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James P. Sully Sullivan and Michael Mike Wazowski are two monsters living in Monstropolis. You work for Monsters, Inc, a company that collects the cries of children to control their world. After Sally accidentally lets a human child into the monster world, he has to take him home so no one knows he was there. But when Mike and Sally stumble upon a sinister plot to kidnap young children in Monsters, Inc. they are forced not only to save the human child Boo, but also to protect all children in the human world.

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Monstropolis is a city in a world populated solely by monsters. The city is fueled by the screams of human children, raised by the monsters that visit it at night. At The Monster Factory, Inc. Various monsters act as bugs to scare children and collect their cries. They use doors that activate gates to the kindergarten closets. As much as children are afraid of monsters, monsters are afraid of children because they think they are poisonous.

Energy production at Monsters, Inc. decreases because children are less afraid of monsters. This is despite the fact that the record for the Cree collection is held by both James P. Sully Sullivan (John Goodman) and Randall Boggs (Steve Buscemi), the two oldest Cree bottom-feeders. The company’s president, Henry G. Waternose III (James Coburn), is determined to find a solution to the problem and has vowed not to let Monsters, Inc. be endangered.

Sally’s partner is Michael Mike Wazowski, whom he has known since college. One night, after work, Sally discovers that someone has left a working door on the anxious floor. While inspecting the door on the human side, he accidentally lets a little human girl into the factory. He tries to bring her back into the world, but the little girl keeps going back to her kitten. Randall comes down screaming and sends the door back into the factory vault. Sally can’t send her home and takes the girl out of the factory in a duffel bag. Sally meets Mike during a meeting with his secretary and friend Celia Mae (Jennifer Tilly). A child runs away in a restaurant causing a major panic. The restaurant was closed because the Child Detection Agency (CDA) was called in to clean up the restaurant. Mike and Sally ran out of the restaurant with the baby just before the CIA showed up.

The couple brings the baby, now named Boo (Mary Gibbs), back to Mike’s apartment. They soon discover that the baby is not poisonous and that his laughter produces a tremendous amount of energy. Mike wants to send her back to the human world, but Sally is attached to her. The next day, Mike and Sally took Boo back to the factory dressed as a monster baby. They try to send them home, but Randall, who was waiting for Boo in an ambush, accidentally kidnaps Mike. Randall attaches Mike to a curveball, a machine Randall developed to extract cries from abducted children.

Sully gets here before Randall can test the car on Mike. Sally distracts Randall and saves Mike from the experiment. Mike and Sally go to Waternose and tell him about Randall and his car. However, Waternoose reveals that he is in cahoots with Randall and forces Mike and Sally to go through an open portal to the Himalayas, keeping Boo with them. On the frozen tundra, Mike and Sally meet an ugly snowman (John Ratzenberger) who greets them and tells them about a nearby village. Sally realizes that he can use one of the closet doors in the village to get back to the scream factory. Mike refuses to follow Sally on her quest. Two friends who have grown apart.

Sally goes back to the scream factory and saves Boo from the curveball. However, he is attacked by Randall, who can become invisible. Sully loses the fight until Mike comes back and tries to make amends with Sully. He accidentally helps Sally defeat Randall. Mike and Sully grab Boo and escape to the vault where there are doors. Randall’s looking for them. Mike makes Boo laugh, causing all the vault doors to open at once. Mike, Sully, Boo and Randall bounce through the various vault doors. Randall tries to kill Sally, but Boo overcomes her fear of Randall and attacks her to defend her kitten. Sally and Mike capture Randall in the human world, where two residents of a A Bug’s Life trailer accidentally think he’s an alligator and hit him with a shovel.

Mike and Sally finally find Boo’s door, but Waternoose, accompanied by the ADC, slams the door anxiously against the ground. Mike distracts the ADC while Sally runs off with Boo and his door. De Waterlooper doesn’t fall into the trap and follows them to the model room. Once there, Mike records that Waternoose announces his plan to save the company by removing children from the human world. The ADC and its lead investigator Roz (Bob Peterson) appeared to overhear the entire conversation. The CDA arrests Waternose, who chides Sally for destroying the company. Roz, who worked undercover at Monsters, Inc. thanks Mike and Sally for their help with the Waternoose closure. Roz allows Sally to take Boo home, but Boo’s door is then shot to pieces to prevent the other monsters from contacting her.

Sally and Mike devise a plan to modify the company’s method of generating electricity to extinguish the children’s laughter, which is louder than their screams. While the energy crisis is being solved, Sally has been named the new CEO of Monsters, Inc. Mike’s comedic timing makes him one of the company’s greatest producers. One day Mike takes Sally aside and tells her that he has been at Boo’s door. He needs one last piece to work with, which Sally brought back as a souvenir. Sally puts the coin in the door and then opens it. Once inside, a child’s voice sounds strong and a big smile appears on Sally’s face.

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