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The first season of Blood of Zeus was released on the 27th. Released last October on Netflix. I remember hearing about this series from my Castlevania fans when Powerhouse Animation worked on both series and gave them a similar look. It’s no secret that I love Castlevania and I think it’s one of the best series out there. I liked this link and the concept of the show, and plan to check it out when I leave. But in the end, I was too busy with personal matters and preparing for Halloween (a big event in my family). Still, I finally caught up on some series and movies, and that’s worth noting. Let’s see.

The Blood of Zeus follows Heron, the illegitimate son of Zeus and Queen Electra of Corinth. Heron lived a simple and unpleasant life with his mother in a small village that Zeus kept secret from Hera. Things get even worse when demons appear, indiscriminately killing the Amazon archon Alexei while searching for him. Elektra reveals to Heron his true origins, and he realizes that the old man who has always cared for him is actually Zeus in disguise. The princess is not very happy about this revelation and blames Zeus for Elektra’s suffering and her bad luck in life. Seraphim, the leader of the demons, kills Elektra in front of Heron, for which he also accuses Zeus. Whatever his feelings, Heron must face his destiny and fight his demons with his father. But some gods are on the side of demons, and Seraphim may be more than just a killer.

The Blood of Zeus is presented as a lost Greek myth, which I think is very clever. For every story we know of an ancient civilization, many have probably been lost to time. I also think it would make sense to tell the original story instead of focusing on a known demigod, since the story is fresh. The Blood of Zeus has many echoes of Greek myths, but for the most part I really didn’t know what to expect from the story. A good story is not enough, there are many predictable movies and series that I love. But in the case of Blood of Zeus, I think the twists (which are nothing groundbreaking) work in his favor. I find it interesting that Netflix is presenting Blood of Zeus as a Netflix original anime. They’ve been doing that a lot lately, but in this case it really irritates me. Powerhouse Animation is based in Texas and also animates Castlevania for Netflix. The Blood of Zeus was not animated in Japan, nor was it written or produced there. I’ve known for a long time that people necessarily call any style of animation that resembles anime anime, but I disagree. Words are important, and their meaning is important. This has always been one of my favorite topics, but to see a large company like Netflix misuse descriptors to promote their products is particularly disappointing. I love American animation and I’ve enjoyed some anime, but let’s call it what it really is.

The main reason I wanted to talk about Blood of Zeus is the animation. I was expecting a lot from Powerhouse after seeing what they delivered in terms of really great visuals for Castlevania, especially for season 3. Not only were they good in the Blood of Zeus video, but this series looks better than I could have ever imagined. The characters are unique and strikingly designed, and the world they live in is full of life. I especially like Heron’s look, even though it reminds me of Sumi and Taka from Castlevania season 3. The gods are also very beautiful, especially Zeus and Hera. I don’t like the unusual hair colors and hairstyles of some of the background gods, but they weren’t too distracting. The effect on Zeus’ blood is to die for. Every time Zeus summons a bolt of lightning, it results in a crippling blow. The drawings of the creatures are also very good. At first I didn’t think the demons looked like much and thought they were a bit of a gimmick, but when it was explained where they came from, I got over it. They are not natural creatures, and something has caused them, which makes their wild appearance more understandable. Paul Edward-Francis also gave Le sang de Zeus an epic score. The beginning of the series really got me excited for what was to come, and I enjoyed the little changes in each episode. The musical crescendos when something important happens to Heron or the gods were very effective. Basically, Blood of Zeus is a huge adrenaline rush.

The voices in Blood of Zeus are pretty good, and I was glad to hear familiar ones. Claudia Christian (who played Helga in Disney’s Atlantis) plays the awesome villain in Gera. You can put yourself in her situation as a wife who has been embarrassed all too often, and wonder how far she is willing to go to get revenge. I can’t say I like Hera in The Blood of Zeus, but she’s the closest thing to Hera in the original myth. I’ve never liked Hera, and I’ve seen her as a villain in many stories (much more so than Hades), so this seems appropriate. Derek Phillips is good as Heron, but nothing special. Zeus is played by Jason O’Mara, who previously played Batman in several DC animated films. He was also featured in numerous live shows such as The Man in the High Castle and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Being of Irish descent, the British accent O’Mara gives to Zeus is probably closer to his normal voice than the one he uses for Batman. I never liked him as much as the other Batmen like Bruce Greenwood and of course Kevin Conroy. Yet in the blood of Zeus it yields the best possible result. Zeus is the most complex character in the series, and much more interesting than Heron. O’Mara plays him perfectly and highlights the vulnerability of the character when Heron rejects him. It’s also interesting how they play with the idea that Zeus is afraid of Hera, and at the end it turns out he’s right. Not because she’s stronger, but because she’s crazy enough to go to war over an affair. Alexa is played by Jessica Henwick, who played Nymeria Sand in Throne Game. Heron’s friend Kofi is played by Adetokumboh M’Cormack, who also played Isaac in Castlevania, one of the most memorable characters in season 3. I’m glad to hear his voice again, though unfortunately he’s given much less material here, and certainly no lines like the philosophical interaction between Isaac and his followers.

