The eighth episode of this season has left our castaways in a precarious position, with some even questioning their own loyalty to one another. What will happen next week? Who’s on the bottom and who’s on top at this point? Let’s dig into it.

The “the challenge power rankings” is a ranking of the top 10 players in each season of the show. The list was released after episode 8 on Wednesday, December 6th, 2018.


We’re back with another round of Survivor 41 Power Rankings. This set of rankings is based on the previous two weeks (mostly because I want to give Xander the credit he deserves).

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Xander is number one. He jumps from 11th to first place. Before someone replies, “But Shan and Liana want him gone!” I’d want to ask, DID YOU SEE THAT MOVE LAST WEEK? And, although he squandered his opportunity to get that edge during the reward challenge this week, he was wise enough to recognize Ricard’s attempt to dupe him into squandering his idol this week. He preserved it and still retains it, as well as the additional vote. So, although he is a target, he may relax for a time if he plays his cards (and his abilities) correctly. I’m a big supporter. And I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of that casting trope before. #TeamXander.

Evvie is number two. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Evvie, like Xander, is a high-value target. However, after being rescued by Xander and Tiffany last week and gaining immunity this week, those are pretty amazing accomplishments. And now, if the aim moves to someone else, Evvie might pave the way for a deep season run.

Erika is number three. So, in this week’s standings, the underdogs are officially on the attack. Erika, who was on the bottom last week, turned the game around last week and wasn’t even a target this week. Last week’s bold decision seems to have paid off for her. I’m not sure she’ll do much more to maintain her position in the rankings, but for now, she’s earned it.

Shan is number four. Shan’s gaming seems to be catching up to her next week, but based on the previous two weeks, I have to maintain her in the Top 5. She’s been in charge the whole time, and although that won’t last much longer, it’s been a very spectacular performance thus far. And she has physical influence over her idol, therefore I believe I have more than enough cause to place her in this position, despite what we know is about to befall her.

Naseer is number five. I’m going to give Naseer a boost since he seems to be one of the most intensely focused players this season. And he said to folks, “Nah, you’re not going to put my name out this week.” That was really remarkable. He also has the idol in his pocket, so he should be able to figure out when he needs to use it. Others, I believe, are underestimating him.

Deshawn is number six. Deshawn is in one of the finest situations in the game, in my opinion. He has a strong alliance, and the way he and Shan fought this week but remained loyal to each other showed how deep his personal relationships are. And he seems to be one of the primary players in the battle against Shan. Will it happen, and if so, how will it affect his game?

Danny is number seven. Because Danny and Deshawn are now in comparable situations, it was difficult to determine where they should be ranked. I expect one of them to get immunity shortly, which will assist me determine who is the more strong player.

Liana is number eight. I believe Liana is doing a good job, but she’s becoming a bit too Shan-like, which might backfire. There’s an air of arrogance about her that might bite her even harder than it did last week when she was played hard by Xander.

Ricard is number nine. I’ll admit that I’m probably not being completely fair to Ricard since he did earn immunity last week, but the way he’s been playing the game is not the way a winner plays. He’s arrogant and unscrupulous, and this week’s attempt to eat the papaya of the losing team didn’t go down well. I know it’s a foolish thing to concentrate on, but in a survival game, that kind of stuff means a lot.

Heather is number ten. Heather hangs on to the bottom place for another week. This week, though, she deserved to be in last position. She was simply sitting at Tribal when she abruptly jumps up, creates a ruckus, and nearly gets voted out. With the exception of a few votes cast against her, she accomplished nothing.

I understand that this week’s rankings seem a little disjointed. But I gave them a lot of consideration, and these are the ones that make the most sense to me. But, because I’m just one person with my own ideas and opinions, please share yours as well! What are your thoughts on the remaining Survivor 41 contestants?

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