The number of emotional scenes to cry in Supergirl is already past a dangerous level, and we’re only at episode 3….. But we’ll have to get used to it. Anyway, despite being trapped in the Phantom Zone, Supergirl manages to make some great new friends, and in The Phantom Menace she bonds with the mysterious Nixligsptlnz, played by Sergeant Peta. Nixley, introduced as an accidental prisoner, turns out to be a 5th generation sprite. dimension and even banished as a princess to the Phantom Zone by her father, King Brpch, to get rid of his heirs. In the comics, Nixligsptlnz is indeed an interdimensional queen, but we meet her in very different circumstances. Let’s look at it together.

The story of Nixligsptlnz is rather difficult to tell, as he is a half-powered goblin who lives in five-dimensional space and thus defies the concept of three-dimensional temporal beings. She was the daughter of the Kingslayer Zriff, a princess who lost her mother in childbirth. Always saddened after the loss of his wife, Brpxz always demanded to be entertained, and for a time this task was given to the court magician Windtwx, who was also secretly in love with the princess. One day, however, a new traveling mage came to the court: Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Mxyzptlk, which was much more entertaining, chaotic and fun than Windtwks. To satisfy the king and princess, Mxyzptlk created 33 three-dimensional worlds and staged adventures in each. He manipulates his favorite resident, a creature he calls Superman, to solve problems. Mxyzptlk’s meticulous and logical tricks have won him the king’s favor… and the heart of a princess. Nixligsptlnz fell in love with the new mage, and soon they were married. Unfortunately, this aroused the jealousy and anger of Vyndktvks, who stole an advanced multidimensional weapon and tried to kill his rival, but killed Brphz instead. While Mxyzptlk was captured by the evil imp, Nyxligsptlnz managed to escape and hide on one of her husband’s 33 worlds, Earth Prime. Here she has decided to play it safe and live in Metropolis as an elderly woman, waiting for a version of the Superman of this reality. When the young and inexperienced Clark Kent finally arrives in Metropolis, Nixligsptlnz pretends to be his innocent and deadly mistress.

While Vyndktvks sought her out in his anger in all the worlds of Mxyzptl and destroyed many of them, Nyxligsptlz became a mentor of sorts to Clark, and from his first adventures she shared his secret, advised him and as Superman. Finally, Windktvh found him, and Superman too became embroiled in a multidimensional battle that the hero could barely comprehend, since most of his events had implications on existential levels that he couldn’t even perceive; instead, Nyxlygsptlnz and Mxyzptlk saw everything, in all its possible manifestations. Two spooks helped Superman in a fight he couldn’t win, but it killed their three-dimensional forms….. Fortunately, they were able to save themselves by hiding in the second dimension and taking refuge in Superman’s red chest symbol. By the time Windtwx was defeated in the third dimension, he was also arrested for returning to the fifth dimension, where Nixligsptlntz and her husband could safely return. Freed from their rival, they became King and Queen of Zrfff and spent countless centuries of happiness together. When it comes time to produce an heir, Nixligsptlnz learns that she is expecting a daughter: She gave birth to her little princess, but unfortunately she died in childbirth. The girl who received them was alone, and Mxyzptlk, devastated by the loss of his wife, became a sad king who would one day be entertained by a wandering wizard. What was an incredibly confusing time loop for third-dimensional beings, however, was perfectly normal for fifth-dimensional beings, and Nixligsptlnz was doomed to be her own mother and orphan forever.

Nixligsptlnz, or Princess Gsptlnz, or Mrs. Nixley, is an impossible being who exists on all planes of space at once, a wise and omniscient sprite, but who loves to laugh and be entertained. Like a fifth grade secret Santa. In the 5th dimension, she has all the reality-altering powers of her race, powers that seem divine and unlimited to any lower being (basically anyone who isn’t a 5th dimensional imp); she’s almost immortal, and her near-power allows her to do whatever she wants in the lower dimensions. Nyxlygsptlnz, a serious ruler used to grief and responsibility, wants nothing more than to be together forever with the only man who can always make her laugh, her partner Quinto and former and future father Mxyzptlk.


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