Alfred Hitchcock is one of the best film directors in history. He’s well-known for his suspenseful movies that are often filled with twists and turns towards the end. This list gives you a brief description of some classic films by Alfred Hitchcock, as well as links to their Netflix pages if available!

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most famous directors in Hollywood, and his films have been popular for decades. This list includes some of his favourite films. Read more in detail here: hitchcock’s favourite films.

Movies by Alfred Hitchcock: Some Famous Movies List!

Movies by Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock has a number of well-known and intriguing films that you may like to view. He was a director renowned as the Master of Suspense because he directed several thrillers, romantic comedies, and other films that were famous at the time and are still watched by many people.

He died on April 29, 1980, after directing nearly 50 feature films. He began his career with the silent film The Pleasure Garden, released in 1925, which was his first silent picture in which no words were used to depict activities.

After that, he moved on to making thriller films, and he began to achieve success with his debut picture, The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog, in 1927, followed by Blackmail in 1929, The 39-Step Process in 1935, and the Lady Vanishes in 1938, all of which were popular thrillers at the time.

Now, let’s discuss about some of his best-known flicks, which are still popular today.

The Birds

Movies by Alfred Hitchcock

Many people still watch this film, which is based on a short tale by Daphne du Maurier. This Hitchcock picture is not very dramatic, but it is a good masterpiece and vital film for showing dread in a gradual manner. Hitchcock uses his talents and creativity to depict birds as baddies.

The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps is still considered Hitchcock’s finest, despite the fact that it was his second successful picture following The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog. The thriller film The 39 Steps was a smash in 1999 and was voted as the finest British film and in fourth place by the British Institute. The narrative is based on the 1915 adventure book.

Watch Unhinged, a thriller and action film directed by Derrick Borte, in which the main antagonist, Tom Cooper, is mentally unstable and seeks vengeance on his ex-wife and her partner, as well as other victims who cross his path. Read More: Russell Crowe Stars in Unhinged, a 2020 American Thriller Film!

In 1943, the film Shadow of a Doubt was released.

It is a suspense film and one of Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite suburban nightmare films. In Teresa Wright’s Charlie, a young lady learns that the serial murderer they’re looking for is her uncle.

In this picture, Joseph Cotten portrayed the best starring part of the villain and drew the audience in to see it again and again.

Strangers on a Train is a story about strangers who meet on a train.

Movies by Alfred Hitchcock

In real life, miscommunication leads to many incorrect deeds, and this film is no exception, leading to a tangle of murder and menace when it occurs between a teenage tennis player named Farley Granger and a psychopath. Strangers on the Train is based on Patricia Highsmith’s 1950 novel of the same name.

Because of its plot, this film earned mixed reviews from reviewers. The film is a dark comedy with strong aesthetics similar to those used by Alfred Hitchcock in Strangers.


Psycho was released in 1960, and this is where contemporary horror began. Psycho is a picture that generated a lot of money at the box office since it was a sound film that was shown in black and white and made the audience scream loudly in the theaters.

You may call this film the father of all films since it continues to be startling and has more twists and turns in the plot.

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Notorious was founded in 1946.


It is Alfred Hitchcock’s beautiful and loving picture from 1946, and it is still considered the finest masterpiece of all time.

Rebecca was born in the year 1940.

Movies by Alfred Hitchcock

Rebecca and Maxim are a married pair in this film, but she dies in an accident, and Maxim, a rich businessman, is thrown into turmoil as a result of her wife’s death. After that, he married another lady, and she discovers that Rebecca, Maxim’s first deceased wife, still owns a big portion of Manderley after her death, which surprises her.

It is a new Thriller and Black Comedy film from the year 2020 in which a greedy or shark-like lady, also known as a hustler, deceives people and takes over the possessions of elderly people in an easy manner by obtaining court approval under the guise of caring for the elderly. Continue reading: I’m a Big Fan of: A Black Comedy Thriller Film When Will It Be Released? | When Will It Be Released? | When Will It Be Release

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Alfred Hitchcock is an American filmmaker who has created some of the most famous movies in history. This list includes some of the best alfred hitchcock movies. Reference: 10 best alfred hitchcock movies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Alfred Hitchcocks best movie?

A: Dial M for Murder – Hitchcock

Which Hitchcock movie made the most money?

A: The most money made by a Hitchcock movie is generally considered to be the Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho. There are many other movies that have grossed more or less than this particular one, but it has been confirmed as being the most profitable of all his films released in North America during his lifetime.

Who was in the most Hitchcock movies?

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