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Dani and Jamie have no tradition of being happy at Netflix’s Ghosts of Bly mansion, but it’s actually a good thing – an important step forward for LGBTQ representation, to be precise.

In a recent interview with Collider, Ghost Star of Blye Manor Victoria Pedretti asked an interesting question: If Dani knew what her fate would be to go to Bly, and if she could go back and reconsider that decision, do you think she’d make another choice? In other words: Would Dani have swapped one meeting, one marriage, and spent over ten years with the love of her life, Jamie, to live a long life without her? Pedretti answered immediately: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

If you’re reading this, you’ve seen the movie Netflix Ghosts of Blye Manor – or you can read all about it (including spoilers) to decide if you should watch it.

If you’re in the last camp, I did the same thing for other shows, so I’m not here to judge. I’m here to convince you to look around, especially if you’re undecided about what you heard about the end of Dani and Jamie’s story. If you’re in an old camp and you were disappointed, or even angry, when you saw it, you might disagree with my plea. But yes, so can you. The hunt for the little man is not a funeral.jpg


It is no secret that the tragedy on television affects many homosexuals disproportionately. This article is not a hot topic that is not meant to hide the traces of homosexuals. Absolutely. However, this does not mean that a homosexual hero who dies in a television series automatically becomes a victim. Danny Clayton, for instance, no.

Think about it. If she was heterosexual, would her death still be a problem? His death doesn’t make sense? No, far from it. She was killed immediately? No, far from it. Is his death used as a narrative to advance the story of another character? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Does she have a desk? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

So his death is problematic just because of his sexuality. At first glance, this doesn’t seem unreasonable. As we have already noticed, there is a lack of strange love stories with an undeniably happy ending. And the gay community (to which I belong by the way) deserves characters like them to be happy forever, as direct characters often do.

But the requirement that all fantasy characters become a slippery slope for the performance – the overload. When all the eccentric characters are finally confronted with this predetermined fate and run the risk of being seen as something other than homophobic, this limits the stories that writers are allowed to tell. It would mean, for example, that Blye’s Ghost Manor would have to be as simple as it was in the beginning.

As Oliver Jackson Cohen explained to Entertainment Weekly, the creator of the series, Mike Flanagan, originally represented his gardener, Dani’s love interest, but Netflix laid a line on him and said it was strange because Jackson Cohen and Pedretti had already played twins in Hill Ghosts, the predecessor of Bly Manor in the Ghosts anthology.

Pedretti confirmed this in an interview with Collider and pointed out that he and Jaxon Cohen wouldn’t find it strange, given that they are actors and not really related, but that what they did with Amelia Eve, who eventually took on the role of gardener, did a lot of good.

And she’s right. The Haunting of Bly Manor is much rarer and much more popular because it is based on a lesbian character and a lesbian love story. In addition, the writing and the execution are phenomenal in every respect. The story of Dani and Jamie isn’t just a big lesbian love story, it’s a big blue love story. period.

And if this love story is so beautiful, it’s partly because it ends, not because it’s against it.‘The-Haunting-of-Bly-Manor’-is-not-“Bury-Your.jpg


First of all, Bly Manor is a horror and gothic novel, so tragedy was inevitable, and the characters must have freedom of action regardless of their sexuality, as Dani and Jamie do. They chose to be the selfless heroes of the story – Dani saved Flora and all the imprisoned souls and Jamie faced Dani because she knew she would eventually lose them – and they will always make that decision because it makes them who they are.

Second, the end of Danny and Jamie is actually early. In the first episode of Owen’s toast: To really love someone else is to accept that the labor of love is worth losing them. Of course, at that moment we don’t know who these numbers are, but that’s not the only omen.

To really love someone else is to accept that the labor of love is worth losing them.

In the third episode Dani tells Jamie that love and obsession are indeed opposites, and in the sixth episode Jamie tells Dani that the beauty of the moonflowers is his death. These moments make it possible to install them as a nod to Rebecca and Peter. Dani and Jamie love each other completely and that’s enough for them.

Third, to go into the details of this last moment: Dani and Jamie actually have the least tragic love story. Owen and Hannah are never really dating. Peter’s destroying Rebecca because he won’t let her go. Dani and Jamie have spent over ten incredible years together, and even after Dani’s return to the lake, Dani is still with Jamie, Pedretti confirmed in an interview with Buzzfeed, referring to Dani’s last hand on Jamie’s shoulder. She didn’t leave them, Eve said.

All this to say what a great love story it is? Would Danny and Jamie really be better off if they both died of old age? What for? Because it would be happier?

As Jamie Dani says in episode nine, one day everyone will have what they have when they get there. Dani would trade her time with Jamie,not even a day with Jamie,for a life without her. Not much happier.

Do you have any ideas about the Bly Mansion or the funeral of your homosexuals? Keep talking to us on Twitter @TheSeriesRegs or react below!

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