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J.J. is a former U.S. Special Forces soldier who joined the Central Intelligence Agency. After an initial failed mission, J.J. and his technical operator Bobby are assigned to a thankless surveillance mission. One of the targets of their mission, 9-year-old Sophie, discovers their surveillance and blackmails J.J. into helping her adjust to her new school. J.J. soon becomes involved in the lives of his targets. But when Sophie’s terrorist uncle comes to town, J.J. finds it harder to do his job when he’s worried about the people he’s watching.

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J.J. (Dave Bautista) is a former American Special Forces soldier recently recruited to work for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). On his first mission, J.J. blows his cover when he’s sent on an undercover mission to bring down the Russian mafia and a Middle Eastern terrorist named Hasan (Basel Dowd) when they try to illegally sell weapons-grade plutonium. But J.J.’s boss, David Kim (Ken Jeong), entrusts him and his technical operator Bobby (Kristen Schaal) with a new mission: guarding the extended family of Victor Marquez (Greg Byrk), a French arms dealer. Marquez has acquired plans to build a miniature nuclear bomb, which he plans to sell to Hassan. It is claimed that Marquez lost these plans to his brother David, who hid them before he was killed by Marquez. Kim suspects that the plans may belong to David’s widow, Kate (Parisa Fitz-Henley), and their 9-year-old daughter, Sophie (Chloe Coleman). Kate and Sophie left France for Chicago after David’s death.

J.J. and Bobby move into the same building as Kate and Sophie. They set up surveillance in the apartment, but Sophie soon found one of the hidden cameras. Sophie turns away from the signal and stumbles into J.J. and Bobby’s base of operations. Sophie blackmails J.J. into keeping her company while she tries to fit in with her new life and, more importantly, her new school. J.J. has no experience with children, but he quickly comes into contact with Sophie. Sophie introduces him to Kate and her neighbors Carlos (Dever Rogers) and Todd (Noah Danby) as other residents of the apartment complex. J.J. also teaches Sophie the basics of espionage. He and Kate are also increasingly attracted to each other.

Shortly thereafter, Kim learns that J.J. is personally involved in the subjects of his investigation and removes J.J. and Bobby from the mission. J.J. confesses his feelings for Kate, but also reveals his intentions. Kate feels insulted and betrayed by the fact that J.J. has brought her back into her late husband’s world. She tells JJ to stay away from her and Sophie. At the same time, Marquez finds out where Kate and Sophie are. He also learns that they are being watched by the CIA. Marquez acts against the guards and forces his lawyer Coll (Jean-Michel Nadeau) to reveal where David could have hidden the plans.

Marquez pretended to be dead, which prompted the CIA to weaken surveillance. He drives to Chicago and meets Kate, J.J. and Sophie at Kate’s apartment. He finds the blueprints, but Carlos and Todd break into the apartment and turn out to be independent gun dealers looking for blueprints. Bobby tries to help them, but their efforts lead to Marquez escaping with plans and taking Sophie hostage. J.J. and Kate chase Marquez through the Naperville airport. J.J. lands Marquez’s plane and fights a terrorist. Sophie tries to escape, but accidentally turns on the plane. The plane is suspended from some kind of fence that prevents it from crashing, and Sophie falls off the edge of the cliff.

Force Sophie, who was hiding the real plans, to surrender. Marquez prepares to shoot J.J. and Sophie, but Kate pushes him into the fence and J.J. pushes the plane off a cliff. The plane stops over the fence and Marquez goes over the edge and the bomber dies.

As a result of his actions, J.J. is reintegrated into the CIA and permanently transferred to Chicago, where he settles down with Kate and Sophie.

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