Obito Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime series Naruto. He was created by Masashi Kishimoto, who also designed the characters Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Sarada Uchiha.

The obito vs itachi episode is a fight between the two Uchiha brothers. Itachi had the power of the Sharingan, while Obito had his Mangekyou Sharingan.

This article will compare and contrast two Uchiha Clan members, Obito Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha, in order to decide which of the two would win in a straight battle.

Despite the fact that most people underestimate Itachi’s skills, Obito Uchiha would prevail. A thorough examination of their powers and abilities shows that Itachi lacks the ability to match Obito’s talents, and that Obito would be able to deal with Itachi with relative ease, since he has a number of specialized methods that Itachi is unable to counter.

There’s still a lot to be said about Obito vs. Itachi. We’ll look at their abilities in more depth later in this post, as well as how Obito and Itachi’s battle would play out.  

Obito Uchiha’s abilities

Tobi, commonly known as Obito Uchiha, is one of the major villains in the Naruto manga and anime series. He initially appears on the cover of the manga’s sixteenth chapter, framed in a picture of the adolescent group he was a member of, although he is only featured in the narrative between the first and second parts in a short tale called Kakashi Gaiden.

In the second installment of the series, he will become an adversary.



Obito, like other members of the Uchiha clan, has a natural affinity for the fire-type chakra and often uses the ultimate fireball technique; subsequently, he learns additional, more advanced techniques, all of which belong to the same element.

He possesses a significant quantity of chakra reserves, allowing him to battle for an extended length of time without tiring.

Techniques for the eyes

During the Third Ninja War, Obito uses two tomoe per eye for the first time to activate the strong Sharingan eye technique, which is unique to his clan.

Following a mishap in which he was declared dead, Obito requires a special white material produced from the Diabolic Statue’s chakra, which spans the right side of his body, enabling him to “replace” his missing limbs and achieve biological immortality.

Obito, like the first Hokage and Captain Yamato, may utilize the mighty Art of Wood when he comes into close touch with a white Zetsu or the Decacoda Demon.

Rin’s death sends a tremendous jolt through the young Obito’s psyche, causing his Hypnotic Sharingan to awaken: the same thing happens with the eye given to ex-partner Kakashi, albeit he can only utilize it for a short time.

Nagato’s Rinnegan is transplanted into his left eye just before the Fourth Ninja War begins, allowing him to construct his own version of the Six Paths of Pain with which to control six resurrected carrying forces (also equipped with Sharingan and Rinnegan).

The resurrected can utilize all of their life methods to change into their respective hunks, but Obito is unable to employ even the Rinnegan’s normal abilities due to the enormous effort required to hold the monsters at bay.

He subsequently assists Itachi in the clan’s extinction. In his fight with Konan, he demonstrates his ability to utilize Izanagi, a prohibited Uchiha Genjutsu that requires both the Sharingan and the Senju clan’s strength and is capable of rewriting reality in the user’s favor for little over a minute. However, as a trade-off for the strength it bestows, the method necessitates the sacrifice of a Sharingan, leaving him blind for the rest of his life.


Obito’s Hypnotic Sharingan’s signature ability is Kamui, a space-time technique that enables him to transfer himself or others to another dimension and make himself invisible by ostensibly crossing matter.

In reality, the first effect of Kamui implies the second because, by transporting the part of the body affected by the enemy blow or the matter that appears to pass through to another dimension, his body appears to be crossed by it, giving the impression of being intangible; however, in order to attack, Obito must regain his physical form.

This is especially helpful in defense since it enables Obito to pass through almost any kind of assault and protect himself against even the most powerful strikes. The disadvantage, as previously stated, is that Obito cannot attack when utilizing the method.

Shinobi abilities

Naruto easily overcame the Fourth Hokage’s strict surveillance set up to protect Kushina during the night of his birth, extracting the Nine-Tailed Fox from the latter (which he then subjugated with his Sharingan and unleashed on the village), forcing his former teacher to face it personally and resort to the second stage of Instant Dislocation to stop it.

