Depending on your tolerances for J horror films, the ONE MISSION trilogy differs in quality. The first is pretty solid, the second is not good, but the third brings him home.

Plot One Missed Call (2003) :

Anyone who listens to a damn message in the mailbox dies terribly soon after that.

Take a look:

Nobody knows exactly how it starts, but by the time someone guesses, it’s too late. A group of friends experiences a terrible tragedy when one of them listens to a voice message on his phone that arrives a few hours later. When she checks the answering machine, it’s her own voice, and she just screams. After a few moments, an invisible ghost throws her from a bridge onto a high-speed train, giving the impression that she committed suicide, as the police call it. We know this is not true, but others need time to catch up. The evil force that killed her dials a number on the dead girl’s phone, and the curse continues until the next girlfriend answers, and dies suddenly and strangely, but this time there is evidence of the strange nature of death, and at this point there are rumors that there is a strange curse or some kind of sorcery in Japan, where a woman acts behind the grave full of anger and kills all the people who answer, but at least gives them a warning that she will come for them. People fool anyone who listens to her because her sister died the same way by answering the phone, and she died the next day. He contacts the last survivor of a group of friends who were already dead at the time, and they try to find out who or what is behind all these strange deaths. It turns out that the media are also involved in this story, and soon the whole world, when a young woman is killed by a ghost (or whatever) in a shocking show in front of an audience. If the origin of evil doesn’t stop soon, the curse will spread all over the world.

One Missed Call, a sneaky and dark little J-Awful, an original work by director Takashi Miike (Audition), stretches a bit, but it has its own scary and disgusting factor, if you like those supernatural thrillers from Japan. He has produced several sequels and a failed American remake, but this one works pretty well, even for 112 minutes. It ends with a mysterious sound that confused me and scratched my chin, but it doesn’t matter. Of all these types of films, Pulse is certainly the scariest and most disturbing, but One Missed Call should do the same.

Plot One Missed Call 2 (2005) :

Another curse that calls and kills people.

Take a look:

A few years after the events that killed a group of innocent young people who unfortunately answered their phone when they shouldn’t have done so, another curse comes over the world that kills people in a strange and incomprehensible way after receiving a mysterious phone call from the future. Somehow the young woman’s friends become addicted and entangled with the curse, and she watches desperately as one friend after another is killed by a ferocious spirit that works with technology. She has worked with a friend and a journalist who believe that the inexplicable events of the old curse are linked to this new one, and at the same time one of the detectives of the old case wants to link the new murders to the previous ones. A young woman realizes that a new curse has come from a little girl who was insulted and murdered and could predict the death of people, and her whole community put her mouth in a castle and killed her so that she could never predict death again. Of course the little girl’s ghost wants revenge, but is there any way to stop it and is it strangely linked to the previous series of murders?

A less convincing contribution in the trilogy One Missed Call, part 2, has an unpleasant quality, not because of the subtitle on child abuse, but the audience will never be able to move and shake the way they want. The strange factor never really comes into play and there is a crucial lack of tension and pain, while you mainly rely on the great CGI moments and the haunting power of tension and shock. I still don’t know how these spirits can choose and work with future events, but it doesn’t matter. Weaker riff in the first film, the second part looks more like an American remake than a Japanese sequel. From director Renpei Tsukamoto.

Missed call: The Final Action (2006) :

A tyrannical girl in a coma becomes a ghost leader who breaks another technological curse on a group of Japanese students studying abroad in Korea.

Take a look:

The young Japanese girl, tirelessly mocking her, falls into a coma after a failed suicide attempt. When her classmates go to Korea to study abroad, the bedridden girl becomes the cradle of a vengeful spirit that uses her memories and feelings as a pretext to systematically hunt down those who tortured her. Once the spirit inside her begins to move, people with old You will not die if you hear this message of call with an omen of fate and terrible death, the plot shows that one of the executioners was indeed a dear friend of a comatose girl, and it becomes his task to find out how to stop the curse and break the chain of death that comes with a missed bell.

The final part of the original One Missed Bell trilogy, The Final, is an improvement on the second part, and looks more like the film Last Destiny with its creative murders and the plot Can’t be Death, in which the characters sometimes literally detach themselves from their fate. This time the characters are a bit more interesting, but I still don’t quite understand the rules and the dynamics of the mind or the curse behind the phone call. If you’ve come this far in the show, you’re gonna love this show. This is from Director Manabu Aso.

The recent Blu-ray release of Arrow Videos One Missed Call trilogy comes in a two-disc box with a number of special features, including short films, interviews, documentaries and a host of other things that will captivate any true fan for a few hours.

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