–-Whos-Who.jpg The other good guy in Punisher: War Zone is Paul Budiansky, represented by Colin Salmon. He dated, or rather, he dated FBI agent Mickey Donatelli, who was accidentally killed by the Punisher during a raid on Don Cesare’s mansion. To avenge his partner, Budiansky joins Detective Soap in his Punisher task force, bringing a whole new energy to Oneman’s team and creating a true vigilante? Although he ends up cooperating with his target when Mickey’s wife and daughter Angela and Grace are kidnapped by Billy and Jimmy Russoti. In the comics, Budiansky is a minor character who appears in the series of the Widowmaker story and does not share many characteristics with his real-life counterpart. Let’s look at this together.

On Earth-2001, Paul Budiansky was an honest and capable police officer, a detective working for the New York Police Department. He met a woman, Gina, a wonderful nurse whom he loved with all his heart, and they married. Although Budiansky was fairly independent, a little too independent, he never had any problems on the job, until a report of a school shooting came out: The NYPD intervened, but his superiors ordered all officers to stand down and wait for the arrival of a tactical….–-Whos-Who.jpg Budiansky couldn’t wait a second longer. He penetrated the school, ignored orders and intercepted the teenage killer just as he was about to execute dozens of classmates in the gymnasium: he shot him without the slightest remorse, despite the age of the target. While the media and the press hailed him as the hero of the day, Budiansky’s superiors were annoyed that he ignored their direct orders. Therefore, they sent him to compulsory therapy and had a psychologist diagnose serious psychological trauma from which he was not actually suffering. As a result, Budiansky was prevented from speaking at press conferences and in interviews, so the discourse of the “hero” soon faded. Budiansky did not feel that he deserved treatment, and even during therapy he told the doctor that he no longer thought the teenager was the killer because he had grown up fairly quickly since the shooting, but the psychologist insisted that he must have felt guilty about what he had done and that it was not normal. Almost convinced, Paul Budiansky began to doubt himself and believe that he was a cold-blooded killer, just like The Punisher. He eventually returned to duty, but continued to doubt himself, his conscience, and his methods in general.

During his investigation, Pavel Budiansky stumbled upon a group of five women who identified themselves as the Five Women, widows of powerful mob bosses. He was certain that they had taken over the business of their late husbands, but he had no proof. He was also certain that the five women were seeking revenge on the Punisher for the murder of their husbands, and when one of them, Bonnie de Angelo, was killed by the vigilante’s new ally, Jenny Cesare, he was certain that her death was related to the women’s criminal activities. He began to question the other four women, Annabella Gorrini, Lorraine Zucca, Barbara Barrucci and Sean Toomey, but they all denied, even in the face of evidence. However, the five women knew Budiansky was up to something and decided to get him out of the way:–-Whos-Who.jpg Toomey sent one of his henchmen, Curtis, to kill him. Curtis reached Budiansky while he was in the hospital visiting his nurse: the killer missed him and hit Gina instead. Unrecognizably furious, Budiansky fired his gun at Curtis, firing all but one bullet – another act that made his superiors doubt his sanity. Gina survived, thankfully, but she was put on life support: Budiansky had only revenge. Against the orders of his superiors, he went to the headquarters of the Five Women, but there he learned that Jenny Cesare had beaten him on duty, and he found the bodies of Zucchi, Barrucci, and Tomei. Knowing that Jenny had kidnapped Gorrini in revenge, Budiansky pursued her and managed to find out her position. But before he could get to her and kill Gorrini himself, he was arrested by the Punisher. Still enraged, Budiansky tried to make the Punisher leave and even….”. At that moment Budiansky’s consciousness awoke, and he realized that despite his understandable anger, he was in fact a good person, and not a gun-toting maniacal machine like the Punisher. He gave up revenge and went back to where he was really needed: with his wife, in the hospital.

Pavel Budiansky is a man of conscience, someone who does what he thinks is right, even (and especially) when told otherwise. He is an experienced detective with an intuitive and sharp mind, but also a man of action who does not shy away from any dangerous situation and proves that he can also shoot. Detective Budiansky has a keen sense of justice and morality, and nothing in the world can make him regret doing the right thing even though he doubts himself from time to time, for fear of becoming a madman who takes the law into his own hands as a punisher.

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Did the Punisher have a son or a daughter?

Finally, Frank was able to retire and spend time with his wife Maria, daughter Lisa and son Frank Jr.

Who is the Punisher’s assistant?

David Linus “Microchip” Lieberman (often called “Micro”) is a fictional character appearing in American comics published by Marvel Comics. For years he was an ally of the Punisher, helping him build weapons, providing him with technology, and offering friendship.

How old is Amy Bendix?

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