Für jeden Teil der Filmindustrie müssen wir mehr tun: unsere Drehbücher schreiben, in Theaterstücken mitspielen, Regisseure, Schauspieler, Models, Fotografen und Designer werden. Wir müssen all das Wissen, das wir im Unterricht gelernt haben, in die Praxis umsetzen, um immer bessere Ergebnisse zu erzielen.

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Für jeden Teil der Filmindustrie müssen wir mehr tun: unsere Drehbücher schreiben, in Theaterstücken mitspielen, Regisseure, Schauspieler, Models, Fotografen und Designer werden. Wir müssen all das Wissen, das wir im Unterricht gelernt haben, in die Praxis umsetzen, um immer bessere Ergebnisse zu erzielen.. Read more about dave chang and let us know what you think.


With each new fan film that Star Trek Fan Productions International produces, DAVID CHENG and his merry band of cosplayers raise the bar… There have been quite a few in the last two years—six, to be exact! THE HUMAN ADVENTURE, which was filmed and released in late 2019, was a very uncommon Star Trek: The Motion Picture period fan film. That was six months before the world came to a halt due to a once-in-a-generation epidemic. Although the worldwide quarantine did not prevent David and his crew from working, it did push them to become more inventive. And so was created one of the numerous instances of what I came to call the “fandemic” film, in which each of the performers is shot independently and individually, then put together to create scenes with dialogues and story…a new type of Star Trek fan film.

(Actually, there wasn’t much that was “new” about it.) VANCE MAJOR had been putting video taken in different people’s houses together in his many, many MINARD and CONSTAR fan films for years.)

With the release of LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY in June 2020, David and co-showrunner MIKE LONGO (who portrayed Jim Kirk) started releasing fandemic films in which one character appeared at a time, at first just sitting in front of backdrops in their homes, occasionally with props apparent…


A few weeks later, JENS DOMBEK, or “The German Spock,” produced I AM SPOCK, a highly stylized vignette filmed against a stark black canvas backdrop with just himself (dressed as Spock) and a series of Vulcan artifacts, complemented by a monotonal voice-over and eerie minimalist music track.


By October 2020, the threshold had been raised significantly when, for the first time, their newest release pitted cosplayers who had filmed their video in front of green screen against chroma-keyed virtual backdrops. The U.S.S. Excelsior (under Captain Sulu) and the U.S.S. Enterprise-A (under Kirk, of course) were both featured in UNREST, with David Cheng reprising his role as Admiral Nogura for the first time since The Human Adventure.


PEACE AND GOODWILL built on their earlier moves for Christmas 2020, including green screen footage composited over digital backdrops, with some of those backgrounds now including CGI animated VFX images. A couple of the green screen images were also taken from a broader perspective, revealing more of the characters than simply their heads, shoulders, and torsos. Finally, the cast had swelled to six performers, their biggest complement to yet.


Finally, in June 2021, they released their most ambitious effort to yet, OUTRAGED, which included a cast of 15 characters! Scenes with TWO people on screen at the same time were even more stunning, despite the fact that everyone’s video was still being shot individually. Fans could now witness “over-the-shoulder” moments as well as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock together on the Enterprise bridge thanks to digital compositing, despite the fact that Mike Longo and Jens Dombek reside on different continents!

Have a peek…


I’m bringing back showrunner and Admiral Nogura cosplayer David Cheng for another interesting interview for today’s blog…

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you Outraged was clearly “motivated by today’s news” (like many of the best Treks). Was there a specific current news item that sparked your creativity for this one?

DR. DAVID – I’ve witnessed many examples of celebrities in politics, entertainment, and sports who reportedly said or did things that some people found offensive throughout the years. In some instances, they were completed lately, while in others, they were completed many years ago. When a person’s bad conduct is exposed, there is typically a demand for them to quit or be dismissed from their job. Such calls are often made on the spur of the moment, based simply on accusations that may or may not be accurate, and before the issue has been thoroughly examined. I felt the subject of cancel culture would make for an intriguing Star Trek fan film since science fiction, and Star Trek in particular, has been used to examine current problems. I wanted to look at the many feelings and problems that cancel culture brings up. 

1627635869_548_OUTRAGED-raises-the-bar-on-green-screen-fandemic-films%E2%80%A6-interviewAdmiral Nogura is played by David Cheng.

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you How long did the whole script take you to write?

DAVID – From the first draft to the final draft, it took around eight months, but I was still editing the final draft while shooting. This is because I am prone to incorporating new ideas as they emerge and when cast members provide input. 

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you You guys continue to push the envelope with each new episode. It was the inclusion of the “over the shoulder” views this time. What inspired you to come up with this brilliant idea?