It sounds like I loved The Blood of Zeus, and for the most part I did. This series has those great epic moments where the serotonin really flows. It’s also a visual and audio treat, and further proof that Netflix is on the cutting edge of animated series value. My only real criticism of Blood of Zeus, however, is an important one: The characters are not very well developed. The most obvious example is Heron. This guy learns in one day that his mother is a queen, his father Zeus and his greatest enemy is his brother. How does it behave? He’s angry at Zeus, of course, but that’s about it. He doesn’t even try to argue with Seraphim, which I find disappointing. He is his only brother and family now that Elektra is dead, and he just kills him. I might even agree with that if the investigation had been more thorough or if a valid reason had been given. He doesn’t even bother to make a decision or consider other options before confronting him. I like Heron’s flashy appearance, but overall I don’t find him engaging due to his mediocre vocal performance and uninspiring character. As complicated as Zeus is, you always feel like they could have moved on from him too. Zeus insists that he loves his wife, but seems to sleep with any woman he can find (which fits the myths very well). After everything Hera does, Zeus sacrifices his life to save her. I’m not complaining, he’s my favorite character in the series. I would just like to understand him better and know why he does things the way he does them. I also don’t think it would hurt to show Hera’s side a little more, but she’s the bad guy of the series, and like I said, she fulfills her role well. I think it sucks that we don’t know if she’s dead or not, but I think they’re saving that for season 2. Heron’s friends, like Alexia, Kofi and Evios, haven’t found anything either. The same can be said of almost all gods.

I think they tried to do too much in 8 half hour episodes and the characters suffered. It frustrates me because I think Blood of Zeus is great in every other category, but the characters and relationships are what really make the story great for me. That’s how you get me emotionally involved. For example, I got goosebumps when Heron stood up at the end and commanded Zeus’ lightning. But since I have no strong feelings for Heron as a character, it was only the music and visuals that fed that feeling of an epic hero getting his due. I don’t think it will be as enjoyable on repeated viewings. I also think the show could use a touch of subtlety. Some of the death scenes were a bit gratuitous, depicting the faces of the victims in slow motion and showing their ragged bodies. I wasn’t disgusted by it or anything; I just don’t think it does anything, and for some people it will be a turn-off. This is also true later in the show, when they play sound clips from important earlier scenes, in case you forgot. I hate it when movies and shows do this; let the character and story speak for itself. If you feel like you need to reuse dialogue to explain what happened, you’re doing something wrong.

Overall, Blood of Zeus is a good series and I plan to continue it. The visuals, action, music and overall concept of the show are second to none. I wish they had a few more episodes to flesh out the characters, especially the main character and his friends. I still recommend Blood of Zeus if you like Greek mythology, good animation or just fun action.

Location – 9
Action – 7.9
Progression – 6
Production planning – 9
Animation/Action – 10



Overall, Blood of Zeus is a good series that I will continue. The visuals, action, music and overall concept of the show are second to none. I wish they had a few more episodes to flesh out the characters, especially the main character and his friends.

frequently asked questions

The blood of Zeus is a good series?

This fascinating series successfully combines the compelling drama of Greek mythology with the fantastic gore of Japanese anime to tell a classic story in a new way. … Overall, Blood of Zeus is a fun, intense and engaging series for viewers old enough to handle it.

Is the blood of Zeus bad?

The Blood of Zeus is a mediocre Greek mythological fiction. There’s not much more to say on the subject. Although it’s the same studio responsible for Castlevania, the visuals and style of that series don’t seem to fit such a story. … But this show decided to play it straight.

What is Zeus’s blood value?

Netflix has taken the plunge into the world of the gods with its latest original anime, Blood of Zeus. He mixes some traditional Greek myths and adds his own twist. But that’s not all. This series, which at first glance may not be worth watching, is rated TV-MA.

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