We interrupt this season’s main plot of Burn to return to the Mirror universe in 2 parts. Enjoy it.

I now understand that a lot of LOVE the Mirror Universe fans (or MU fans, like anyone who doesn’t read Marvel comics, can shorten them). And frankly, I’m kind of one of them. Mirror, Mirror is still one of my favorite episodes of TOS. And for the first time on Star Trek, I crossed my fingers for these guys: Deep Space 9 surprised us when we crossed the threshold. With the MU, everything was different now, because Spock DID was apparently about to overthrow the empire and Terra was in the 24th century. For centuries, it went from interstellar hooligan to bitter victim. But when DS9 released the fifth and final episode of Crossover, the same old routine annoyed me a bit.

Did DS9 rip the naked universe out of the mirror?

The answer came with a big hell, no! When Enterprise’s Star Trek was broadcast in two parts called In the Mirror, it was dark and we saw the final fate of the American Defiant from the TOS episode of the Tolian Web. Fans enjoyed this two-part series more than almost any other episode of this four-part series.

Is it any wonder that the next Star Trek series, DISCOVERY, has already returned to the mirror universe in its first season? And it contained the so-called biggest surprise of the whole series – that Lorca’s captain came from MU himself! – despite the fact that many fans (including me!) had seen him in many episodes.

But Discovery’s journey to the mirror universe wasn’t as interesting as the previous transitions… …for a number of reasons. First of all, many fans agree that it took too long: Four out of fifteen episodes took place, two or three are probably enough. This made the plot seem long and a bit boring. In addition, there is a practical arrangement whereby almost all of the core staff were with the emperor… …who was actually an emissary and a double of Captain Philip Georgio. After all, this is a small multi-version!

Probably the most problematic is that the various people we saw in MU were malicious versions of characters who hadn’t really evolved in the nine previous episodes of Discovery. Unlike TOS, DS9 and Enterprisis, where the audience literally had dozens and dozens of episodes to get to know the main characters – this time we only had two episodes of Georgia and seven for most of the Discovery team. In other words, it was difficult to really appreciate the doubles because we knew little about their identity!

With Discovery fortunately returning to MU this season with the ninth and tenth installment of Terra Firma for two more races, we don’t have the same problem anymore. Now we know all the main characters much better.

In this last episode, however, there were still some problems to overcome and I’m not sure that I succeeded.

Again, I have to say it wasn’t a bad episode in itself. I understand that many people want me to hate or unconditionally accept this discovery. But unfortunately, this series is full of gray areas (no, not Trill), and with an episode like this I can not say that it was lame or a pure triumph. There were elements of both

Before we tackle the MU part of the episode (which was almost completely off-center), let’s start with what came first…


And suddenly, with half a sentence of dialogue, J.J. ABRAMS’ alternative universe reloads the Trek films, which are now official business. I still haven’t heard any fans complaining about that scene. There was everything we wanted: Kovich, Culber, TNG’s first season’s uniform, mention of the time wars and a superficial mention that the studios want to call the Kelvin chronology to fans. Oh, and we also got a good explanation, credible and low-tech, of the mysterious state of Georgia. It has traveled both in time and between universes, and its molecules want to be in two different places/times at the same time (and neither are where it is now), but it can’t do that. So it’s completely failed at the quantum level.

So far, so good. But then we…


Okay, we get it. Empress Philippe Giorgio is not a good man. She is arrogant, treacherous, unscrupulous, cruel, despicable, humiliating, insulting, mean and simply an asshole to people. But here’s the problem: I don’t want to applaud such a bully for talking about me as a person. At the beginning of this season the writers tried to soften the contours of George. Of course she cares about Michael and even helped the team a few times (for her own sake of course).

But with this episode, all that attenuation has now completely disappeared from the airlock. The bitch is back. Again, I understand. We need to show Georgie that she’s trying to deal with her impending misfortune by imposing herself on everyone so she doesn’t miss them and vice versa. Moreover, during this two-part episode she will have a character inflection that comes back from the darkness and is born. Ra, Ra.