Minato says that he knows just one ninja capable of such feats, Madara Uchiha, and therefore considers the two to be on the same level.

In the course of the battle, he becomes the Ten-Tails’ carrying force, gaining enough strength to fight Naruto, Sasuke, Minato, and Tobirama Senju all at the same time.

He also gains a new power, even better than the Art of Dust, in the form of nine black spheres that he may mold as he pleases, even negating the Resurrection’s regenerative effect.

Itachi Uchiha’s abilities

Itachi Uchiha is a renegade ninja considered a genius and the bearer of many exceptional characteristics from the manga and anime Naruto and Naruto: Shippden. He is a member of the Uchiha Clan, which he destroyed. He is originally from Konoha, from which he deserted.

Fugaku Uchiha and Mikoto Uchiha had a kid named Itachi. He is the elder brother of Sasuke Uchiha.



Itachi is unquestionably one of the strongest ninja in the manga: his intelligence, experience, and great skills make him a very difficult ninja to deal with; thanks to his exceptional strategic and observation skills, he can predict and react to the opponent’s choices in advance and with pinpoint accuracy.

Techniques for the eyes

The Sharingan is one of his major talents, particularly when it comes to producing illusions, which, with the exception of Shisui Uchiha, were much superior than those of any other clan member.

He was able to utilize three strong techniques thanks to the Hypnotic Sharingan:

  • Tsukuyomi, a method that transports the victim into an illusory realm where Itachi can manipulate space and time at whim and has a direct effect on the neurological system, is performed with the left eye.
  • The Amaterasu, a black fire that burns constantly until the target is canceled, capable of devouring everything; with the right eye, the Amaterasu, a black fire that burns continuously until the target is canceled;
  • Susanoo summons a monster that resembles a knight-demon that envelops his body and strikes with the Totsuka Sword, which takes the victim to another realm where an everlasting illusion rules, and defends with the Yata Mirror, which is capable of deflecting any assault.

Other methods, such as Susanoo

Itachi, still wielding the Susanoo, shows his mastery of Yasaka’s Magatama, a formidable long-range move.

Itachi utilizes Izanami, a prohibited Uchiha clan technique that entraps the opponent in an illusory loop that stops only when he realizes his errors, during the battle with Kabuto; he also demonstrated the ability to seal his own or others’ methods in other subjects.

In reality, he implanted the Amaterasu in Sasuke’s left eye, programming it to respond to the sight of Tobi’s Sharingan, while he implanted the Sharingan of Shusui with the Kotoamatsukami method in the crow he delivered to Naruto.

However, Itachi did not have a large reserve of chakra due to his prolonged use of the hypnotic Sharingan (which severely damaged his eyesight, nearly blinding him) and the mysterious terminal illness he had been suffering from for some time, despite the fact that this did not lessen his danger in battle.

Shinobi abilities

He also had exceptional physical and martial arts abilities, as well as proficiency in the usage of ninja weapons: on multiple occasions, he demonstrates the ability to create seals for techniques with incredible speed, such that not even Kakashi with his Sharingan can keep up with them.

One of his most serious weaknesses is his limited chakra reserves, which reduces his endurance and leaves him vulnerable after prolonged combat. Itachi’s chakra reserves are really much below normal, which was a major issue for him.

Obito’s and Itachi’s abilities are compared.



Itachi has been taught by Madara and has a great deal more experience than Obito, although the difference isn’t significant. Both are great tacticians who know how to approach a fight, although we might argue that Itachi is more intellectual than Obito owing to his training, but only by a little margin.

Itachi gets this point.



Obito is much superior to Itachi in terms of endurance, health, and chakra reserves. Obito isn’t the greatest, far from it, but he’s a decent fighter, as shown by his difference from Itachi Uchiha. Itachi’s skills are more important than his endurance, thus this is acceptable.

Itachi’s primary problem is his very low chakra reserves, which are well below any reasonable average, giving Obito a considerable edge in this regard. Obito has also shown that he can battle for hours, while Itachi can only keep his Sharingan alive for 10 minutes after utilizing a Black Flame.

