The chess pieces move forward as the game prepares for a terrible and cruel final. But before that moment is reached, action has to be taken, because the characters will dominate each other and move forward. After all, it’s a question that has haunted everyone since the premiere of the first season: Who will lead Mirzapur.

Madhuri makes his own power play. Realizing that neither JP Yadav nor Tripaty cared enough about her father, she ran for KM. She is smart enough to understand that public sympathy will be with her after the tragedy, and she will look for ways to get Moonna on her side, because she has been given more power than the strongest tripata in the family. Akanda is angry and the bond that is just beginning to form between her father-in-law and daughter-in-law is now on shaky ground.

In the last episode, I told how Mirzapur turned his attention to politics while reversing the plan of revenge. This episode has finally convinced me that they are aware and that they are doing well. Golou admits this and reminds Gudda that until now they had only avenged the deaths of Babla and Sweetboy. Guddu assures that when the time is right, he won’t move an inch. It is a highlight for Ali Fazl, and as is often the case, he shows intensity and a thirst for revenge in the moon and convincingly carries with him the pain of losing his loved ones of season 1.

Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 9 Episode 3.

At the moment Robin’s boot seems a bit bigger, as he gradually reunites him with the new son of the Pandit family. With Bablu’s departure Ramacant sees a glimmer of hope in the fact that Robin will be the youngest member of the family. But he desperately wants his other son Gudda to be legally destroyed and forces Robin to gather evidence that Gudda might accuse, which he then shares with Maurien. Mauria doesn’t know much about his frustration at the loss of witnesses and criminals escaping justice, and he has other plans.

Munna is also involved in the murder and returns to his usual Season 1 when he starts destroying the evidence against him. The victim who finally fell is a fan of Imran Alam, better known to fans as Bhosdivale Chacha. He must commit the recent mistreatment of Moonna, who almost takes him in until his mother takes him in. Luckily he disappeared off the screen, so in the eyes of the fans he could never have died for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if this became another memorial party.

There are also many sexual relationships between the characters. When Moonna falls in love with Madhuri, Guddu falls in love with Shabnama and Gola, disillusioned by the loss of Guddu, Shatrugan Tagi’s goats make love to him. Even Bauji finds a new prey, hunts it down and locks it in the house… Maybe it’s a bit of a coincidence that all these sexual sequences end in the same episode, and I couldn’t help but point that out.

The tragedy of the episode lies in the fate of McBul’s mother and brother, McBul Babar, who were to be treated. As soon as Moonna finds out that Babar is still alive, all hell will break loose and you know she will lose control. For McBull, who so far has been proud of his loyalty to the Tripathians, Moonna cancelled the operation – the final turning point. At the funeral, you just know there’s something broken in McBull and he won’t pay the price of loyalty by sacrificing his family. As far as he knows, he’s done.

Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 9 Episode 2.

But it has the tragic connotation that the Tripats wanted none of this, but had to lie to protect their spoiled son Munnu, who just took matters into his own hands. Moonna acted according to her own whims and fantasies, and the old Tripats just covered it up. But at the same time they have lost respect in the eyes of McBull, who is now internally freed from the limits of loyalty and enters the house of Tripat with blood in his eyes. The next episode is the finals, it can’t be good.

Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 9 Review: 8 out of 10

Read here my report about the finals of the second season of Mirzapur

I’m going to go through the different episodes of the second season of Mirzapur. These ratings include spoilers up to the broadcast. Please read the following comments to find out what you think of these individual evaluations and let me know what you think.

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