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After landing the pompous bodyguard on the night shift, he is stuck with a colleague looking for that one big idea that will make him rich. Her life takes an even more unexpected turn when her prostitute/neighbor loses her pimp and goes out of business. When his colleague finds out, he sees dollar signs and the boys turn the morgue into a brothel at night. But in this classic 80s comedy, they discover that their new company doesn’t just please their boss.

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Night shift (1982) What do you do in the 1980s when you’re bored? If you live in New York, you go to the local morgue to have sex. It’s the premise of the 1982 comedy Night Shift.

Henry Winkler plays Chuck Lumley, a soft-spoken stockbroker who has no backbone to survive in the tough world of big finance. So he got a job babysitting at the local morgue. It’s quiet – everyone leaves him alone – and he has plenty of time to read the Wall Street Journal. One day he is demoted to the night shift, much to the dismay of his fiancée Charlotte, who is very neurotic and obsessed with weight, who has no idea why he works there at all, being a financial genius.

During his first night on the job, Chuck braves the streets of New York City on his way to the morgue – constantly running against the tide of human trafficking. Once at work, he settled into his quiet and rather routine job. The silence is quickly and violently broken by the terrifying song of Jumping Jack Flash – and the storm of Billy Blazejowski (Michael Keaton). Like a cannon shot, Billy Blaze hits Chuck with a barrage of questions, decisions and ideas that are intense and fast-paced. Chuck knows that his nightly performance won’t be so peaceful anymore, as he has to deal with his new partner night after night.

When Chuck comes home one morning, he finds his roommate Belinda beaten up in the elevator. Belinda (Shelley Long) is a prostitute with a heart of gold, which she needs because she has no breasts. Chuck helps Belinda and the two women become fast friends, and when they both get home from work at the same time, they start eating breakfast together.

Chuck learns that Belinda was beaten because she no longer has a pimp – and that all her friends are in the same boat. When Chuck tells Bill, he has a great idea: they have all that space and all those cars in the morgue – no one is watching them at night – they could prostitute Belinda and all her friends, or as Bill likes to call it – the LOVE BROKERS.

Of course, Chuck, who has soft manners, refuses and fires him. After Belinda’s arrest on Thanksgiving, she calls on Chuck to rescue her. Unfortunately, Chuck is in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner with his mother and future in-laws. They all go to night court to get Chuck to release Belinda on bail. Belinda is in jail because one of the guys she was with tried to get the money back and she bit him – but who can blame her – let’s face it, if you’re going to spend twenty bucks on Shelly Long, you better have change. The family is uncomfortable with the situation and decides to plan Chuck’s future for him.

Realizing that he needs a change in his life, Chuck accepts Bill’s idea and they become the LOVE BROKERS – running the entire operation at night from the morgue. They raise a lot of money, but Chuck has a feeling they’re going to get caught. Without thinking about the consequences, Bill intervenes with Chuck in tow.

One day Chuck and Belinda find themselves alone in the apartment, and Chuck confesses that he is in love with her. After a quick swim, Chuck comes to work with a whole new open-minded attitude. He tells Bill that he doesn’t think Belinda will do any more tricks. To her surprise, Belinda appeared, ready to go.

A stunned Chuck can’t believe it. Because as every man knows, once you’ve made love to a woman, her life can’t be the same. So Chuck and Belinda pull the rope and say things they can’t take back. Belinda jumps on the next lap and Bill has to ride her while Chuck stays behind.

As Chuck sits in the dark, the door to his office opens and two other pimps come by – apparently Chuck and Bill are interfering with their actions, and coming for revenge. Meanwhile, Bill went looking for customers, and when he found a few, he brought them back to the morgue to load up on some ladies. They walk in and see two pimps tying Chuck to a gurney and making him drink lots of water. Fortunately, the two guys who brought the check were plainclothes cops, and a shootout ensued. The bad guys get caught and Chuck and Bill get rescued. But their legal troubles have only just begun. They end up in jail, where Chuck’s fiancée, Charlotte, shows up and dumps him.

The next day they go to their lawyer who informs them that not only are they not going to jail, but they will get their jobs back because it is an election year and the ruling party will take everything away from them. While this is great news for Chuck, Bill decides he wants more. He thinks that as long as they hold the cards, they can still let the city off the hook a bit. Chuck has had enough and they argue at the lawyer’s office where Chuck vows to get his old life back. They go their own way.

Back at the house, Chuck met Belinda in the hallway. She tells him she’s leaving the building and doesn’t want to see him again. And also that she got a new job at a swingers club. Chuck still doesn’t have the courage to tell Belinda how he really feels and let her go.

Moments later, Chuck’s dinner is delivered – and as usual, it’s the wrong order. When the deliveryman punches Chuck in the face, Chuck finally collapses. He tracks down the courier and confronts him. Chuck doesn’t want to be a doormat for everyone anymore – he decides to fight back and get Belinda back. He goes to Belinda’s new club and to his surprise Bill works there too – Bill has a knack for being a great towel boy. When another man starts to attack Belinda, Chuck intervenes – a fight breaks out and Bill tries to come to the rescue. The movie ends with Chuck and Bill on the floor, but Chuck finally has the courage to tell Belinda he loves her. The three leave the club and head for the icy streets of New York City, where Bill takes a whole new direction with a few quick ideas.

…and that’s the night shift.

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