As our priest in church said at the beginning of this whole COWID19 pandemic. He wasn’t wrong. This pandemic has changed lives and taken more lives. The debate on whether or not to disguise is raging because it is becoming increasingly difficult to get through COWID19 without problems. The arrival of a new vaccine may help, but for some it will be too late.

Many people feel immune to the virus. From the beginning until November. Of course, getting infected seemed like a risky proposition. But wake up on the third day of a four-day shift on the 2nd. November. That doesn’t seem to be true.

A body that looked like a Raggedy Ann-pop hit with an aluminum baseball bat and a fever. It wasn’t the beginning of a good day. After a boring breakfast the temperature was checked again.

He got up.

The need for this test was verified and a long journey to the office was made. After testing for flu (it was also the beginning of the flu season) and a new virus, only COVID19 came back positive. Being sent home and quarantined for 10 days seemed like a short and tedious distraction at the time, as this thing worked its way through the system.

However, it was not a 10-day window and the symptoms were bad. Shards of glass in all joints, muscles that feel crushed and bruised. A temperature that never dropped. Sleep 12 to 14 hours a day until the cough makes it impossible.

After a telephone consultation it was sent to the VA (Veteran’s Emergency Department). They were kind, helpful and patient. They also pushed it into my already irritated nostril and held it in place for 10 seconds.

Fists clenched and loosened so as not to hit the young woman who was operating the thing, it was unbearable. If you feel the blood flowing in the fresh form of an angry nose, it took too long to read it. Result?


(As with any subsequent action in the IL emergency service).

It was the first of three emergency visits, all by telephone. The diagnosis was the appearance of SARS pneumonia, which needs to be checked. Cough syrup and antibiotics were given against discharge when staff indicated that follow-up was needed.

He was closely monitored and the situation was not clarified as he had hoped. Why don’t you come back to the E.R. next Friday? Other drugs have been dispensed and another release has been signed. Then Thanksgiving and no real answer from the phone check until next week. He went to the emergency room again, this time for a swelling so severe that he could no longer wear his shoes.

In the course of the forties, getting out of bed turned out to be a struggle in itself. Walking was a dangerous ordeal and my legs, ankles and feet didn’t cooperate. I felt and looked like a drunk soul trying to get home from the pub, and it took me years before I began to waver a short distance in the kitchen for a bite. Then he went back to bed, full of exhaustion and a brain that refuses to do anything more than the bare minimum.

The total lack of energy combined with this cough and the fact that the Bobcats had to go to the toilet up to 10-12 times a day led to a miserable time. A mask was worn every time one left the quarantine zone, 10 X 12 pieces. So far, the only occupant of the house has not been infected. These damn masks seem to work. (To clarify, the bathroom and kitchen were no more than 10/15 meters from the quarantine room).

In total, a month and a half has passed since the diagnosis on the second day of November 2020. Three trips to the emergency room of the veteran hospital followed, and it took until the 11th. In December the symptoms started to improve. This persistent weakness seemed to have subsided only a few days ago.

Before grade 11, an extremely short-lived senior with severe arthritis was able to circulate with COVID19 due to a total lack of energy and concentration.

It’s simple.

Without sweating.

The lack of consciousness of the brain itself would be disturbing if it were recorded. It’s not that. A visit to the control room not only puts mentally handicapped drivers at risk, but also all other road users. Luckily nobody died and didn’t want to go through the thick metaphorical fog on the last ride.

Thank God it has not turned into a more serious matter, namely hospitalisation, intubation and/or death, which occur on a daily basis. However, there are long-standing problems for those who have quarantined for more than 10-21 days in anticipation of the virus.

It has been reported in the media that older patients who have been infected with the virus for a long time may have problems. The heart, lungs, kidneys and other problems will become visible long after the virus has disappeared.  In other words: This virus is a gift that continues to give.

During this study there was little or no treatment of the virus. The COVID19 drugs were not dispensed. A friend of mine brought in capsules similar to the medication given to POTUS. A handful of vitamins and supplements have been and are taken daily.

The hospital prescribed steroids and antibiotics for pneumonia. There’s nothing specified for the virus itself. Of course this is the VA, and they have a very strict process for what can and cannot be given to veterans in this country. It is therefore not surprising that, while the medical jury weighs up the benefits of these new experimental drugs, the VA did not exempt any of them.

While hospitals continue to fill themselves with new boxes, body bags are ordered and freezers for food storage to cope with the massive influx of deaths. This information in itself makes COWID19 a real achievement. The current controversy about wearing masks is possibly disappearing. However, some people feel that their freedom has been violated and continue to ignore the new laws.

Not to mention the members of a nation full of conspiracy theorists who firmly believe that the virus has been surpassed. There are people with clenched teeth and bulging jaw muscles who claim it is a media-influenced hoax. All this was meant to help the government take away our freedom. Time will tell if this is true or not. But for someone who has contracted the virus and endured the isolation with all the wonderful symptoms, it certainly looks and feels real enough.

Whether or not someone you know is a carrier of VIDOC19, take a moment to thank the professional who answered the first question and every member of the medical community. These overworked and besieged heroes have been working on this issue since the beginning of the year.  God bless them all.


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