Obito gets this point.



The most intriguing portion of the comparison is now.

Despite the fact that Itachi possesses the Totsuka to utilize for sealing, Obito is a superior Fuinjutsu practitioner; he managed to seal the Ten-Tails, which is an impressive accomplishment in and of itself.

Many people now claim that Itachi has very powerful Genjutsu, making him superior to Obito. While this may be true, there is a snag. Because Obito is also a Uchiha with a Mangekyou Sharingan, he will not be impacted by Itachi’s Genjutsu, even Tsukuyomi’s.

It should also be remembered that Obito Uchiha has had a flawless Jinchuriki under Genjutsu for years, indicating that he is well-versed in the technique.

In terms of Taijutsu, we might argue that they are on a same level. Both have Sharingan and can utilize it to precisely detect their opponents’ moves and deflect assaults.

But it’s Obito’s Kamui ability that gives him the upper hand here. He may easily walk through Itachi’s strikes and smack him in the face with this method. If he is harmed by Itachi’s powers, he can quickly cure himself.

Furthermore, ordinary ninjutsu strikes or even black flames have no impact on Obito since, due to his Kamui talent, he can simply pass through them.

The bottom line up to this point is that Itachi lacks any regular technique with which he may hurt Obito, while Obito has a plethora of helpful techniques with which he can harm Itachi, who is less durable, chakra-poor, and ill to begin with.

Itachi just has one opportunity to defeat Obito, and that is via Susanoo. Susanoo isn’t perfect, but it’s still helpful since it reduces the amount of damage he receives while providing him more chances to strike. He has to call it as soon as feasible.

However, Itachi’s Susanoo is partial, meaning it is not a full-body Susanoo, which is a major issue since Itachi’s motions are sluggish and limited.

Itachi could seal Obito with his Totsuka Blade, giving him a strong chance of winning, but we’re not sure whether the blade would work against Obito’s Kamui technique, which gives Obito intangibility.

Obito has shown that he can walk through ordinary things, people, weapons, chakra assaults, and changes in the nature of the chakras, so there’s no reason to believe he won’t be able to walk through Itachi’s Susanoo, which significantly reduces his odds of success.

In terms of the flaws, Itachi will eventually figure out where Obito’s abilities come from, but it’s questionable if he’ll figure out his five-minute restriction, and even if he does, he won’t be able to utilize one attack constantly for five minutes.

Itachi lacks Minato’s quickness to halt Obito, despite his jutsu training. Itachi’s Izanami will oppose Obito’s Izanagi, but Itachi’s Izanami will only go so far when it comes to opposing Obito’s powers.

This is why Obito gets a bonus point.

Who would win in a fight between Obito and Itachi?


The major flaw in this comparison is that people often exaggerate Itachi’s skills and capabilities since he is a much more popular figure among fans than Obito. While Itachi is undoubtedly strong, the above-mentioned comparison has proven that he doesn’t have quite as much to offer as Obito.

Obito has clear weak spots that Itachi isn’t aware of, but even if he was, for example, aware of Obito’s five-minute restriction, he doesn’t have an assault that he can sustain for that long. His Susanoo may be able to cause some havoc, but Obito has a lot more to give.


As a result, against common belief, Obito would beat Itachi in a battle. He just outclasses Itachi in terms of strength, versatility, and shinobi talent.

Obito and Itachi are two Uchiha brothers from the series Naruto. They were both born on October 10th, with Itachi being a year older than Obito. In the beginning of the series, Itachi was considered to be stronger than his brother and had already surpassed him in power. However, as time went on, Obito became stronger and eventually surpassed his older brother in power. Reference: itachi vs madara.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is obito Uchiha stronger than Itachi?

Obito Uchiha is not stronger than Itachi.

Is Obito the strongest Uchiha?

Obito is not the strongest Uchiha. He was a prodigy, but he wasnt the strongest.

Who is stronger than obito Uchiha?


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