Let’s be realistic. The list of the 10 most popular (I dare say, most watched) Netflix films is not that impressive. Of course, I’m talking about the films shown in the second part. The most recent addition to this list is the Old Guard, which ranked 6th on the list.

And yes, it’s a decent movie (honestly, you can watch it), but that’s all. And when I look at the list of the most watched films, I can say the same about the other films. Yeah, I can even say the same thing about some Oscar movies, like Irish movies. If they are observed the most, it doesn’t mean they are a god, but I think it’s a subject for another position. The difference between good/up-market and popular.

And I’m the first to admit that I haven’t seen the ten films on that list, but I’ve seen most of them. Therefore, in order to achieve greater objectivity, I will partly steer the positive or negative acceptance of the films in question towards their rotten tomato/metacritical classification.

However, for the films I have seen, I bring my personal opinion.'s-Most-Popular-films-Are-Mediocre-At-Best.jpg

In light of that… Why are the latest Netflix films so mediocre at best and so terrible at worst?  Let me first say that only one of these ten films is a film with non-English parts. That’s right! And only two of these films (The Bird Box and The Old Guard) were directed by women.

But I regret to say that more than half of them react badly or frankly terribly to the consensus of their critics. Most are 60% taken over on rotten tomatoes and don’t do well on other websites that use algorithms.

By the way, do you have any idea which movie comes first? Extraction. I saw the extraction, and personally, I hated it. I hate the lens filters, I hate the plot and I hate the staging.  Why this movie? Okay, I realize that’s my subjective opinion, and I’m probably being too harsh. And you’re right about that. But even if I don’t hurry the movie, I still say it’s not good. That’s just not the case.

Has our collective good taste been destroyed by this pandemic? The coronavirus has dulled all our emotions? Including the good taste? Or is it the lack of other options?

Yes, I know most theatres are closed and streaming services are our only option, but come on! Of course Netflix can do better than The Wrong Missy. If you look at David Spade’s face on the poster, you’ll probably notice his deep, lifelong regret when you watch this film. Let me tell you something. Her face says it all.’s-Most-Popular-Movies-Are-Mediocre-At-Best-–.jpg

But don’t think the seemingly best movies (let’s call them that) are really good. That’s not true. They’re just better than the others, which sets the bar so low that it’s actually six feet lower, which is terrible. And it’s a bunch of savages in the director’s office. There’s Oscar-winning Martin Scorsese, the famous Susanne Bear, Peter Berg and, my God, there’s Michael Bay.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That explains this medocracy perfectly. And to be honest, I tried to see Six Underground a few months ago. The emphasis is on testing. Half an hour later I had a bad headache and I quit the movie.

What’s going on here? This list of the most watched movies (and therefore the best movies) on Netflix is terrible. It’s not even halfway decent. What happened to the quality? Is this just a part of our distant memory or is there hope that we can really see a great film that is (dare I say) worthy? I hope so. We’re halfway through his awful year, so there’s hope. Even though my hopes are now exhausted.

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