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Mill Valley Film Festival Review: Outdoor history, Fatherland, Jumbo, Contemporary sea, Public confidence, Flight of the century.

External History

*with the kind permission of Tribeca.

It certainly does not violate the boundaries of cinema, but the outdoor story is an irresistible attraction! The plot is a bit mundane, and the letter sometimes seems a bit out of place. However, it has both infinite usefulness and a soft, sweet tone that makes it a beautiful face. The ensemble, especially Henry, flourished and made his success possible. Sometimes it feels like being in the theatre, especially in a limited space, which gives it a unique and difficult to compare. In the world we live in, where this kind of interaction is minimal and has an optimistic charm, it is almost a fantasy! (Danielle Asbel)


Home page

*with kind permission of SHAFF.

Home is an exciting documentary film that explores the power of the human mind. The film was mainly shot by British athlete Sarah Waten and a small crew. He talks about his ambition to become the first person to cycle, row and have fun in the world. This intimate account of Outen’s four and a half year journey through the many ups and downs that have influenced him physically and mentally has turned out to be not only inspiring but also beautiful to see. In the end, despite its impressive size, the film created gaps due to its limitations, which gave him a sense of haste.



Fault! The file name is not specified. Jumbo by Zou0 Wittock, official selection for the World Theatre Competition at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020. Thanks to the Sundance Institute.rrAll photos are copyrighted and may only be used by the press for news or editorial reporting on Sundance Institute programs. Photographs must be accompanied by a note for the attention of the photographer and/or the Sundance Institute. Unauthorized use, modification, reproduction or sale of logos and/or photographs is strictly prohibited …create_timestamp:0,copyright:All photos are copyrighted and may only be used by the press for reports or articles about the Sundance Institute pro,focal_length:0,iso:0,shutter_speed:0,title:Jumbo – Still 4,orientation:0} data-image-title=Jumbo – Still 4 data-imagee-description= data-medium-file= data-large-file= content/uploads/2020/10/jumbo-sundance.jpg?fit=1100%2C619&ssl=1 download=lazy class=size-medium wp-image-151881 jetpack-lazy-image src= resize=640%2C360&ssl=1 alt=width=640 height=360 data-recalc-dims=1 data-lazy data-lazy-src=;ssl=1 />Sundance Institute Court.

Since the premiere of the film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, some people have given up the film Jumbo for the premiere, a film about a woman who falls in love with an attraction in an amusement park. Although the film doesn’t try to be more than the premiere, which may be stupid, it deserves a chance and succeeds in providing a few hours of entertainment. The film owes its exciting and often tragic portrayal of mental illness to the vulnerable presenter Noemie Merlante. Meanwhile, the film does its work flawlessly and draws the viewer into the world of its leader with impressive images.


Current Sea

* Thanks to Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

The Current of the Sea is a documentary film that resembles a thriller. The film follows the creation of a marine reserve to counter the increase in illegal fishing in Cambodia by Vietnam and other neighbouring countries. It was very interesting to see how the illegal fishermen took imaginary and sometimes dangerous measures to feed themselves and their families, while the other side fought against the fishermen at sea and the Cambodian government passed laws to protect the local marine flora and fauna and the livelihood of the Cambodian people. An important film for environmentalists all over the world.


Public trust

* Thanks to Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

At the moment it may not seem so, but America is a beautiful country, although some Americans may take it for granted. Public Trust is a documentary about the beauty of the country, especially its territory, and the powerful forces that are trying to get them into their power to plunder them and their innumerable resources out of greed. Despite the seemingly insurmountable difficulties faced by major industry inside and outside the country and the US government, there are still people and communities struggling to protect these lands and livelihoods from those who want to take them away.


The Flight of the Century

* Thanks to the Skopje Film Festival

Based on a true story, Theft of the Century is a comedy about a group of thieves who committed the most sophisticated robbery in Argentine history. In these films comes the pleasure of waiting for the action. While that was going on. That wasn’t the case at all before this happened. It’s a film about antics, and the film was a lot of fun thanks to the chemistry of the actors. With each increase there is a decrease, and the result may be too long a film, but that’s a small problem.


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