–-Whos-Who.jpg One of the most entertaining, if short-lived, villains in Punisher: War Zone is undoubtedly Maginty, the Parkour drug enthusiast portrayed by T.J. Storm. In the film, he is the leader of the Free Stream gang and, above all, an ally of Billy Russoti. Because of his ties to Jigsaw, he is intercepted by the Punisher, who kills two of his subordinates and shoots him in the knees. After the wounded Maginty tells him everything he wanted to know, the vigilante throws him off the roof, crashes into the fence below and lands on his face, nearly decapitating him. In the comics, he’s not just any thug, but one of the most important bosses in the history of “Irish Cuisine.” Let’s look at this together.

Magginty, real name unknown, was born on Earth-200111 in Dublin, Ireland, where he grew up as a street criminal. When he was young, he moved to New York City to expand his business and began working for Pops Nesbitt, the undisputed master of the Irish Hell’s Kitchen Mafia. Nesbitt was a racist old bag, and the entire time Maginty worked for him, he had to throw peanuts at him, was called Paddy the monkey, and other racist slurs. Eventually, Maginty broke away from his former boss and formed his own gang, made up–-Whos-Who.jpg entirely of African-American gangsters. Of all the Irish gangsters, Maginty had the most formidable reputation. He imposed himself on his territory with absolute brutality and a sharp mind, frightening his enemies not only by his efficiency but especially by his modus operandi, which usually consisted of scalping his victims with a machete. When Papa Nesbit finally died of old age, Maginty was one of only four Irish gang leaders who managed to age his gift with him, and apparently the old man rejoiced: after his death, Maginty received a letter from Nesbit with a partial set of coordinates. The letter stated that he had sent a similar envelope to the other leaders, Eamon and Polly of the River Rats, Tommy Toner of the Westies, and Finn Cooley, asking them to cooperate in collecting their share of the message and finding the location of his $10,000,000 bequest. Maginty, of course, had no intention of sharing: after all, he had suffered too long from the old man’s racist remarks, and it was only fair that he be the one to get his money. Of course, he needed the other coordinates for that, so he started his big plan with the kidnapping of Tommy Toner: not too difficult, because when they heard his name, the Westies fled in terror, leaving their boss unprotected.

While Toner was in prison, Magginty hired another unwitting accomplice, Napper French, a retired old gangster who was known for his ability to cut a body into such small pieces that it was never found. Maginty wanted French to slice up Toner while he was alive, but the old man didn’t want to give up his new normal … So Majinti threatened to kill her sweet 8-year-old grandson and immediately persuaded him to cooperate. When the French cut open pieces of Toner’s body, Maginty sent them to the Westies to scare them into giving him their share of coordinates. Out of sheer cruelty, Maginty took Napper’s grandson to his hideout, where he showed him what his dear old grandfather was up to: the kind of man who tortured his grandfather was more than–-Whos-Who.jpg enough to scar the boy for life and destroy any chance of returning to normalcy in France. After this “hilarious farce,” Maginty told the French to cut off Toner’s head and put an end to it. He then asked to meet with the new leader of the Westies, Brenda Toner, Tommy’s wife, the only one of his rivals who was not afraid of him. However, when he and his men arrived at the designated place, they learned that the Westies had been murdered by the overseer and his ally, Yorkie Mitchell: Maginty had a great opportunity to kill the avenger, but he squandered it by waiting for a good moment to take his scalp, causing the punisher to notice his presence and provoke another skirmish that cost the lives of all the men he had brought with him. He himself narrowly escaped death, and when he got home another surprise awaited him: the French Napper wanted revenge, knocked him unconscious and surprised him. When he woke up, the French Napper was performing magic on him, trying to get him out: luckily, Maginty’s men came to the rescue after his boss “only” lost all the fingers of his left hand. This near-death experience changed Maginty’s outlook, and he eventually agreed to work with the other bosses. After all, it was better to live and share the money than to die trying to keep it all for yourself.

Maginty is known as the leader of New York’s most feared and dangerous Irish mafia, and for good reason: he is violent, vicious and cunning, with a mind not unlike his remarkable muscles. Physically imposing, he is a skilled fighter in his own right, choosing to use his deadly machete more personally and spectacularly than the usual firearms. Magginty is a born killer and the strongest and most intelligent of Nesbit’s “heirs.” He is limited only by his crippling ambition, which often leads him to bite off more than he can chew.

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