DAVID – When we filmed two individuals chatting to each other, my buddy and film partner MARK LUM strongly recommended that we include over the shoulder views as well as response shots. Over-the-shoulder shots, on the other hand, were almost difficult to do during the epidemic since we couldn’t have performers in the same room or location. As you may be aware, this resulted in the so-called “fandemic” films, in which various actors filmed their parts in different places.

This resulted in a structure in which characters essentially simply spoke back and forth with each other via view screens in our films, as well as those of other directors. I determined that for this film, I wanted to include more moments in which the actors seemed to be in the same room, despite the fact that they were really filming their respective parts separately using green screen. As part of this process, we made a conscious effort to shoot over the shoulder views and combine the independently shot green screen clips to give the impression that the performers were in the same room.


JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you With each new fan film you release, the size of your cast expands. Are you contacting more individuals and asking them to feature in your films, or do they approach you first and you write roles for them?

DAVID – The amount of performers needed is always dictated by the requirements of the script. Because this screenplay had more sequences and characters, I needed to contact more individuals about participating in the film. Fortunately, I have a large number of Trekkies who were eager to help with this endeavor.

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you How does it feel to be in charge of 15 different performers (including yourself) who are all in various places? Do you have them practice with you and give them specific directions, or do you simply email them the script and wait for them to bring you footage?

DAVID – Working with so many different actors who are shooting themselves in various places is definitely a difficult task. In other instances, I just gave the performers their lines and waited for them to give me the video. I had different degrees of conversation with the performers about what I was aiming for in other instances. As a result, it was dependent on the individual and how much guidance they required. 

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you Almost everyone seems to have their own green screen! Is that accurate?

DAVID – The majority of the performers had their own green screen in front of which they shot their parts. A few actors were photographed against various backdrops. 

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you How long did it take you to collect all of this video from everyone? Is it true that they provided several takes?

DAVID – I started writing the first chapters in the summer of 2020. BILL VICTOR ARUCAN was the first to film his sequences and submit the video for me at the time. Other individuals filmed their sequences during the months that followed and submitted them to me. I got numerous takes in some instances and just single takes in others.

1627635872_952_OUTRAGED-raises-the-bar-on-green-screen-fandemic-films%E2%80%A6-interviewCaptain James T. Kirk is played by Mike Longo.

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you MIKE LONGO and you are both listed as editors. A film usually has just one editor. When there are two of you, how do you split the work?

DAVID – Normally, I handled the basic editing, and if there were any issues with the chroma-key backgrounds, he would take over and correct them. We frequently worked piecemeal since the video came in at different times from different performers, so we edited what we already had and then worked on new footage when we got it. 

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you An clearly doctored footage of someone wearing what would presumably be deemed the future version of blackface (blueface? ) enraged the Andorians in your film. Do you believe that putting on blue cosmetics and artificial antennae is as insulting to Andorians as wearing black shoe polish and an afro wig is to African-Americans? I know it might have thrown your narrative off, but it was simply something that came to me while I was watching it.

A: The fact that Cadet Curry was disguised like an Andorian was not disrespectful to the Andorians in our tale. Rather, it was his wiggling antennae and screaming that were unpleasant. As a result, the “blackface” analogy isn’t entirely true. But, much as people today would be horrified if someone dressed in blackface thirty years ago, the Andorians in our film are profoundly insulted by Cadet Curry’s conduct.


JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you Finally, what does the future hold for you and your ever-expanding team? What can we anticipate…and when can we expect it?

DR. DAVID – I’m pleased to report that we’ve put our “fandemic” shooting on hold for the time being and have wrapped main photography on our first in-person film since THE HUMAN ADVENTURE. With this project, we’re moving away from our typical Star Trek movie era characters and towards the age of The Next Generation. BORG HUNTERS is our newest film, and it stars Captain Harry Kim and Captain Chakotay in an action adventure tale unlike anything we’ve done before. We’re aiming to finish the film in the next several months and have it ready for release by the end of the year. 

We also have another film, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, that we began filming in 2019 and intended to finish in 2020 when the epidemic struck. We’re hoping to have the rest of the sequences shot by the end of the year. 

We’ll probably work on THE HUMAN ADVENTURE CONTINUES, a kind of sequel to The Human Adventure, in the future. KENNETH HAYASHIDA is working on a screenplay that will take place between the films Unrest and Peace And Goodwill, which we just released. I’m also thinking about writing a tale about Captain Sulu’s first mission on the USS Excelsior. As a result, we’ve got a lot more ideas cooking that may keep us busy for years!

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