Does anyone remember this thought?

Barack Hussein Obama? Isn’t that the former Al-Qaeda fundraiser?

Well, whoever he was, that guy now thinks we care so much about him that we don’t care about his favorite movies and TV shows from 2020.

But first, step back: Are we ordinary citizens so far as to believe that this long-legged Chicago mackerel of globalism is actually watching television?

Do you have time to watch television?

But seriously: In terms of dollars per minute of attention and attendance alone, a former president’s time is much more valuable than yours or mine.

And how much is your time worth? What do you see?

Although he looks like you – no – and locked up at home – no – this man writes books worth tens of millions of dollars, he produces hundreds of hours of television, including a comedy for Netflix about the OHst of all Presidents, Donald J. Trump.

What I mean is, he keeps busy.

Nevertheless, it must be assumed that this future professor of Islamic studies, who lives at the University of Cuba in Guantanamo Bay, is spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on wasting his time watching television.

Hellish GIF from Steve Harvey TV - Find and share on GIPHY

Or is this list something else?

It’s something else. We know what it is.

Well, let’s see:

Ma Black Bottom Rainey (2020) Netflix

Chicago, 1927. Recording session. Tensions arise between Ma Rainey, her ambitious horn player, and the white management who wants to control the crazy Mother Blues. Based on the play by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson.

A black monument. Because it’s really black and everything. Not the Davos Stepin Fetchit that has betrayed every African-American in the United States who hasn’t put an NGO on George Soros’ Open Society Foundation’s donor list.

He fell into battle.

Select this field.

Binpol (2019) Russia

1945, Leningrad. The Second World War destroyed the city, destroyed its buildings and abandoned its inhabitants physically and mentally. Two young women are searching for meaning and hope as they struggle to rebuild their lives amidst the rubble.

Look, he’s international, B. Negroes Without Borders and all that. Select this field.

Bakurau (2019) Brazil

After the death of her grandmother, Teresa returns to her matriarchal village in neighboring Brazil to find a series of disturbing events that mobilize all the inhabitants.

According to the IMDB review:

Bacurau deals with so many powerful themes: the endemic violence in Brazil, the weapons culture and the God complex in the United States, the social divide, political corruption, the historical resistance of the Nordeste (north-eastern Brazil), and the vira-lata (inferiority complex) of the people in their own country.

Yeah, colonialism and all that! Select this field.

Nomadic landscapes (2021)

After losing everything during the Great Recession, a woman embarks on a journey through the American West, living in a van as a contemporary nomad.

Tick the box I feel your pain when I export your work.

Soul (Christmas 2020) Disney+

A musician who has lost his passion for music is expelled from his body and has to find his way back and get to know himself with the help of his childlike soul.

Blacks are sacred sources of wisdom, says the message. Control.

Rock lovers (2020) Amazon

A single evening in a party house in West London in the eighties sets the tone and develops a confused relationship against a backdrop of violence, romance and music.

West London? The ’80s? Is Barry showing off his pet guys?

No, of course not.

The underlying violence.

I think it means we have to go after the skinheads and the Trump fans.

Or maybe not… Because, according to Vulture, it shows what happens when whites don’t look – a rush of black joy experienced in private.

Please, do us a favor, okay? Do us a favor, okay? Please take this black joy in private.

Russia responds to accusations of American unrest and interference - The Moscow Times

Collective (2019) Romania

Director Alexandru Nanau follows a team of researchers from the Romanian Gazeta Sporturilor in their attempt to uncover a huge health care scam that has made tycoons and politicians rich and led to the deaths of innocent civilians.

Actually, it’s a movie I want to see, but we all know why O-drone-o put him on the list of GloboPedo approved movies: He turns journalists into heroes.

Meanwhile, this sneaky little brother has put more journalists in jail than all the previous American governments put together.

Bank (2020) Netflix

The Hollywood of the thirties is re-evaluated through the eyes of the caustic social critic and alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz on the last piece of the Citizen Kane (1941) scenario.

It’s also a movie I want to at least watch. Fincher’s a pop-cultural art director, and Obama’s a pop-cultural creator, so I kind of understand why that’s on his list. Besides, it seems deceptively sophisticated.

