Our Favella, who received the FAMAS prize, cameraman Duane Balthazar, has just started a new project. Past, present, perfection, first on the iWantTV online platform on the 31st. May last year is the start of a desperate love story, made of dreams, young love and literature. And we still hope that Uniqlo will finally act as brand ambassador in the near future.

past, present, perfect ? on iWantTV past, present, perfect ? on iWantTV

As co-producer of EpicMedia, she has worked with not only one, but also two filmmakers: Neil Dasa and Theo Lozada; Eileen, Iana Bernardez as producer and costume designer (because in some episodes you’ll also find Miss Balthazar); Anthony Falcon as budding best friend and much more. Carlo Vergara directs most of the dialogues in the first two episodes as author and illustrator of Zsa Zsa Saturna: his experience as a playwright offers some serious literary references and experiences.

RECORD NOW : Special guest Duane Balthazar talks to the 3WCC gang about the films and their campaign to become a Uniqlo embassy.

Although this is not the first time she has worked on series (previously as a stylist), Ms. Balthazar has become a master at weaving all thoughts about her actors, colleagues and external observers from her future audience. At the end of last year, she asked her Facebook friends for some memories from the early 2000s, and we are all happy to be able to use at the same time the journey of the memories of this set, which seems to be divided into seven episodes. It seems to be a lot of pressure, but Miss Balthazar and her team seem to be able to handle it as child’s play all the time.

So here are my reviews of the first two episodes of Past, Present, Perfection? With Loyza Andalio and Shaina Magdaio as Chantal Balthazar. SPOILER FORE.

Past, present, perfect? The pilot episode: PAST AND PRESENT

Today, in 2003, Chantal and the gang just arrived at their ball with cake makeup and a shiny dress intact. In a small school like Cavite National High School, the ball is celebrated in an indoor gymnasium, which we middle class people like to call an indoor playground, and since the school’s basketball team is also staying here, I suspect the basketball ring is hidden somewhere in the backstage art deco style. This episode takes us into a love blindness – Chantal admires Mr. Orenze (Vin Abrenica), who is also her literature teacher. Her friends play an important role in this special scene, as prom continues a five-year tradition of giving students the opportunity to dance with their teachers. In this episode, young Chantal remembers the day she had a broken heart and sends an e-mail to her future self to remind her to move on.

Years later, in 2018, an almost mature version of Chantal is released. I focus on the almost grown-ups when you see them sleeping in the living room of their apartment, with clothes and beer bottles everywhere. She wakes up alone with a hangover and a few minutes later she receives a phone call from her godmother, who is also her publisher. She misses appointments and does her job without leaving her pajamas. She remembers her slowness in the form of her two friends, played by Iana Bernardez and Anthony Falcon.

Young Chantal hopes that in the mid-20s Chantal will become a Palanca avardi, completed and published by the author. But life bites her and makes her miss opportunities, and as far as her career as a writer is concerned, she even went so far as to write a cliff novel in paperback. She may seem like a published author, but the state she is in now seems to be exactly the seed she needs to get her life back on track.

Past Tense and Present Tense is a sweet story about how Mrs. Balthazar’s team takes us back to the early 2000s, when literature was best for me. She and the writer Carlo Vergara really did some research (and probably described some of their own experiences), because some devils are in the details nowadays: The flip phones were the most important thing, everyone looked at everyone with their eyes and read literature as if it was a beautiful relic your grandmother had given you and you had to protect it. The first episode is just the beginning of the best, and, hey, for 27 minutes, you can feel the pain of the first love, and the pain of frustration that comes late or early in twenty years – something that exists, that has not yet found what you really want to do in your life. As far as Chantal is concerned, she has the form of an incurable notebook that she has had for many years.

* Can I also congratulate Jopi Sanchez on getting Chantal home just in time? Kiss the pony and the glistening cake makeup never made a good impression on anyone (yes, I’ve been around teenage girls who were fooled by Candymag and Seventeen and realized that this look is the key to getting the boy moving and having a big ball in full swing)!

Second episode: PAST – PRESENT

The second episode is not just a pun in the title of the series, but literally a pun, because we see the beginning of Chantal’s admiration for Daniel Orenze (played by Vin Abrenica) and perhaps her general admiration for literature. In Carlo Vergara’s scenario, a verse by Jorge Luis Borges describes a fun little encounter between two characters:

Loisa Andalio as Shantal Baltazar, true perfection, only on iWantTVLoisa Andalio as Shantal Baltazar, true perfection, only on iWantTVLoisa Andalio as Shantal Baltazar, true perfection, only on iWantTV

Being with you and not being with you is the only way to measure time.

I was thirteen years old when this Taiwanese pop band called F4 suddenly hit the TV screens like a storm during the hot summer holidays of 2003. It was really cool: My new friends found me in high school, and I took the trouble to look at the posters, magazines, stickers, laminated photo cards of four boys that were the reason for our main expenses this week. And so I understand perfectly when Chantal and her friends describe Mr. Orense as being as nice as Hua Ze Lei, which would mean that he is the man of your F4 dreams – a quiet and mysterious gentleman who also has a little bad boy who gets his way. The past is the present – the perfect companion for the second episode, as she gently introduces us to Chantal and her dreams and Chantal and the boy of her dreams.

2003 is also the year in which Friendster was born in the Philippines. Correct me on this point, but I remember exactly how, in 2003, every online store became successful thanks to the success of that first social networking site, which for some reason became a social gaming site. Everyone had to fill out their testimony or message form on your timeline so that everyone could see and understand what kind of person you are. We weren’t really interested in signs of the zodiac at the time (although I hung around in the Zodiac section of the newspaper at the time), Friendster comes back in a series with a precise image and is used as a form of caress between people, which proves my earlier opinion that people with early literacy liked to read and write.

The photo of Loisa Andalio Chantal is a refreshing glimpse of this cute botanist in class, who writes poems as if they were her nature. In real life, she speaks boldly about her private life, making us feel that she is just one of us. Moreover, she started out as one of the teenage girls in a reality show, so there’s (probably) no point in hiding from the limelight. With its pros and cons, it’s still a miracle when I look at the screen. She easily transforms into Chantal without having known an F4 or a Nokia smartphone in her school life (Miss Andalio, correct me if I’m wrong), she expresses her thoughts eloquently by falling into the little trap of young love and joining a gang of Avra Brigel. The second episode takes us cautiously into Chantal’s past to fully understand her beginnings as a writer. It can mean a lot to anyone who dares to dream in high school. Many will fight for high school to be the best years of their lives, including mine. And isn’t it nice to go back and give up those memories, maybe it’s embarrassing or important?

As soon as we return to the present in a strange way, the episode ends with a familiar character, but under the appearance of another. I think Chantal laughs at us, and as Chantal sees her guest, she feels the jokes for the first time.

Fits, Present, Perfect is now aired on iWantTV. There is no need to pay for the service as the program is broadcast exclusively via the free application.


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