tim bravely goes to the battlefield to free him. When the car is hit, Tim’s feet are crushed under the car.

Back in the desert Maria sees Tim’s fireplace and discovers that the man who hit her is back. Although their little quarrel took place three years ago, Mary Tim’s face is thrown out of the window and a stone is immediately thrown at her.

Tim was so lonely, he begged Mary Homicide to come to the door. She doesn’t want to see Tim in a wheelchair. Mary doesn’t hate his limitations, she’s happy to see Tim spinning in his chair in a dream. Tim is glad Mary doesn’t feel sorry for him, and after a day together they soon start falling in love.

Unfortunately for them, Renn also came to town! Rumours circulate in the street that Renn has endangered the daughter of a local widow whom he will never marry.

Tim cleans Mary and introduces her to soap and eggs. Shortly after Mary stole the money from her mother to finish the picture with a beautiful dress she wants to wear for the local fire dance. Good boy Tim is a nice mentor for what she stole from his mother, but the two of them can’t be angry about the chemistry between them.

Renn spies on Mary at the ball and goes straight to that widow’s daughter. Two people dance and talk, and Renn tells false stories about his heroism. It doesn’t impress Maria, but with her mother it works like a miracle! The cruel mother Mary immediately supported the persecution of Rennes and mocked the achievements of Tim, the cripple.

While Maria and Tim fall in love, Renn convinces Maria to take the train to the wedding location, where the general himself will be present! Tim is planning to visit his mother and take care of his own business, but the blizzard is getting in his way! Because he can’t push his wheelchair in the snow, Tim doesn’t come, and Renn comes to take Mary to her wedding.

Then, in an incredible triumph of the mind, Tim manages to balance himself on his crutches! He crashes into Maria’s house in the blizzard – only to discover that she’s at the station with Renee! Tim is staying at the station where Renn and Mary are ready to set up the train. Tim and Renn are at war, and the rest of the townspeople help Renn on the departing train.

Mary cries at the sight of Tim, who stands proudly before her. Two people stand on the rails and hug each other in the falling snow.

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