See, Barack’s name is no longer Barry. He’s an intellectual now and then.

Me, intellectual memories (Memory theme V1) - YouTube

Or, more likely, mankind is making heroes of the Hollywood liberal types who now sign Barack’s paycheck, which was actually just a delayed bribe for what he did for them during his tenure.

Remember, net neutrality?

You assholes thought this was about freedom, didn’t you?

Martin Eden (2020) Italy

Martin Eden struggles to get out of his situation as a penniless proletarian thanks to an intense and passionate self-education, hoping to conquer a place among the literary elite.

Proletarian. Ha-ha-ha-ha. What the hell is this? I should have done this whole column as a talk to text. It’s fucking hilarious.

Who the hell talks like that? Or never?

Also select this field.

Dude, how long is Puff The Magic Negro’s list? What the fuck is going on?

Publication (2020)

After the loss of his son, retired sheriff George Blackledge (Costner) and his wife Margaret (Lane) leave their ranch in Montana to save their young grandson from the clutches of a dangerous family living behind bars in Dakota, led by matriarch Blanche Weba. When they discover that the Weboi have no intention of freeing the child, George and Margaret have no choice but to fight for their family.

Yeah, Contner and Diane Lane as sheriff and wife. You know the Superman parents in the Snyder movies? It’s all very meta.

I guarantee you the guy in this movie sucks a dick. Or somebody gets an abortion.

Weather (2020) Amazon

Fox Rich is fighting for the release of her husband Rob, who is serving a 60-year sentence.


He was a good boy. He didn’t do anything. He just got his GED. He went to college. He was on his way to Jesus. That friendly giant. He was always at his Timberlands. Damn it.

Let’s take a New York Times article that doesn’t use loaded headlines at all: What we really mean when we talk about mass incarceration.

We know why he’s here.

boys stands (2020) apple

A thousand 17-year-olds in Texas have united to form a representative government from the ground up.

According to the description of the YouTube trailer:

Directors of Photography Jesse Moss and Amanda McBain follow the growing tensions in a particularly tense race for governor and focus their cameras on unforgettable teenagers like Ben, a Reagan-loving archconservative who, despite personal setbacks, confidently fascinates, and Steven, a young progressive Mexican immigrant who defends his faith in the middle of a red sea.

I can’t wait to see how it goes.

| Emoji's Thinking Face | Emoji Memes, Memes

If this goes against expectations, please let me know in the comments.

Oh wait, IMBD’s first comment:

It is a very good presentation on indoctrination of future fascists in this country and incubation of toxic masculinity. The only bright spots in this otherwise dark perspective on our future are Stephen Garza and Renee Otero. They’re two young and honest men.


Still think they’ll let you live, Golem?

Selah and the Peaks (2019) Amazon

Five factions govern life underground at the Haldwell School, a prestigious East Coast boarding school. At the head of the most powerful faction, Peaky, besieges Sela Summers, who walks the thin line between fear and love.

Well, we all know that Barry Sarturo, alias Barack Hussein Obama, attended the most exclusive private school in Hawaii, one of the most prestigious in the country, Punahou High School.

So maybe all this boring right-wing crap resonates with him.

⋆.jpg Yes, this is probably not Michelle Obama on the right. And in the middle? Bill Gates, whose father was with the CIA. Welcome to the rabbit hole, asshole.

Summer Camp (2020) Netflix

Following on from Woodstock, the revolution blossomed into a dilapidated summer camp for disabled young people, changing their lives and starting a revolutionary movement.

What’s wrong with these people? Always with revolutions.

Crip Camp is a documentary that happens to be produced by Obama’s production company (Higher Ground Production) for Netflix.

You can’t shoot your brother for a little self-control, but there’s only one kind of creep I get here, dummy:

What the fuck is this pussy?

Everything is made up, safe, approved by the company, socially absurd.

Do something brave, pimp daddy! Choose a film about the opiate crisis. You don’t seem to have enough communication, do you?

What about all the brothers who die at the hands of another brother? You don’t want to talk about the murders in black cities across the country since 2015, do you?

Maybe because you caused it. Look in the mirror, you pathetic, corrupt bastard.

We also have a list, Barry. You’re in. .

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