Except I still can’t encourage him. I consider Dahlia the lowest of the lowest, the author without remorse, and frankly (especially after seeing her behavior at the beginning of this episode), the one I won’t miss when she leaves… despite her love for Michelle Yeoh as an actress. And so far, the majority of fans think this second is the best. In fact, part of this film will be the place where Philippa Giorgio will leave the series for good – before, but first …


Raise your hand when you see the next building plot coming: Sarah is faced with the choice: either follow orders or close the shop (as Michael regularly does) to save her imprisoned fellow Kelpins. This will ensure the first real episode of Sarah’s season and help her to grow even more as a character.

If so, I’m in. I will resist the temptation to refer to another fiction of the authors, which states that of all races in the Federation, the ship that sent the first distress call was equipped with slats. (And did anyone notice that the actress who played Kelpin Dr. Issa was the same actress, Hannah Spiar, who played Sister Sarah Cyranna? Is that important, or was it just to save money because they already had a plaster mold for her head)? Of course, to put the welfare of the few above the welfare of the many, Sarah would need all the motivation that writers can give her, and that means kelpins. Okay. Okay. Okay, okay.

And while we’re on the subject of the welfare of a few people or just one, congratulate the writers on making Admiral Vance such a wonderful person! Of course they can still ruin everything if Vance turns out to be another stranded man like Lorca, but for now he is at the top of my list of Starfleet C-in-C favourites. His father’s advice to Sarah is, in my opinion, one of the best and most impressive moments of the series so far, and it justifies every time James T. Kirk has put the needs of one person above the needs of many…


In a scene that apparently was only lit so that the audience does not forget that we are still trying to solve the mystery of the fire, we have a short inscription with Adira and Stemes. Apparently Adira woke up and forgot to disarm the computer to solve the problem. I was there, I did it. Oh, and the gray ghost is still missing. I get it, I get it, I get it.

On the other deck, Mr. Cleveland Booker wants to join the team. Okay, great. But Sarah says it will pass. Isn’t that great? I think we should just wait and see where it goes. Okay. Okay. Okay, okay.

In the meantime, it’s time to…


A hug from Tilly! Shields up!

Many fans have already hinted that these 2. For George, it’ll be goodbye to Star Trek: Discovery. In the end, most of us were surprised that she was coming in the future because Michelle Yeoh was going to be the star of the new Section 31 series that the CBS was going to launch (and maybe not). It is difficult to be in two places/times/universe/show at the same time, so Georgiu has to be forward/backward/forward to the other side.

Some fans, of course, don’t want to believe it: Tell me it’s not true, Georgio! But Sarah says goodbye, Tilly kisses Phillip and says something nice to him (God knows why!), and even a walk in the snow with Michael Harkness returns to the first scene of the series where Captain Georgiu and Commander Burnham walk on the sands of an abandoned planet to poetically capture Georgiu. Luckily they didn’t have to fly to Jordan this time, but on a snowy winter’s day they had to travel to Ontario, Canada, a few tens of kilometers from Toronto. Wonderful!


Well, I’ve got to get back to the ’70s soon. Who here remembers the Rhoda sitcom with Valerie Harper? The figure of the late LORENZO MUSIC (who also sang Garfield and a number of other famous characters) never appeared on the screen. The character’s name: Carlton, the doorman. This slow guy called through the intercom in Rhoda’s apartment and said hilarious things.

And now, after four and a half centuries (or 1200 years, if you like), we have Carl, your doorman. Coincidence? Honor? I have no idea, but I felt I had to say something.

Well, back to the blog…

For some strange reason the ship’s computer tells them where they can find help for Georgia, but without more details… such as? ???? It’s like asking in your browser for a baklava recipe and getting a recommendation for a supermarket! And then, as soon as Discovery arrives on the planet and disconnects from the nacelle (WHY, GOD, WHY ????), the computer tells them where to teleport to, but they have to execute? ???. Why don’t they just beam themselves up where they’re supposed to be? Whatever app they’re using for Discovery, guys, I think it’s a malfunction!

