It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when Margo, the daughter of a farm woman, grew up on a farm in the rural Oklahoma. Soon, her life would change forever when she would become a guest on a space station hosted by Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo. Margo was one of the most well-known characters in the Star Wars almanac because of her incredible talent for dancing.

Margo is a character. She is a woman. She is not a man. She is a beautiful woman. She is not a beautiful man. She is a beautiful woman. She is not a beautiful man. She is a beautiful woman. She is not a beautiful man. Look at the world through her eyes. Look at the world through her eyes, for she has one of those eyes that sees all.

Here as promised, the remaining character from Major Grom: Plague Doctor, recently released in the West as well. Next week I’m going to leave for my honeymoon, but I’ll be leaving several programmed profiles to keep you company, from this movie, from Black Widow, and from the tv shows coming out these days. For everything else, we’ll see again in August… but as for now, let’s meet the first character from the Russian superhero movie: Margo, the A.I. assistant of Sergei Razumovsky voiced by Alisa Preobrazhenskaya. In the film she appears as a floating head with white hair, but in the comics she’s quite different, albeit retaining the white color: she’s a raven, and not just any raven. Let’s see together.

Margo was born in Russia, an albino raven sent away by the other birds for her color. As a chick, she was found by Sergei Razumovsky (if he actually found her in the woods nearby his villa or rather bought her on the black market is unclear), who saw himself in her: just like her, he was different form all his peers, and stood out for his uniqueness. Already obsessed with the symbolism related to the raven, Razumovsky took Margo with him, and from that moment, she became his inseparable companion. As the young genius billionaire built his digital empire, and later built his Garden of Sinners to cleanse Russian society from the ones he deemed undesirable, Margo always stood on his shoulder, silently watching as her master became one of the wealthiest, and sickest, men in all Russia. Extremely intelligent, Margo was also trained to perform some specific tasks, and under Razumovsky’s orders she was capable of activating some switches in the high-tech villa, thus participating to her master’s hunting games, to an extent. Despite being so close to Razumovsky, however, she never followed him when he became the Plague Doctor, killing some of his former associates to hide his trails while pretending to be a justice-driven vigilante, as Razumovsky himself believed it to be too dangerous for his bird companion: she rather stayed in the villa, faithfully waiting for Sergei to return. When he indeed came back, he had been followed by his brand new enemy: Major Grom, from the St. Petersburg Police. It was Margo the one who located Grom inside the villa, warned Razumovsky and allowed him to catch the cop by surprise. She was also the one who awoke Grom some hours later, when a new hunt was ready to begin.

Margo acted like always: she turned on the lights, and while her master spoke, she mocked the prisoner, in this case even trying his hat on. The hunt, however, didn’t go as it usually did, and at the end of it Grom had defeated and arrested the Plague Doctor, who was sent to a psychiatric institution. One of Grom’s associates, Dima Dubin, took pity in the raven and took her in his house, but she wasn’t happy at all, and considered herself a prisoner. She did her best to make Dubin’s life miserable, breaking his phone whenever it rang or whenever a new email or text was received, destroying his pillows and bed, and even dropping the keys to form the words “Fuck you” on the floor… but despite these clear signs, Dubin kept the bird, and slowly but steadily earnt her trust. Eventually, Margo even grew fond of the gentle Dima… but he was but a temporary replacement, and in her own, bird-like way, she knew it perfectly. Eventually, some men, led by Oleg Volkov, broke into the cop’s apartment and severely beat him, and among the things they took there was also Margo. The raven was taken to Venice, Italy, where her master was already waiting for her: happy to finally reunite with Sergei, she sat on his right shoulder, on the place she had occupied since she was a chick, ready to accompany the Plague Doctor in one last deadly game. Razumovsky, however, wasn’t an ungrateful man, and albeit he was planning to kill everyone meaningful in Grom’s life, he ordered Volkov to spare Dima’s life: after all, the cop had taken care of his beloved raven while he was away, a kindness worthy of the man’s life. Everyone else, obviously, wasn’t safe at all, and Margo would have seen them burn before her pitch black eyes.

Margo is an extremely smart bird, a pet raven fiercely loyal to her master, Sergei Razumovsky. Trained to aid Razumovsky in his manhunts, she can activate different switches depending on the orders she receives, and she can apparently even write and read human language. Found as a hatchling and imprinted to the man who took her in, Margo will follow the Plague Doctor to Hell and back… and that is exactly what’s required from her.

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