Beautiful new projects opened on Disney Investor Day


Today Disney is holding its Investor Day, where the company is developing a plan for an entertainment game for the coming years. Marvel, one of their big objects, will present ten new Disney+ series, as well as some films and shorts. A short description of the advertisements can be found here.

A new trailer for WandaVision has been released:

That’s good. Wanda and Vision are in a world of sitcoms exploring different eras of television, and something strange is happening. Then they shed a little more light on what might happen, and I wish they hadn’t. We knew enough about WandaVision without showing that the government is involved and that the other people they come into contact with break their character. But that’s the way trailers work now, so be prepared for fewer questions when the mysterious show finally comes out.

Then – the first look (which for good reason does not look like a pendant) at the falcon and the winter soldier:

The action is spectacular, and I like the idea of a spy series at the MCU. But none of these guys seem like a leader to me. Their association alleviates this problem somewhat, but in scenes in which the emphasis is on their personality they seem to miss something, as in Captain America. Speaking of which, I don’t like the idea of anyone else wearing that dress. Heroes of the Heritage devalues the characters, and the lack of appeal that these guys show in the trailer only exacerbates the humiliation and does not help the images fit strongly with the iconography of Captain America, i.e. the museum at the beginning and the game on the theme at the end. I get a strong feeling about the content.

And now, the thing I’ve been waiting for the most: Loki’s caravan has finally arrived! (This is an exclusive clip; nobody mind if I call it a trailer from now on)

I know I’m biased, but it’s my favorite part of the band. Unlike Falcon and Bucky (who I both love, to be precise), Loki is never in the spotlight. Even in his supporting roles, Tom Hiddleston showed Loki’s humanity skillfully, regardless of the god of evil. When I watch the whole TV season, I have no doubt he will plunge into the depths of Loki’s soul. It also seems quite contemporary to me, although I believe it was not intentional; a lost soul trying to find its way in the world is trampled and imprisoned by a despotic government bureaucracy that wants to restrict its freedom of movement. It’s a bit like now. In this elevator scene, Owen Wilson is the perfect image of a large country with lazy, coffee-drinking people getting ready to do as little work as possible while ruining someone’s life. There’s a lot going on at this fair and I’m looking forward to it.

Then Marvel gets an animation in his trailer, to see what would happen if…

What if… has great potential to do strange things with the MCU gun in place without destroying the continuity of the main universe (although they seem to be doing it anyway, so I’m not sure what the point is), but they’re actually looking for the low fruits of social justice. What if Star Lord was black? What if Captain America was a woman who wasn’t American? He’s tired of hanging around. And do they at least let us enjoy these things, or do they go on to diversity conferences? Zombies can be cool, and I don’t get Dr. Strand’s story. This is a new underdevelopment.

Well, it’s not really a trailer by any other name, it’s a flute roll for Miss Marvel.

They don’t say much except that they encounter strong words, the insinuating comics were terribly racist until this character appeared, and they insist that the series is about family. They say they immediately learned that the actress Iman Wellani was their Kamala Khan, but not why. (It seems she was also filmed on Zoom, which would make a young actress vomit; I’m sure she’s always happy, but it could be a groundbreaking role for her, and she shouldn’t be in the moment you hire her) Except for Kevin Fage, I’ve never heard anyone on this show, so the creative team can be great, a bunch of hackers or something in between. I’m not excited and I’m not insisting.

The rest of the messages appear on Twitter.

She-Hulk’s coming to the MCU! Tatiana Maslani will play the role of Jennifer Walters/Sheeh Hulk, and Tim Roth will play Gross, while Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo, will appear in the series. Led by Kat Koiro and Anu Walia, She-Hulk comes to #DisneyPlus.

– 10. Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) 11. December 2020

Hulk might be interesting, but I don’t like to take Gross with me. Why would she fight someone who’s already beaten the Hulk? If they use her to prove she’s stronger than the real Hulk, I won’t be happy. The return of Mark Ruffalo could mean a lot. It has something to do with their comic origin, but I remember reading that it has to be different for the show, so maybe it’s not a blood transfusion. And he better not be here so she can beat the Hulk. Tatiana Maslani is also confirmed in the title role and although I haven’t seen her yet, I like to play offside because the MCU has made a name for herself.

Samuel L. Jackson returns as Nick Fury, and Captain Marvel’s Ben Mendelssohn returns as Talos of the Skull in Marvel Studio’s original Secret Invasion series. Proceed to #DisneyPlus.

