Is the multiverse finally valid? WandaVision throws a curve ball in the fifth.

WandaVision Episode 5 Still 1

WandaVision may have started slow, but it gained momentum. In episode 4, we learn that the reality of Wanda’s sitcom is fake, and the series is free of creativity to explore both worlds – inside and out. Changing aspect ratios, from the style of the 1980s to the modern color palette of the MCU, are fully integrated to complete the scale of Wanda’s composite reality and the dark depths to which she has retreated to maintain the illusion.

The show again revels in its sitcom faux pas by imitating the introduction of Family Ties. From the palette of hues and colors to the score, dialogues and costumes, the sitcom aspect is reinforced. More emphasis is placed on the twins as they grow up fast enough to become Wiccan and Speed; they have not yet been named. But Vision clearly begins to sense that something is not right, as he immediately wakes up one of his colleagues, who has no idea that he is mind-controlled, to play a sitcom NPC just like everyone else.

Things move pretty quickly in the real world as the newcomers to Phase 4 enjoy a sleepover in MCU history. Wanda’s past troubles and her travails with Sokovia and Lagos are explained, and the meta reference to her not having the nickname “Scarlet Witch” is added. And since these sections probably have the typical urgency of the MCU to crack firewalls and puzzle things together, it’s refreshing to see this side of the story making progress, even if breadcrumbs are being thrown around it. Rambéu’s obvious facial expression when mentioning Carol Danvers suggests that things did not end well between them.

WandaVision Episode 5 Still 2

We also begin to see some Wanda and Vision, whose absence I again quickly regretted. Vision, though Wanda is mind-controlled or resurrected (we’re not entirely sure), is still able to retain her innate nobility and purity. He begins to take an interest in the people trapped in this reality, and almost reaches an arrangement with Wanda before he loses this part of his memory. Wanda has become a true outlaw on his arm, yet one cannot help but feel that a benevolent force is pulling the strings behind her. Could Agnes have something to do with it?

Wanda and Vision are both embittered souls with bizarre pasts that lend themselves to interesting drama. By the end of the episode, Wanda makes it clear that nothing will stop her from confronting any threat to her imaginary reality. But Vision’s insistence on finding out what is going on with Westview puts him at odds with the person responsible for her rebirth. At this point, I doubt Vision could even exist without Wanda, but the inherent nature of her character is to seek an outcome that means it.

And, my goodness, how did it go? As if Pietro’s return wasn’t enough, the camera flips back to show the makeover (which Darcy even refers to). It’s Evan Peters from the X-Men Fox universe, now playing Quicksilver. What does this mean? Has he gone from this universe to this universe? Has Wanda officially opened the door to the multiverse? Is Marvel planning to reintroduce X-Men into the MCU? Will this allow Hugh Jackman to return as Wolverine? So many questions, my head just exploded when I saw Evan Peters tell his story, and my head is buzzing with all kinds of charges about what exactly Marvel Studios is doing.

Enough talk. At this point, WandaVision has gone from a lightly humorous comedy to one of the most meta-creative products the MCU has produced in recent times. With the level at which the studio is breaking through the fourth wall, I wouldn’t be surprised if they prepare us for a formal introduction of Deadpool into the MCU.

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 5 Rating: 9.0 out of 10

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