When hunters become hunters.

Night Feeders is a 2006 American science fiction horror film about a meteorite launched by nocturnal aliens in North Carolina.

Synthetic Fur is written and directed by Jett Eller (Never Feed the Troll; Marley’s Revenge: A Monster Movie) and stars Donnie Evans (Cold Storage), Brett Gentile (Capturing Deborah Logan; Autumn Dead; Southern Gothic), Mike Monzitta (Cold Storage), Michael Ruff (Crossing the Devil; Fantastic Tales of the Unknown: The Movie; Never Feed the Troll) and Kate Leahy.


A crashed meteorite causes a nightmarish invasion of aliens that consume all warm-blooded life forms on our planet. At nightfall, four hapless weekend deer hunters discover what it’s like to be prey….


Exams [click on the links for more information] :

Photography alone is no guarantee to rent or buy, but Nightfeeders succeeds on all levels. I watched the movie, and it didn’t hurt. Putting together the rhythm and framing leads to someone doing their homework and actually taking the time to frame and block, rather than just pressing record and calling Action! B-independent

Fortunately, the night owls who don’t have a budget make up for it with old-fashioned creation shows. Nightfeeder brings nothing new and is not particularly inventive in its concept. It’s just a monstrous film that evokes the feeling of a bygone era with moderate success. Central Dread

…. Filmmakers have certainly made the most of their resources, and there are some original approaches and unexpected twists along the way. It’s a very enjoyable film and definitely one of the best low-budget independent films I’ve seen. Amateur actors really gave it their all…. Eat the horror

Deals with decent suspense and atmosphere, but suffers greatly from poor PlayStation1 computer-generated image quality and uneven acting. We also have the impression that the original film was too short, there are at least twenty minutes of footage that gives the impression that it was made long after the fact. I’ve seen worse. Joachim Andersson

…] Whether you love the visceral creature sensation of this film or you hate the low-budget special effects and computer-generated imagery […] It doesn’t change anything or leave a lasting mark, but if you just want to enjoy a horror film with a few jumps and a few laughs made on a near-zero budget, you won’t be disappointed. A human hole.

Though the creatures are mostly computer-generated and not particularly impressive, Jet keeps them nearly invisible for a long time, keeping them in darkness and shadows for most of the film […] But that doesn’t sound much worse than SyFy (or were they SciFi back then?) The channel’s film would have been about the same time… Rivets on the poster

The actors and characters:

Donnie Evans… Donnie
Brett Gentile… John
Mike Monzitta… Andy
Michael Ruff… Doug
Kate Leahy… Terry
Chip Barrett… Director
Jerry Moore… Clyde Cox
Ginger Curl… Helen Cox
Byron Miller… Mike (as Byron ‘BJ’ Miller)
Gina Stewart …
The wife of mechanic Carver Jones… Roy
Mark Scarborough… Wayne
Bob Beaver… Bubba
Paul Barrett… Fisher
Andy Boswell… Fisher


Shooting Locations:

Charlotte and Midland, North Carolina.

Technical details :

83 minutesAudio: Stereo Ratio : 1.78 : 1



night feeder (1988 full movie),the night feeder primal

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