But the little Lord of the Rings, walking through beautiful landscapes, never hurt anyone, did it? And in the end… Um… the lesson we’re taking. (drum roll, please!) – Carl. I did not expect the Spanish Inquisition, but of course not Carl (played by PAUL GUILFOYLE, graduated from the CSI). I must say I’m fascinated by this Patton Oswaldish word game with a cigar, tomorrow’s newspaper and a strange door somewhere. On one side I have a separate Doctor who vibrates out (enters the door… all the time and all the space). But it’s a franchise in itself. Some fans suspected it wasn’t Who, but Q. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind putting writers in a little Q-x car… but with puns? This turns him into Pun Q. (You’re welcome.)

Anyway, I’m fascinated, but I’m scared. If Q is somehow involved in the combustion, then boo! (Bo-Q!) This is not a puzzle to solve, because the solution is simply to find a way to demand something really polite. And even if Q didn’t start a dilithium fire, they can still cut their fingers and fix it… again, if we politely ask them to be truthful. Well, we’re hoping Carl’s not a Q. But then who is he? Hopefully it will be studied and explained. If it’s just a white rabbit pointing at Alice in the mirror, and that’s all you get in the end, then Boooo !!!!.


I apologize to those of you who would like to visit MU. In fact, I don’t mind going if there’s something new to discover… a new and unique perspective on things. But it seems to be the same old mirror universe where we spent four intense and exhausting episodes two seasons ago. The only difference is that we go a little further back to see how committed Georgie Michael was. Health, health, health, health, health, health, health, health.

But here’s the real reason why this whole (head?) trip to MU doesn’t work for me: it’s not defined and not explained to us at all. What is this, a trick with your head? After all, MU has withdrawn from our universe for the past 930 years, so that it is no longer possible to cross the universe. What is this door, and who is its guardian (see what I’ve done there)? And the other part of that equation: Georgiu is ALWAYS a journey into the past, almost a millennium! Either it’s all in her head, it’s a simple wooden door with superpowers, or she smashed those ruby slippers with REALLY strong mirrors.

And if it’s a headache, what then? What would Georgie do? Just a month ago, Adira was thinking about meeting her demons and regaining her memory. Is Georgio doing the same? If so, how does it help their poor rotting molecules? And what’s she supposed to be doing here? Confronting demons? Does he find himself? What for? What am I supposed to be looking forward to? Not to mention the fact that the writers have emotionally completely divested me into a character I didn’t care about from the start.

And there are other characters in MU I’m not interested in. Although I know more about the main version of Detmer, Owosekun, Rhys etc. than before because I dressed them all in gold and skin, constantly frowning and covered with dark eyeliner like the ancient Egyptians, it is still not enough to invest in one of the twins. Shams is stabbed in the neck after reciting a stupid poem (haiku-glue!), and I think, what then? Sarah’s back to her old super thin self? I’ve been there, I have. Is there a fight to the death in the hallway for Charon’s leadership position? It’s not like we haven’t been through this before, right?

The only new things we really saw were the real Captain Killy, the real Mirror Michael, and certainly not the ruthless Georgia. And it turns out that those were the only things that interested me in the last half of the episode… and even they got boring very quickly. Killy’s just another son of a bitch like everybody else in the universe. As for Michael, I thought SONEQUA MARTIN-GREEN was playing too hard on them. There is so much tension between Michael de Spiegel and his mother that it is hard for me to understand why Georgio is so attached to Michael in any universe. Sonequa plays Mirror Michael as an angry teenager who tries to smile at the mother he hates. And when Georgia suddenly saved Michael’s life, I was calm again. Why don’t you just kill them? Because Georgia’s nicer and sweeter now? Okay, great. But aren’t we trying to hold on to Georgie’s molecules?

When the episode suddenly ended without a real cliffhanger, I thought it was such a waste of 22 minutes. We don’t know if it’s all in Georgie’s head or if she’s rewriting the real story somehow. And again: How does all this help him survive? We haven’t even seen Lorca (although I expect him to appear in the next episode, otherwise it’s a real waste of time).

For the time being I’m looking forward to the second part, because and only because I want to go through this round and come back to our regularly scheduled incineration site … it’s already underway.

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