Published by Honey Badger Press, 280 pages (from 1 March 2021). (Kindle, TPB and Audible)

Shane Moxie:
An ’80s activist star who refuses to believe her best days are over…


A hyperintelligent chimp and perhaps the greatest animal actor of his generation…

At the anniversary screening of the film, where Moxie and Duke are the targets of murder, the warring stars hesitate to join forces to end the organised crime syndicate led by the legendary German action star who dies from his fast food franchise in the film.

A big, stupid animal. Another chimp. The band starts playing.

Adam Howe, author of The Dog or Eat the Hatchet and Tijuana Donkey Showdown, and winner Stephen King, presents a comic friend in the tradition of Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours, and Tango and Cash, as well as a love letter to the glory days of the action film of the 80s and 90s. Tough guy will turn you into a fucking sexual tyrannosaurus and his offender as well.


Tough Bastard is a fist for the fighters of the 80/90s, especially Joel Silver, whose work (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Predator, Roadhouse) made a big impression on me when I was a kid; mixed with the big stupid comedies Hollywood made without fear of getting hurt. It’s a ready-made single player for action lovers, filled with Easter eggs from your favourite action clicks. The main character – I hesitate to use the word hero – Shane Moxie (aka Shane Moxie) is a fusion of Kenny Powers, Stephen Seagal and Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China; a legend in his own imagination and a magnet for trouble. With the characters of Moxie and her chimp partner Duke, I entered the dynamic between Jack Burton and Wang, a suicidal hero and his more capable accomplice, leaving it up to the reader to decide which one of them is the cool bastard in the book.

Although the book is primarily an action/comedy and reads like a movie you wish Hollywood could still make, the character of Moxie, a timeless man struggling to find his way in Woke’s modern world, allowed me to filter out most of the madness of the late twenty-four years… and with all the shit going on in this clown world, is it really so hard to believe that an ’80s action star and a chimp can save America?


Shane Moxie was born in Toad Soka, Arkansas, a waitress in Wafeldike and the Hellcats of the city. After a strict regime of action movies and kung fu, Moxie trained to become an expert in martial arts – all of them – and developed his own destructive fighting style. According to his own legend, after defeating Kumite Moxie, he served with distinction in several elite combat units (there is no record of his service, presumably for reasons of national security). Without proving anything, the champion of secret combat, a self-proclaimed and award-winning special forces hero, struck in Hollywood. Moxie exploded on movie screens with the 1988 film One Tough Hombre, which was a hit by summer film distributor Rocky Foot. Night Star, Moxie, was signed by Universal for a multi-image contract that will see the release of a series of hits including Amishing in Action, Gung Ho-Ho-Ho, American Sumo and Lambadass. Moxie’s career culminated in the 1997 comedy Copsycle – a fellow caveman, in which Moxie’s costume with perhaps the greatest actor of her generation, the Duke, and a bitter rivalry between Moxie and her fellow star Chimpanzee would be the stuff of Hollywood legend. Copsicle broke the till; if Moxie had made a better career choice, he would have enjoyed the longevity of Schwarzenegger and Stallone, and he would be lovingly remembered today. Instead, a combination of bad press caused by his feud with Duke, drug addiction, an unprovoked attack on American ninja actor Michael Dudikov and his upcoming film, the infamous QC Cop, would have destroyed Moxie’s career. After KKKop caused national civil unrest, Moxie’s contract with Universal was terminated; he was blacklisted by the major film studios and thrown into the Hollywood desert.

Today, Moxie occasionally appears in Direct to Video (which includes the last Mosquitosaur vs. Crabshark for SyFy) and in the reality show (Celebrity Rehabilitation), patiently waiting for Sylvester Stallone to take him to the next Expendables movie, from where he hopes to begin his long-awaited return. If Sly’s reading this, Moxie might be at 555-7617.


He blows your way
(conductor Craig R. Baxley, 1993)

Donnie Womack, a traumatized veteran of the American invasion of Grenada, who atoned for his sins as Santa Salvation Army, is the only hope for hostages held by terrorists in a shopping mall on Christmas Eve. Another in abundance from The Hard Robberies, and ironically in the lists of the best Christmas movies, when the parents’ bands were burned by a click of Silent Night, Mortal Night, nothing could prepare them for the ultra stiff Yetida Gun Ho-Ho-Ho. Highlights are the turtle chasing the supermarket on his mobility scooter, the deer entering Moxie and the graphic love scene between Moxie and the girls in the cash register. A fascinating sequel, Hanukkarnage, was hurriedly postponed after Moxie, who was dressed in both large and prosthetic noses, fled screening tests.

Japan has just received nuclear weapons again!
(ed. Mark L. Lester, 1995)

In the ongoing fight against phoenix addiction, which became widely known after an unprovoked attack on militant star Mikhail Dudikov in a nightclub, Moxie fell for books. Sensitive to weight gain, he posed as a method actor in preparation for his next role; American sumo was hastily devised to support this lie. To avenge the murder of his brother, an Interpol agent, the great lucky McCall, travels to Japan and infiltrates the Yakuza-controlled suicide syndicate. A scene in which Moxie fights a giant animated octopus in a tentacle studio, destroying a cephalopod the size of a junkie hand grenade, followed by a joke by You’re calamari, a RiffTrax classic and an old garbage film classic.

COPSICLE Hard Cops PrehistoriesGet from the past to save the 90s! (Dear John Landis, 1997)

48-hour meeting with Ensigno Man… Saved for centuries in a chunk of ice, cave agent Stone and his partner Chimpanzee Bu thawed out of their ice grave to arrest their archenemy, a criminal, a Neanderthal with pterodactylguano who is wreaking havoc in present-day New York City. The comic book Spike originated when the cave police tried to adapt to the political correctness of the nineties.

The story of the enmity between Moxie and his chimpanzee Duke has become a Hollywood legend. Critic Roger Ebert wrote about Copsikle Witness that Moxie, in the role for which he was born – a caveman – can only sympathize with his monkey-like co-star. Mr. Duke has a significantly lower weight of Moxie, which strengthens the image with a remarkable debut performance, and a season of shoo-in comes with prizes that deserve much more than this otherwise modeled Drake.

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