After we heard everyone talking about daddy during the first season of Helstorm, we finally saw him at the end of the last episode of Hellstorm. In a portrait of Mitch Peleggy, he shows himself to the new guardian to claim custody of his daughter Lily’s reincarnation, demonstrating his power by killing a dozen people by a simple act of will. Defined by Basar as the strongest of our species (who himself is quite powerful), his father is actually Marduk Curios, an incredibly powerful demon who more than once claimed the title of Satan in the universe of miracles, and rightly so. Although Pileggy has a certain charm, the true form of Marduk is still unknown in comic books, as it has manifested itself over the years in various representations, including one more demonic and monstrous than the first. Let’s look at it together.

Marduk Kurios was one of the great masters of law, older than time itself. Although he claimed to be Lucifer, the original fallen angel, and defied God from his creation, this claim has proved false more than once, and it probably originated from the primitive energy left behind by God’s elders when they left this plane of existence. Somehow he has established himself as one of the great rulers of hell, constantly battling with the other - Eight-Face demonic lords for total control, and once he even attacked heaven in his quest for conquest. It was one of the many battles, one of which took place on Earth, that changed Morduk’s idea of these weak parasites, the humans: One of the ancient peoples, the Sumerians, witnessed one of his battles against another Lord of Hell and began to worship him as God. Fascinated by this turn of events, he noticed that the energy that people release along with their worship is a natural fuel for him, and he becomes stronger when he uses it. Although the Mesopotamian god of wisdom Marduk appropriated his first group of believers, Marduk Curios used the influence he had gained by conquering various kingdoms of hell to make himself known to mankind by winning the title of Satan, who belonged to the supreme Lord of Wisdom, and who even claimed to be Lucifer and tried to assert himself as the only true devil, who the religions of the world feared, to concentrate the powers of the faithful on themselves and to become more and more powerful from century to century. The plan worked even better than he thought, because not only was the majority of humanity afraid of him because he believed he was the source of all evil, but also because others still worshipped him and founded several satanic churches to honor him as their Master. He was particularly fascinated by the human family, the family of hell, who had passed on their satanic religion from father to son for generations. He loved her so much that in the 20th century, under this human pseudonym and with the complicity of the sects, he married Victoria Wingate to finally have a hybrid human demon, an heir who could accept his inheritance and help him in his reign.

Marduk had two children from Victoria: a boy named Damon and a girl named Satan. While Damon was too gentle to accept his dark legacy, Satan looked more like Daddy’s daughter and raised her as his true heiress. One day Victoria walked over the father and daughter as they performed a dark ritual and noticed her husband in his true form: She was driven to madness and Marduk finally decided to go back to hell with Satan. He returned - Die-Wie.jpg for his son a few years later when Daimon was 21 years old to give him eternal life and unimaginable strength at his side: The young man refuses his offer and even goes so far as to steal the Dutch trident from his reign and declare war on his own father and all his servants. In the end, Satan showed himself unworthy of her gifts, for she refused to kill one of his friends in his honor, so he drove her out of hell. His son’s declaration of war proved to be serious, and alone or in the company of the defenders he constantly tried to destroy his father; on the other hand, Marduk Curios constantly tried to corrupt Diamon’s soul and let him take his place in hell, so that the attempts of the Hell Storm were always part of Marduk’s plan to win his favor. But in the end Daimon recognized the real name of Malduk (he only knew him as Satan for many years), and by the power of that name he was able to truly mutilate him and drive him out of his kingdom by claiming the throne for himself. Weakened, Marduk decided to get rid of some of the most experienced magical users on earth in order to climb the stairs and be closer to the return of his throne: He manipulated Andrew Kale to free Adfira, a mighty demon who feeds on witches and wizards, and waited for the right moment. But Adfire was killed by Satan, in collaboration with Dr. Strange, Jennifer Cale and Topaz, so he managed to make an enemy of himself and his daughter. But his daughter always took care of him, and the nine souls she devoured sent him a tenth… …a form of grace that hurt Marduk more than his complete hostility. Of course it would take time, but he would take the throne from his treacherous children.

Marduk Kurios is a complex whole, a creature so old that it is contradictory in itself, but although some of his incarnations have been good, he is (rightly) known to be the embodiment of evil, cruelty, violence, sin, and sadism. As one of the most powerful masters of hell, if not the most powerful, and of Satan, a title conferred upon him by the absolute ruler of hell, Marduk possesses an unimaginable power, ranging from the absolute omnipotence he possesses to the enormous magical powers he deploys everywhere, including shape-shifting, teleportation, telepathy, mind control, hellfire control, clairvoyance, tremendous power, invulnerability, immortality, and much more. With the power of the souls he seduces and digests, and with the power of all the spirits and hearts he knows how to turn into evildoers, Marduk Curios rules hell with an iron hand. Hated by other demons, afraid and hated by men and angels, Marduk Curios exists to corrupt, destroy, conquer, bend his will: no power of hell could resist him, and earth and heaven – these are the next kingdoms that will eventually submit to his absolute rule.

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