– 10. Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) 11. December 2020

Is this the recent Nick Fury show? A mysterious invasion may have been amazing, but they destroyed them and turned the Scrills into Ozzie and Harriet. If it’s not the bad guys, who cares about the secret invasion? Unless they say that the Scrills always played the victims and hid their true intentions; there is potential in that, but they were so funny in their films that it will be difficult to threaten them again. Another possibility is that Talos is still good, but a new guy has become Skull’s leader, and he’s a real bad guy. We’ll see, but I think the well might be ruined for this.

Coming soon #DisneyPlus, Dominic Thorne is the brilliant inventor of Rary Williams in Ironheart, the original series on the most advanced costume designer since Iron Man.

– 10. Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) 11. December 2020

Another legacy hero, and I don’t think anyone needs that. Ririe Williams came after I said goodbye to the comics, but I read about her and I can’t imagine wanting her. Steve Rogers is bad enough, but if you have a character and a performance as iconic as Robert Downey Jr., like Tony Stark, you must be crazy to think you can replace them. But here we are with Ironheart, an idea, so pimping fills two flags of diversity. But Disney’s not done with Stark’s bones…

Don Cheddle returns as James Rhodes, an AKA armored combat vehicle, with the original series air on #DisneyPlus. The classic Marvel story about Tony Stark’s worst fear: What happens if the technology falls into the wrong hands?

– 10. Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) 11. December 2020

Anyone interested? They pretend this concept is new, even though two of the three Iron Man films are inspired by it, as well as the two MCU Spider-Man films. And although I love Don Cheadle as an actor (but certainly not as a person), I feel the same way about Rhoda as I do about Falcon and Bucky; he is not a host. Does it work well as a friend of Tony Stark or as part of a massive fight with the Avengers, but as a series of tricks? I don’t think so. Disney is desperately trying to make people believe that Iron Man still exists, but they better let him go. (However, I suspect they will buy a small island from Robert Downey Jr. if their new indifferent miracle fails, and Tony Stark will somehow resurrect).

Special party of the Guardians of Galactica. James Gunn came back to write and direct.

The original special offer will be offered to #DisneyPlus in 2022.

– 10. Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) 11. December 2020

This film fascinated me partly because James Gunn is going to write and direct it. I think that means that the distribution of the films will also be available. The link to the Star Wars Holiday Special is a good joke and shows that it will only be a lark outside of continuity. If you want to do this to someone, it has to be the Guardians. I’m always looking for a new Christmas tradition, so let me hope for the best.

Everyone’s favorite tree, Baby Big, will star in a series of Disney+ shorts with various new and special characters.

I Am Groot, the original Marvel Studios series, will be released on #DisneyPlus.

– 10. Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) 11. December 2020

I’ll take care of that. Baby Big is my favorite Big, and although you can never make a whole series of them, a few short movies can be very funny. I like the title too!

Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale joins Thor’s cast: Love and Thunder, as the evil Gorr is God’s butcher. In the movie theaters on the 6th. May 2022. ⚡

– 10. Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) 11. December 2020

I had to look for the butcher of God Gorr, probably because he was created in 2013. I don’t judge him in any way, and maybe Gorr is a great character, but do they have, what, almost sixty years of Thor comics we can get anything from? Why choose a man who’s not as old as the local Starbucks, who we call new again? Although Christian Bale’s casting is almost a guarantee that he will be the most convincing aspect of the film, and this is almost compensated by Lady Thor.

Peyton Reed has taken over the direction of the third film, The Anthill and the Wasp: Quantumania. Paul Rudd, Evangelina Lilly, Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer are all back. Catherine Newton joins the cast as Cassie Lang and Jonathan Majors as Conqueror Canga.

– 10. Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) 11. December 2020

That’s good. I love ant movies, but they’re not all my favorite movies, and I only watch them when I’m watching MCU all the time. I think they are going back to the quantum realm, and now that they can travel back in time with that, they have a chance to present this universe to the conqueror Kang. If executed correctly, they will at least push Scott and Hope against a worthy villain. (I thought the name was well-chosen: Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ant-Man and the Wasp, which means that Hank Pim and Janet Van Dyne will address their young colleagues. But made-up words are also cool :-))).

Jon Watts will direct a new feature film, First Family, Fantastic Four!

– 10. Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) 11. December 2020

Last time was the departure of the first Marvel family on purpose. I was excited about playing in the Fantastic Four, which was actually a good thing, but now I agree. All the people I wanted the quartet to work with have already left, or their roles have diminished so much that I doubt it will happen. And Tom Watts is screaming for the headmaster’s job: Who’s our contract? Sounds like it was a last-minute thought.


If I’m not impressed, it’s because I’m not impressed. I cheated on the idea of superhero fatigue when the MCU was strong, but many of them seem so weak that I can’t muster the strength to deal with them. Some things look good, and I’m sure I’ll check most of them in any case, but I must have forgotten them five minutes before I was reminded that they went to the first. On the other hand, they can always surprise me.

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