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In a world that only David Lynch can bring to life, a handsome young actress named Betty goes to Hollywood to become a movie star. When she meets a beautiful naked woman in her aunt’s shower who doesn’t remember who she is and has a mysterious blue key, Betty is drawn into a fantastic but deadly world on the famous Hollywood Hills street known as Mulholland Drive.

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Mulholland Drive (2001) The film starts with a black-haired woman (Laura Elena Harring) driving a Cadillac on Mulholland Drive. Suddenly the driver stops and points his gun at a woman. A woman is saved when teenagers find their heads in a parked car. Female wounded, but still on her way to Los Angeles. She sneaks into the apartment of a woman she thinks is on vacation.

Later in the morning an aspiring actress named Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) arrives at the apartment. Betty tells the mysterious woman who takes the name Rita that her aunt’s apartment is, and that Betty is there to try her luck in Hollywood. Rita explains that after the accident she suffers from amnesia and doesn’t know who she is anymore. Betty suggests searching Rita’s wallet for clues to her identity, but all they find is a large sum of money and an unusual blue key.

At the same time a man (Patrick Fischler) in a nearby restaurant called Winkie’s tells another man (Michael Cook) about a nightmare in which he dreams of meeting a horrible figure in a restaurant. These two men decide to face the dreamer’s fear and let themselves be examined. They meet a horrible figure who beats the dreamer to the ground, probably dead.

In another location director Adam Kesher (Justin Teru) meets mobsters (Dan Hedaya and Angelo Badalamenti) who insist on finding an unknown actress named Camilla Rhodes (Melissa George) for a female role in Adam’s new film, History of the North Sylvia. Adam refuses and smashes the windshield of a gangster car after they threatened him. Adam comes home and finds his wife Lorraine (Laurie Hering) in bed with Gene, the pool man (Billy Ray Cyrus).

Adam destroys his wife’s jewels and then checks into an ordinary hotel in town. Gangsters have closed Adam’s bank accounts and arranged a meeting between Adam and the mysterious cowboy (Monty Montgomery) who urges Adam to leave Camilla to her fate. At the same time a murderer named Joe (Mark Pellegrino) tries to steal a book full of phone numbers and eventually he has to kill three people.

Meanwhile Betty and Rita try to find out more about Rita’s accident and go to the same wine filled restaurant. They are served by a waitress named Diana, so Rita remembers the name Diana Selwyn. You look up a name in the phone book and you call her, but she doesn’t answer the phone. They’ve decided to visit her apartment, but Betty has to go to her first audition. Betty is very good at auditions, then she is accompanied on the set of the story by Sylvia North. She is present when Adam decides to hire Camille to star in his film. Adam and Betty, for example, close their eyes, but Betty hurries away before we can introduce her.

Back in their aunt’s apartment, Betty and Rita go to Diana Selwyn. They find Diana’s apartment occupied by another woman who tells them that she and Diana have changed apartments. The girls go into Diana’s new apartment and come in when no one opens the door. They found the body of a woman lying in her bed dead for several days once they were inside. Betty and Rita walk out of the apartment and go back to Betty’s. Rita decides to change her appearance and starts wearing a light wig. Women go to bed and make love.

Early in the morning, Rita starts talking in her sleep and remains silent while shouting. Betty wakes them up and Rita insists they go to a theatre called the Silencio Club. Once there, the emigrant tells the audience of the show that it’s all an illusion and starts acting. Rebecca Del Rio enters the stage and starts singing an a cappella version of Roy Orbison’s Pleurer in Spanish, then collapses on stage as the singing continues.

Betty suddenly discovers that there is a blue box in her purse that matches the mysterious blue key from Rita’s purse in Betty’s apartment. You’re going back to the apartment to get the key. As soon as Rita gets the key, Betty will suddenly disappear. Rita opens the box herself, and the camera enlarges the black void that represents the inside of the mysterious box. Then the box falls to the ground and Betty and Rita are no longer visible. Aunt Betty walks into the room and looks around as if she is looking for something that may have caused the noise.

Then the cowboy opens the door to Diana Selwyn’s room and tells her it’s time to wake up. Diana Selwyn (Naomi Watts) gets out of bed and the audience sees Betty in the role of Diana. Diana is a struggling actress who falls into a deep depression because of an unfortunate affair with Hollywood star Camille Rhodes (Laura Elena Harring), who resembles Rita.

Camille now has a love affair with her director Adam. Camille invites Diana to a party at Adam’s on Mulholland Drive. Diana explains that she met Camille at an audition in Sylvia’s History of the North. During dinner, a mysterious woman like the previous Camilla Rhodes (Melissa George) approaches the new Camilla and shares with her a passionate kiss for all dinner guests, including Diana. Shortly after, Adam and Camille announce their engagement while Diana, devastated, cries softly for herself.

Some time later, the desperate Diana meets Vinky’s killer, Joe, and orders him to kill Camille. He tells her she’ll find the blue key when he’s done. A man who had a nightmare about that horrible figure is in the restaurant when Diana is there. The camera then goes to an alley behind a restaurant where we see a terrible figure with a mysterious blue house.

Shortly afterwards Diana wakes up and finds the blue key on her coffee table. Diana, confused and afraid of the hallucinations, runs to her room to escape. She pulls a gun out of the dresser and shoots herself in the head while falling on the bed in the same position as the body Rita and Betty found earlier. The camera then goes to the Theatre Club Silencio, where a mysterious blue-haired woman sits on a balcony and Silencio whispers before the screen turns black.

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