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May freedom bleed!

President’s Day – an American horror movie Meta Comedy 2016 about teenagers fighting dead presidents in a cabin in the woods. Their only hope for survival is to summon the evil spirit of John Wilkes Booth.

Directed by David Zuckerman from a script co-written with co-producers Benjamin Goodwin and Jude Zumwalt, stars of the film Curved Jaw Monica Rickets, David Zuckerman, Jude Zumwalt, Brittany Faith Roseoff, Chelsea Taylor Leach, Dax Hill, Mike Ostrowski and Michael Minto.

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

It’s nice to see in this issue of B-Movie Madness pieces from previous movies. But with a story that never really seems to come true, President Day is struggling to assert himself… Zuckerman is energetic and encourages his young comic talents to take advantage of their limited role. A preference for horror films

It’s really a bit delayed in the third act, so much so that I wondered if it would ever end. Anyway, even though I’ve laughed at stupid jokes a few times, I’ve cheered death once or twice, and a friend of mine has a stupid and funny story that I really dug up… Presidential Day is certainly not for everyone, but if you like low-budget horror comedies and the plot seems funny, give him a watch…. Synefessions

… Presidents’ Day is so deliciously underestimated that the lack of funds for special effects ultimately has a strange charm. All actors are required to play their part with the right number of flights from above, write intelligently and achieve the overall tone – fun. And let’s face it, we can use all the political humour we can get right now. The terror of Haddonfield.

The whole concept is incredibly smart, dark, funny, weird and is a concept worthy of a horror/comedy movie. A lot is being done to make James K. Polk (Mike Ostrowski) will be largely forgotten by all the other presidents… A lot of humor on presidential day depends on the anger of the presidents. Humour is not complicated, but it is largely absurd and exaggerated.

The film maximizes the seemingly modest budget and feels more comfortable thanks to its good knowledge of the genre. They know that these trophies and murdering characters look like cartoons, but they seem to understand how ridiculous it is. That doesn’t mean the film isn’t a serious attempt; the austere director and actor David Zuckerman pushes the genre to the outside world. President’s Day is the most important event and executions are carried out on a large scale. Monkey control robots

Sometimes it seemed that the comedy ruined all moments of real terror, but that was not the case at the time. She succeeds in not ruining a large installation when the actors are all sufficiently in their roles, so that no one stands out so creepily. It’s too rough on the edges to be an essential look, but as a piece of escape from a dark reality it was perfect. Rotzombie

… …although there’s certainly a lot of blood and guts in him, he comes to life more by his stupid puns and punches in the face than by his real murders. Of course, not all jokes are good or so (deliberately) bad, and not all performances have their place, but the laughter clearly outweighs the flaws of the film, and the humour of the film as a whole is quite infectious. Going through my garbage.

A buffet with ridiculous scenarios and even more ridiculous characters. This does not even apply to the real presidential zombies, who are another focus on which the various components that make up these scenarios are naturally based. Besides, if you know your American history at least to the humility of the undead, you will appreciate the humour of the undead. Thirteenth floor

The actors and characters:

Rob Bebeneck… Teddy Roosevelt
Matthew Broussard… John F. Kennedy
Joe Coffey… Christopher Columbus
J. Barrett Cooper… Franklin D. Roosevelt
Matt Eisenberg… Richard Nixon / John Tyler
Benjamin Goodwin … Ruttigger
Dax Hill… Clarence
Cassie Kunz… Babe Motorcycle
Jordan Leach… Abraham Lincoln / Andrew Jackson
Chelsea Taylor Leach Max
Michael Minto … John Wilkes, cabin
Eric Myers. Cashier
Josh Nasar… Franklin Pier
Mike Ostrowski. James Kay.
Bram Rees-Davis Regiment… William H. Harrison
Monica Ricketts… Lilly
Brittany Vera Roseoff… Ashley
Bruce Ryan… Linden B. Johnson
Don Schlossman… William H. Taft
Elliot Shahbas…
Author Rick Steadman… George Washington/ Andrew Johnson
Joseph Zeigler… Thomas Jefferson
David Zodi… John Adams
David Zuckerman… Jake
Judd Zumwalt… Board of Directors

Shooting locations:

Idyllville, California.

Technical details :

86 minutes

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